What is working for me? 4 Aug 2017

First things. I have a good computer that can easily run league. I have a speedy internet connection that stable most of the time. I'm close enough to the servers in Chicago to tend to hover around 21 ping. I have a decent desk chair that lets me keep my mouse and keyboard in a reasonably comfortable position.

I've been playing since late in Season 2. I own all the champions so I can trade people in champion select in needs be. I can play a lot of the those champions with some facility.

I've watched a lot of videos and read a lot of posts/articles on how to play league and I've gotten some coaching and I've done a little bit of coaching. I watch streams or youtube videos of high level players that explain what they are thinking, such as Edge and SoloRenektonOnly.

I keep a running list of my games here in my ranked post, generally with some comments on how things went and possibly how I could have done things better. I also try to blog about the things I learn or things I'm trying to work out in my head, which helps turn observations/experience into knowing. I watch some of my replays to try and get an idea of how I could have done better if I had a poor/subpar performance that I want to try and understand better.

I've got an alternate account that I can play ranked on if I have to dodge on my main or if I just want to play a lower key ranked game as a warm-up.

I've duoed some in my climb to Gold 2, but I don't have anyone that I've duoed with consistently. I think duoing can help, especially if you have voice communication and your duo partner is also interested in improving. But I don't think duoing is necessary to climb.

On the champions I play. This is a complicated topic for me. I tend to get bored with playing one champion over and over. That has probably limited my climbing as I don't know any champion like the back of my hand. I don't know damages or cooldowns cold. I only know what I know about match-ups and who is going to try to invade me based on experience for the most part.

My rough scheme at the moment is to play that champions that are strong in the meta at the moment that I can play reasonably well. Right now I'm in a good spot because I can play most of the Enchantment: Cinderhulk junglers to a decent level. Zac, Cho'Gath, Maokai, Sejuani have all proven useful in helping me climb. I tend to keep a couple of other junglers in my back pocket in case I need to break them out. I've practiced some Dr. Mundo and Poppy. Poppy is actually decent into Galio in my experience. Dr. Mundo is really good into AP comps especially after the recent changes to his E that give him a bunch of extra magic resistance.

When picking up a new champion or dusting off an old one I try to go find a recent video on how to clear with them and then practice that in a couple of normal games before taking them into a ranked game.

Some champions are definitely easier to pick up than others. For instance I've probably played around 30 games of Kayn and it took me about 15 to not be completely flailing around with him. And I still don't think I'm getting the mileage out of him that I could be and that makes him feel weaker to me than the win rate that the best Kayn players are able to turn out. And that is okay. If he ever gets buffed or the meta starts to favor him, it will take me a lot less time to get up to speed on him than it will someone that hasn't put in a fair number of reps on him already.

Around jungling: My philosophy around playing is something of a mix of LS, SoloRenektonOnly, Edge, and NEACE.

I try to clear efficiently and be in position to counter the enemy junglers first moves either through vision or counterganking.

If there is a good opportunity to gank I will take it, but otherwise I try to optimize my farm. If people start *****ing about me farming I mute them. Most people start *****ing after their own poor play has already gotten them in trouble. I can only fix stupid if I get ahead. Listening to someone ***** is going to impair my ability to think properly. Hence, buh-bye.

I try to make plays when I hit power spikes. E.g. I have just gained a level or have just sunk all the gold I have in my inventory into my champion.

When I can I try to get vision in the enemy jungle. And I try to prevent my laners from getting dove.

I don't particularly care for counter jungling to try and kill the enemy jungler unless my laners are winning on that side of the map so they can keep their opposing numbers under their turret. That means I need a winning Mid and Top laner or a winning Mid and winning Bot laners and I need to be in a rotation that allows me to counter jungle on that side of the map which isn't always the case depending on my pathing. There is also the question of whether on not the champion I am playing is good at that sort of thing.

I find it rare that sort of scenario happens in Silver/Gold level soloqueue. Usually more than one lane on your own team are hugging their own turret and that means I need to be more cognizant about them getting dove than thinking about invading. Which means before counterjungling you need to think about whether or not your laners that are hugging their turret can get dove. If they can then you need to be be there to prevent it/turn it in your team's favor as that will quite likely be more rewarding than stealing a couple of jungle camps.

One thing I want to try and work on is the right time to reset a losing lane. Red buff + 6th level + a recent buy/item spike is a good time to do this.

A 2nd thing is getting better at tracking the enemy jungler so I can more easily make decisions about what I should be doing with my time.

;tldr - don't force things. Clear efficiently and be in position to make opportunistic ganks/provide reinforcements when your laners are getting ganked or dove. Let the enemy team hang themselves. Be confident in making plays when you've just hit a power spike whether that be in terms of levels or items, though preferrably both.

Anything not working?

Assassins. I'm super inconsistent on them. I find it really hard to know what to do with them when my team can't manage to do enough damage to set me up with opportunities to take someone out.