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TinyStar's Mobafire Blog

05 Oct

Views: 911 Lmfao,11,655 IP

Ugh,I hate disclosing my level,but I'm a level 20. I'm not gonna lie to you,I'm not bad at LoL,but I'm not good either. I've been saving up IP (refunded a champion) for runes. I barely have any,so tonight my bf and I are going to set up it all up for me :3 He says it's gonna make a world of differences,I hope! >.< Lol. I'mma try to fit a couple of games in so I'll have 12,000. I really want Ezreal @.@

I gotta get back to cleaning so I can take a walk :3

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04 Oct
So,on January 7th my boyfriend and I will be together for two years. I don't want anything romantic,I want to do something fun and cool. Anytime I plan something fun,it ends up being romantic lol. Anybody have any ideas?

Also,my friends are like,"Maybe he'll propose!" I'm like O_o but I'm almost 20,how about not!" Don't get me wrong,I do want to marry Matthew,but marriage is a big thing. I want to spend another three years enjoy being boyfriend and girlfriend. In addition to that,it takes a lot to plan a wedding.

Anyways,if anyone has ideas let me know! :3
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02 Oct

Views: 454 Teemo and Irelia

I did okay I think for first time use.

Irelia 10/1/8 10.2K Minions:135

Teemo: 4/0/3 9.9K Minions:128
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