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TinyStar's Mobafire Blog

16 Oct

Views: 1733 Okay, opinion tme

Okay,so I've been wanting to make a sig of this and have been working on it for a week. I looked at Bree's psd bc I liked the look of it,but thought it was very dark. Ik you all are gonna love Bree's more than mine xD Tell me what you think. Idk if I'll use mine :/

This is Bree's:


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16 Oct
I was bored,so I made this ugly thing lmao. I was realllllly bored so I messed with different things. Plus,I was listening to "The Warrior" by Scandal and thought I'd have fun making a signature.

I'm in an amazing mood today. I guess it's because I'm excited about making my own homemade pasta sauce :3 *Hint* my family is Itlian,so everything is PASTA!!!!!! YUM! <3
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15 Oct

Views: 812 Really excited

I'm going to a community college after I get my AA I'm transferring to the University of Florida for my masters in business. I wanted to be a make-up artist,but that's really specific. I thought about making my own make-up company. I have sensitive skin and A LOT of products break me out,so I thought about making my own line for men and women with sensitive skin. I hope I get this writing column in seventeen magazine that'll help with getting connections.
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