"I haven't got a brain, and soon... neither will you!"

I've been having some fun with Fiddlesticks in pre-season. I like him when my team needs some AP and we have at least a couple of bruiser or tank types in different positions. Braum support and Illaoi top? Hmm, Fiddlesticks seems like he could provide some needed CC and AP.

Between the fear from Terrify, a slow from Red Buff, a silence from Reap, and the damage from Bountiful Harvest, your early ganks are potent, especially if your laner has some CC of their own or brings a solid helping of damage.

I generally get Stalker's Blade for the slow and then go straight for Zhonya's Hourglass. However, if your mid laner is doing work and you want to keep them crushing you can hand off Blue Buff to them and finish your jungle item with Enchantment: Runeglaive to help with your own mana needs.

For skirmishes and teamfights I tend to stay around the edges or out of sight and look for a good place to ult in from. This means you need a sweeper and a good supply of pink wards in order to clear wards out from your ambush locations, especially late game when everyone and their brother is plopping Farsight Alterations all over the map.

If you get a good spot Crowstorm in and fear either a priority target or anyone with a displacement ability like Gragas or Lee Sin that can knock you away from their team.

Speaking of Crowstorm, if you are new to Fiddle, practice using it in a bot game. It has a very weird feel because once you decide to activate it, you channel it for 1.5 seconds before it goes off. If you move before the channel finishes, instead of popping in for a surprise you are dead party, you may end up walking straight into the enemy team or revealing your location by walking out of the bush or around the corner you were attempting to channel from.

The main thing to watch out for when picking Fiddle is enemies that can interrupt your Bountiful Harvest or displace you when you try and use Crowstorm. If you take those things into account and do work early game you can get your team into a good place to roll to victory.