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04 Jan
Singed has recently appeared as one of the best junglers in the game.

Dyrus gave him a whirl and has got him VERY popular.

I can honestly say I agree with his judgements, basically, Singed is an amazing champion late game, and can freely farm in the new jungle, and the new jungle is very, very complimentary to people who can farm well, and as we all know, Singed farms like a BOSS.

Dyrus has been playing Singed in tournaments recently, and honestly I hope we see a lot more of him. Not too much, though, because he'll be nerfed! I really do see Singed becoming a first ban first pick...
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10 Dec
Imagine this scenario.

You're at a hotel which you paid for.
The manager thinks the tiled roof (which has had no faults at all) is faulty
He removes the tiled roof, replaces it with some newspaper
You complain
They put another layer of newspaper on top rather than putting the tiles back on
Refuses to change it back to the tiles because they adamantly think that their idea of newspaper is better than the tiles

That would be a joke, right? That's the situation now with the jungle.

Copied and pasted from my jungling 101 guide, the effects of the change -

What the change...
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08 Dec
I see the term "meta" being thrown around far too much nowadays. Some people require clarification of what the term even means.

What is the current meta?
At the time of posting this blog post, it is -
Solo AP mid
Solo top (usually AP or Bruiser (tanky DPS) depending on comp (and usually where they're from, EU tends to pick more damagey options and tends to go for AP far more than the US, and the US usually goes for tanky DPS))
AD and Support bot

Now, a great example of this would be using Rock Solid/Dignitas as an example. Take when they used Gangplank as a...
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08 Nov
Just as a little insight into the situation, Guinsoo posted on the US forums and twitter a while ago (since he doesn't post on the EU at all - I might get some of this wrong, but from a collection of tweets and posts, I've found a lot of it out myself) about a few jungle changes/reworks that will be coming in soon.
Edit: Here's a link to some of the stuff caught on his twitter.

Basically, to sum it up -
1. Reduces effectiveness of counter-jungling
2. Decreases camp respawn times, but...
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