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TinyStar's Mobafire Blog

27 May

Views: 1220 ARAM Fun.

The other night I was playing ARAM. I was doing well,was getting most kills, and just mopped the floor with the other team. I score a couple of triple kills and out of no where this guy says "Report MF she's stealing all of the kills and leaving none for us." >.>; Mind you,I'm going in by myself and picking them off one by one. So our Janna was said "MF is doing fine. She's earned her kills by him/herself so just chill." They start fighting and what not. I finally say, "Fine if you want some kills come with me." I take this dude with me and you know what...
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25 May
I get online today and notice I have more emails. I check my inbox,and I noticed I received an email from Matt. I'm like, "Oh no,did I do something wrong? Am I in trouble?" I read the subject and it says "Congratulations TinyStar!" I'm thinking did I do something cool? I read it and I see I've been promoted to editor. My mouth dropped. I was started to jump up and down.
I've always loved the MobaFire community since the day I started. A lot of you gave me a nice warm welcome. I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have helped me get to this place that I am...
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21 May
I didn't realize it's been a while since my last blog. Personal life is crazy. My best friend's brother passed away Saturday in motorcycle accident. I'm preparing to go to his viewing tomorrow. Plus,my bf and I have been fighting a lot lately(over League,ha.) I feel bad bc I know people are waiting on sigs. I hope all is well here...

Please drive safely...

Love always,

Good night.
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09 May
So a few minutes ago I played a game as Darius(it was 3v3). I'm a "slow" learner when it comes to champs. I need about 10 games to get the hang of them. Well, I go in thinking "Here we go I'ma drag my team down." As soon as I finish this thought, we break out into a fight. I start hitting my mouse like crazy, and doing basic attacking. I see "First Blood" and see my bf's brother die. I'm like **** but wait I see "You have slain an enemy" "Double Kill!" TRIPLE KILL!" "Ace". My bf says, "Damn baby,show no mercy...
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07 May

Views: 800 Sigh

I don't know where to start this... I guess reality just hit me. Ever since I graduated high school, I lost all contact with a lot of my friends. I use to be that girl that everyone knew. I use to have tons of friends. Every weekend I was out having fun. Now, I barely have any friends. I keep to myself. I'm so use to walking in a hall and having twenty or so people say hello to me. I know what you're thinking "Poor Laci and her first world problems."

I'm not trying to throw a pity me party. I guess I realized that high school friends don't stay around very long after...
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