Was watching the fam play Smash Brothers last night. They got quite a few games in and eventually I noticed some gripes and antagonistic behavior moving from the game to real body reality.

And I had the thought that this reminds me of my league games. People can only take so many punches or failures or letdowns.

It just gets to you after a while.

You expected your ADC to all-in but he got cold feet since he didn't know where the enemy jungler was though you knew the jungler was Top side.

The champion with hard single target CC didn't go first to set up the gank so you missed the kill when you didn't hit your skill shot CC.

Your Top laner has apparently given up on trying to match the Tryndamere so he has taken another tower while your team is trying to get much of nothing done in Mid.

You tell your team that you are going to go back to base to finish your Guardian Angel at which point they see a possible catch in Mid and chase it and get flanked and all die because they have no wards out on either side of the enemy jungle.

Little episodes like this happen in every game. Even at the highest levels of play. And while a few here and there aren't likely to bother you if your mental is good, your Top laner is already 6 games into his ranked session, and your support has been having an extremely unlucky run so their mental isn't as good.

By the time you are 6 games in your mental might not be there either.

So assess after every game. Are the little things accumulating to the point where you are ready to get into a rage fueled typing fest when your next laner hands a solokill to their laner before you've completed your 2nd jungle camp?

If so then it is break time. Get up from your chair and go do something else for ten minutes. Stretch. Get some water. Do some push-ups or maybe a few minutes on the exercise bike.

Even if you are personally playing well.

What does playing well mean?

-Limiting your deaths to useful deaths
-Not missing things that show on the mini-map
-Continuously thinking about what objectives you should be prioritizing
-Remembering to ward and de-ward
-Using vision to create advantages
-Mechanics remain mostly clean
-Not chatting unnecessary or negative things
-Ready to support your teammates when appropriate and letting them die or getting another objective when not

If any of things don't check off as true then you aren't playing well and you probably are not going to get that back until you've had a chance to reset.

You'll have to figure out how long that takes or what activities help with getting your mojo back.

Maybe instead of queing up for that next game you queue up a review of your last game and try to pin point where things went wrong and if you personally could have done something about it.

or maybe you go play another game.

or watch a vod about the matchup you just struggled with so you can be better prepared the next time you get that match-up.

No one is a complete rock. Periodically you need to give your physical and your mental a break