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VexRoth's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Tahm Kench

13 Sep
Tahm Kench has received a number of buffs to the point that people like Voyboy have been monkeying around with him in the Jungle. I've tried a couple of variations on builds for Tahm to see how he stacks up.

No. 1 Issue

I haven't tried out a build that gets you through more than about three jungle camps and slowly at that. Generally you will have to back after Krugs and Red Buff even with a good leash. This means that he is very vulnerable to counter juggling during the early stages of the game, by either being caught while on low health or simply being out of the jungle...
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20 Jul

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Tahm Kench as Support

Super Troll. My buddy gets him better than I do and once he has a point in all three abilities the fun begins.

1) Walk up to an enemy laner and apply three stacks of your passive
2) Devour them
3) Walk back to your ADC and deposit them a present
4) They Flash or take a heap of damage
5) Tahm heals up the majority of the damage he took so he can just do it again when his abilities are off of cooldown.

Another thing he likes to do is waddle over to the the river bush or the lane bush like he is going to ward and instead or in addition to...
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