Tried out Mordekaiser jungle. He clears suprisingly healthy and brings respectable damage to a gank. Pair him with some laners with some CC (not so much the ones in the game depicted above) and he can probably do pretty well.

I went

Enchantment: Runic Echoes
Mercury's Treads
Hextech Rocketbelt
Zhonya's Hourglass
Abyssal Mask
Trinity Force

And then sold the Protobelt for Randuin's Omen as Quinn had become a problem. The Protobelt is nice for picking up some suprise kills or those kills that almost got away, so it can definitely help you start your snow ball.

Atk Dmg Reds
5 Armor Seals + 4 Hlth/lvl Seals
AP Blues
AP Quints

Basically copying Inori's build.

Good in a scrum as you can keep your shield up. Less good against high burst that can cut through your shield. But if you respect the fact that your tankiness largely resides in your shield you can often pull out of a fight and then dive back in after picking up some more shield, especially if you can get some healing from Harvesters of Sorrow and/or your ultimate Children of the Grave.

Oh, don't solo Dragon early game if your team isn't in a position to use it. The Elder Dragon ghost is pretty silly for siegeing.