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Xenasis's Mobafire Blog

25 Mar
Because some times, we all need a little boost (and sometimes, we need to procrastinate).

Inspirational Quote -
"Mistakes are a fact of life. It is the response to the error that counts" - Nikki Giovanni

Inspirational Song -

Inspirational Video (Will likely be mainly humour.) -
Because even professional films don't need to be perfect.
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02 Feb
I'm going to randomly start up this series of blogs just because I'm bored.

It's basically going to feature a different thing on the internet that you can use in every day situations that many people didn't know was there.

The first thing, then -

Link -
(It also has plugins for Firefox and Chrome)

What does it do?
Tineye reverse searches an image. It will find more copies of the image or similar versions. You wouldn't believe how helpful this can be. You can either upload an image or use an url. With the plugin you can just...
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29 Jan
But then I took an overused joke to its grave.

Jarvan is SO fun to play. Great jungler, and after those buffs you can be more lazy with mana.

Buffs are great, and honestly, with or without a few more buffs I anticipate people returning him to his old status, he may even pull a Shyvana because of a certain team using him.

The best buff to his viability was the physical damage on his passive a while ago.

Honestly Jarvan's one of my favourite champions now though. Fun to play, does his job well, and is tanky. I love playing tanky DPS junglers.
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18 Jan

Views: 2499 Frozen Mallet, on SEJUANI?!

WHY do people get this item on her.

It's not like she has a 70% slow and slows work multiplicatively, right?
It's not like she has a slow on her auto attacks already, right?
It's not like she has a gap closer already, right?

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