Found this vid via the summoner school subreddit. Diamond IV player doing a game review on of a Gold player's game.

I picked up a number of good tips like

Picking up Farsight Alteration if you are behind and don't have control of you own jungle. I think at least one person on you team should keep a sweeper such as your support with a Sightstone, but the rest of the team can pepper the map with Farsight Alterations in order to keep tabs on the enemies movements. Will be interesting to see how the fraction of warding and de-warding devices play out through the course of a game when the LCS starts up.

Mid Laner under duress and you aren't Fiddlesticks? You can still hang out at the Raptor camp and Flash over the wall if they get dove.

Enemy didn't damage you before fleeing and they are low health while you are also low health? You can risk flashing them under the turret as if you kill them first and the tower takes you out, you will be considered to have been executed. Though I wouldn't risk this if I were worth any kind of decent bounty.

Consider your damage output during the course of game. You might be King early and mid game, but if you only have one damage item a carrier or bruiser with more damage items has a shot of killing you in the right circumstances. In that case you have come to the point the game where you need to reconsider you role. Are you engage? Are you peel for your carries?

If you can focus down a squishy and your carries aren't in immediate danger, do that rather than switch targets.

Reminder to stagger your slows as you can't layer them any more.

I'm sure there are other things to pick up so go and watch the video if you haven't.