This and this are why I don't main jungle any longer.

I helped my team earn kills in all three lanes and it didn't amount to ****. And in this game my team rotated rather nicely on a couple of invades by the enemy team allowing us to pick up some kills, so it wasn't like we didn't have at least some synergy with respect to what needed to be done.

I was of the opinion that Phase Rush was simply better in pretty much all cases on Darius, but yeah, Darius with Conqueror is kinda ******ed.

Laners all die multiple times to their lane opponents to the point that I can't really actually gank and the one time I do their very low health Urgot picks up a double kill by cleaning me up from 3/4 health after finishing off my Top laner.

I finally pick up a kill and the Aurelion Sol says "Wow! You finally did something!". Like bruh are you even aware of the state of the game or how Master Yi actually works?

No one bothers me in Top lane. If my jungler ganks, I try to follow up. No one pings me other than to warn me about a gank or that they are about to gank. I get to roam or Teleport when it is advantageous to me rather than trying to save some people that don't have the sense to recognize a losing situation and back off.

Seriously people. Just stay out of chat unless it is essential information or very short praise phrases/acronyms.

And leave your jungler alone. Go aggro when they are around to support you. Tell them why they should come to your lane. Setup situations that are advantageous to you and your team and let them know about the enticing opportunity.* If you are pinging in desperation it is probably too late. You done goofed. Do your best to minimize what you do lose and don't tilt the rest of your teammates by getting into chat to scream at them or ping them incessantly.

*if the wave is pushing to you when your jungler is on your side of the map or will be on your side of the map soon because they have just backed and their camps are up on your side of the map gauge how long it is going to take for the wave to be pushed passed river and ask your jungler to gank after they clear a camp or two (assuming they have time). Pls come Top first and then clear Top/Bot side jungle. Walking passed camps is really inefficient in terms of time usage. You need to let your jungler know that their is something worth doing it for.

Same deal if you setup a giant wave to push into the enemy turret. Let your jungler and or Mid laner know about the opportunity for a tower dive. In case you didn't know you slow push a wave and then fast push the next wave. This will let you march on their tower with two waves. Which means if they try to fight you they will take a huge chunk of damage from minions and it gives the tower plenty of targets to lock onto if you decide to go for the tower dive. And if you get the kill you get to deny your opponent all of that gold and XP, and maybe get the tower, so that is a potential win-win-win for you and any of your teammates that you can get to help you out.

By the same token, junglers, use your F2-5 keys to look for these situations developing around the map. Some people don't like typing or can't type fast or accurately while doing things like properly setting up a minion wave to freeze or push.

So the communication is a two way street, but 9/10 as jungler all I get from my laners is ping ping ping. Yes, I see that you are about to get tower dove and I am on the opposite side of the map. Back off your tower and I'll go counter jungle or help out the other two lanes closer to me since I can't make it to that side of the map before the dive happens.

Your jungler is under a lot of pressure to be everywhere at once especially if every lane is struggling. If they don't pick your lane, they don't. Maybe your Mid laner is the only champion on your team with a kill and no deaths so your jungler spends the rest of laning phase trying to keep them ahead/get them further ahead. So, they didn't choose your lane to help. That doesn't mean they are bad or don't want to win. They are just trying to prioritize their time where they thing they will get the biggest bang given the current state of the game.

Laners only mostly have to worry about their lane. That is less things to think about on average.

Like most of the time laners don't have to think about things like:

Oh, Top and Mid have their lane opponents shoved under their turret. Should we try a dive at Top or Mid? Should I use that opportunity to counter jungle? If I do decided to counter jungle or dive Top or Mid is there a chance that Bot lane is going to get dove since they are hugging their turret because Caitlyn and Karma are a shoving lane vs your pair in Bot lane?

You should think about all these things. It is called map awarness. As the Top or Mid laner you should think I would love to dive them and my jungler is near but we don't know where their jungler is, so that means the tower dive is riskier than it should be and there is chance that Bot could get dove if their jungler is on that side of the map. I think I'll just keep taking pot shots at their laner to deny them as much CS as possible and if the enemy jungler does show elsewhere on the map I'll have them lower and the dive will be even more likely to succeed.