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TinyStar's Mobafire Blog

05 May
I see a lot of people who do this,so I thought I do it too ^.^ Thank you all for making me signatures <3


The Nameless Bard:



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05 May
I'm so glad I'm off for the summer,well until June 22nd for my online classes,but that's besides the point. Lol. I'm happy I can finally relax. I've been behind on my sig shop. Tomorrow I'll sit down and get them done.

Lately school has drained the creativity out of me,but the other day I heard this song called "Born" by Matis ft Collin McLouglin and it spraked back my creativity. You guys should check him out. He has great dubstep/chillstep music.

Anyways, I just wanted to say I'm actually happy with life right now. I get to see my boyfriend in July, and we'll be...
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03 May
So, I took final exams this week and I was really nervous about passing them. I just got online to see if how well I did, and I made all A's on them. I made all A's in my classes!

I'm so proud of myself. In high school, I was in "emo" mode until half way through my junior year and completely made C's. I highly regret because I know I could of graduated with high honors. I made a promise to myself that I would make A's and B's, so when I graduate with my BA I'll be on the deans list.

Anyways, I'm so proud of myself. This is my first semester in college, and I wanted to...
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30 Apr

Views: 673 Loving the new patch.

So, today I get home and I noticed there's a new patch. I'm thinking, "Yay new patch I wonder what this one is." I watch the video and my mouth dropped. I've always loved the Freljord story line. This is probably because Ashe was my first champion when I started League.

Anyways, I think it's awesome Riot finally made ARAM a game mode. I think it's a great way for people to learn how to team fight and kinda forces you to use other champions. With this being said, the new map is a great addition. There's somethings that I'm really happy to see is the limit to potions in early...
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29 Apr

Views: 1238 Weight loss...

I think I've written in a blog once before about how I'm not happy with my weight. I'm not fat. I'm no where near fat,but I'm not skinny either. I use to be a size 2,and I have jumped up to a size 4. These past few months I've tried everything. Work out DVD's, cutting back on certain foods, and cutting back on soda. I've only lost about 2 pounds.

Well, I decided to go back to walking again. I love to walk.My neighborhood is in the shape of a circle and two "laps" is a mile. Back in high school, I use to walk four miles a day, maintained a weight of 95 pounds. My height is 4ft...
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