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InvMiqx Last updated on January 31, 2017
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Do you want to play Veigar? Do you want to one shot the enemy? Do you want your enemy laner to say "Go afk noob" In all chat? Then Veigar is for you.

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Pros and Cons


+ Insane burst damage
+ Game changing AoE stun
+ Great waveclear
+ Infinite scaling
+ Tons of objective damage
+ Super fun to play
Veigar is truly something special when it comes to damage, not just to champions. Veigar's ability to smack down towers and take Dragon or Baron Nashor really fast makes him a really strong pick for SoloQ. The stun that Veigar packs is also one of the best non-ultimate abilities in the game due to it's massive impact. Veigar's passive, Phenomenal Evil Power, is also a very strong passive that puts Nasus to shame. Legit, you will never be out scaled by anyone


- Really squishy
- Kind of slow
- Very squishy
- Weak early game
- Very mana hungry
Like all champions, Veigar has his cons. Veigar is one of the most squishy champions in the game, which makes him highly susceptible to assassins like Zed Talon. Veigar is also super mana hungry, and without mana items, you are screwed. Combined with the squishiness and mana hunger, Veigar cannot do anything early

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Why full damage veigar?

Full damage on Veigar is like a warm hug. A tanker Veigar is a cold and unloving hug. I think the full damage build gives you much more carry and snowball potential, and is way more fun. But I am going to provide the pros and cons of each build.

Full ap build pros
-More burst potential
-Power spikes come sooner
-Punish your opponent laner harder
-Gives you roaming potential
-You can snowball a lot harder
-Pretty early power spikes
-Easier to carry your bad teammates (Better for low elos)
-Tanks are less of a problem
-Godlike lategame
-Still can oneshot carry if behind
Full ap build cons
-Way squishier
-Less noob-friendly
-Way more susceptible to assassins. Zed, Akali
-You need to be good at positioning in fights
Tankier build pros
-Gives you more room for mistakes
-More survivability
-Less susceptible to assassins
Tankier build cons
-Hyper weak early game
-You cannot trade back early
-You cannot oneshot the adc until two items
-Your damage output is ****
-Have to stay in lane longer pre-6 to get 1100 gold for Catalyst of Aeons
-Way easier to run out of mana with Catalyst of Aeons then Lost Chapter
-Tanks are a big problem
-You do nothing to towers until 30 minutes in
-Your damage to Dragon and Baron Nashor is garbage
-You cannot do anything if you are behind
Now do you understand? You can just do way more with the full ap build then the tankier build, and in general helps your team a lot more.

There is one con I must stress is huge for the tankier Veigar build, and that is the damage to objectives. One of the reasons veigar can carry so hard is his damage to objectives is crazy. Veigar The only mage that does massive damage to both turrets and neutral objectives, and gives you so much control over the game. Even when behind, you can still oneshot the adc

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Suggested build path

I build the same first three items for Veigar 95% of the time for good reason: They work well!!

This build path is my personal favorite, but also what I think is most effective for carrying low elo games. This build gives you the most damage you possibly can, but requires you to have enough skill to outplay an assassin trying to burst you.

Doran's Ring is strictly better than The Dark Seal because it gives you much more mana sustain, which is important for the all out stacking you need to do levels 1-5. With our stacking intentions, The Dark Seal will have you run out of mana around level 4, which is not optimal against early all-in assassins that want to kill you at level 3; you need Event Horizon at all times, and Dorans ring will keep your mana up high enough to do that.

Morellonomicon really is not challenged by any item, as it gives the most power to Veigar in the early to mid game.

Sorcerer's Shoes come after the first item because it will help us grind through those early resistances. We get this item after Morellonomicon because it is when we start killing people, and when people will start getting scared of you.

We get Rabadon's Deathcap before Void Staff because veig's passive, Phenomenal Evil Power scales with rabadon passive, which gives you a bigger powerspike than void staff once you buy it, especially if you have been farming well.

The last items you buy are widely up to you, but the only time you should ever sell your boots for a bigger item is when you have both Luden's Echo and Lich Bane, because those items give you enough movement speed to survive without boots.

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Ability explanations

Phenomenal Evil Power

Veigar gains a stack of Phenomenal Evil whenever he hits an enemy champion with an ability, and 5 stacks whenever he scores a champion takedown. Veigar gains 1 ability power for every stack of Phenomenal Evil.

This passive is downright busted. For every spell you hit an enemy champ with, you gain one ability power. For each champion kill, you gain five ability power. This passive gives you tons of ability power, and makes sure Veigar will never fall off no matter how late the game goes. I have had over 500 ability power with just Phenomenal Evil Power alone.

Veigar's passive gives him the bonus ap on kills and assists, so it does not matter if your jungler takes your kill.

Also, I am seeing people build veigar without Rabadon's Deathcap. Veigar's passive, Phenomenal Evil Power synergises so well with Rabadon's Deathcap that it is worth building every game, no matter the buildpath.

Baleful Strike

PASSIVE: Killing a unit with Baleful Strike grants 1 stack of Phenomenal Evil, doubled against large minions and monsters.
ACTIVE: Veigar unleashes a bolt of dark energy in the target direction, dealing 70 / 110 / 150 / 190 / 230 (+60% of ability power) magic damage to the first two enemies hit.

Baleful Strike is a linear collision skillshot, and has a relatively long range. Baleful Strike is veigar's tool for stacking his passive to the high heavens. Last hitting Melee minions, Caster minions, and Small monsters with Baleful Strike grant Veigar one ability power each, while last hitting Large monsters, Cannon minions, Baron Nashor , and Dragon with Baleful Strike grant Veigar two ability power each. Also, killing an enemy champ with Baleful Strike grants veigar 1+5 ability power, from both passive and Q.

Maxing this ability first lowers the cooldown, and increases the base damage, making it easier to stack your passive, Phenomenal Evil Power, and lasthit with your Baleful Strike

Dark Matter

Veigar calls a mass of dark matter to fall from the sky to the target location, which lands after a 1.25 second delay, dealing 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 (+ 100% AP)
magic damage to all enemies hit.

Dark Matter is skillshot that does damage in a small area around the cast area. Dark Matter is veigar's highest damage basic ability, scaling 1:1 with veigar's ability power. This **** does so much damage. Often once you hit the thirty-minute mark, just your Dark Matter and your Baleful Strike have enough damage to kill the enemy adc. Dark Matter also provides Veigar with insane wave clear. This ability also helps crush enemy super minions with ease. This also gives us vision, so veigar can use this to facecheck bushes.

Also, never expect Dark Matter to hit your enemy without Event Horizon unless they are boosted.

Since we do not need Dark Matter base damage, we max this ability third.

Event Horizon

Veigar forms a cage around the target area which materializes after a 0.5 second delay and lasts for 3 seconds, knocking down and stunning all enemies who pass through its edges for the first time for 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25 / 2.5 seconds.

Event Horizon is a skillshot that creates a cage on cast, stunning all units touching the edges after a .5 second delay. This is downright one of the best stuns in the game. You can stun an entire team for 2.5 seconds if used right. Downright insane. Event Horizon can be blinked out of by Living Shadow, Riftwalk, or just Flash.

Event Horizon deals one point of true damage to all units on the cage's edges on cast. This one point of true damage applies to Phenomenal Evil Power, giving you ability power, even if the enemy units are not hit by the stun. You are also granted an assist if the target champ is killed.

We max Event Horizon second because 2.5 second AoE stun on a 14 second cooldown is too good to miss out on.

Event Horizon

Blasts the target with primal magic to deal 175 / 250 / 325 (+75% Ability Power) to 350 / 500 / 650 (+150% Ability Power) magic damage, increasing based on the target's missing health. Damage is maximized against enemies below 33% health.

What. The. F**k.
Primordial Burst is a targeted ability that does a lot of magic damage. To get the most out of this ability, try to use Primordial Burst as an execute since it does more damage based on the enemy's missing health.


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Wombo Combos

The "Lane Trade" combo

This combo is for trading with your lane opponent. This combo requires you landing your Event Horizon. Since Event Horizon Does not stack thunderlords, you will have to use an auto attack to apply the thunderlords damage to your opponent. Late Game, this simple combo will be able to kill the enemy mid-laner or adc when they have all of their health.

The "Delete button" combo

This combo is for the kill. For the 300 extra gold. This combo requires you to land Event Horizon to hit your Dark Matter. Late Game, this combo will crush the enemy mid-laner or adc.

One of the most important parts of playing veigar is knowing how, and when to use this combo. Here are my tips.
-In lane, you can only kill the enemy lane opponent with this combo when they have less than
50% of their max health, and when you have at least a Lost Chapter and a Doran's Ring.
-Use this combo in fights like you are an assassin. Kill the priority target. If you don't kill that Jhin in the backline, your job is failed.
-In lane, if you are against an enemy Yasuo or your opponent has a Zhonya's Hourglass, it is important that you execute this combo as fast as possible.
-Know when you do not need to use your Primordial Burst to kill the enemy. It is a key cooldown that can decide a teamfight. Don't blow it.
-For the love of god, please do not accidentally ult the tank.

TL;DR: E-W-Q-auto is your lane trade combo
E-W-Q-R is your kill combo

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Item pool

Morellonomicon is the best item you can buy on veigar in the early stages on the game. This item gives us tons of mana because of Lost Chapter, base mana, 100 ability power Grievous wounds, and 20% cdr.

Everything veigar needs is provided on this item. Buy it first every time.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a great item on veigar because it scales with veigar's passive, Phenomenal Evil Power.

We buy this second almost every game, because it scales so well with veigar's passive. Even if you are behind and get your first two items at 25 minutes in, you will still be able to oneshot the adc and your midlaner. Your damage will always be relevant. If you manage to pick up both Morellonomicon and Rabadon's Deathcap early, you will often have 600 ability power by twenty minutes. Get this item.

Sorcerer's Shoes Is a great item to pick up on veigar to help with those tanks before we sell boots to pick up Void Staff. Best boots overall.

Try to build Sorcerer's Shoes after Morellonomicon

I ask myself two questions before I build Lich Bane:
-Do I need more burst damage?
-Am I going to be able to auto-attack someone in a fight?
If you answer yes to both, grab the item.
Also, the other stats the Lich Bane provides are good too.

This item is great, it gives us ability power, and movement speed. This item helps add a little AoE damage to your combo, which can come a long way. Luden's Echo is best when the enemy team has no assassins or Xin Zhaos because this item is kinda useless when you're getting dived in the backline.

Mejai's Soulstealer Is a risky item. DO NOT build this item if...
-The enemy team has an assassin or Xin Zhao
-You suck at positioning
-You are not super fed
Although this item is VERY RISKY, it can pay off so well. I have had 900 ability power by twenty minutes thanks to this item. Build this item once you have more experience on Veigar.

Damn, this item is AMAZING late game. Once the enemy team starts noticing how fed you are, they will buy that Spirit Visage and Banshee's Veil. Void staff is perfect for dealing with those items and help your damage be relevant throughout the whole game.

I like to pick up Void Staff 4th or 5th item depending on the enemy team's items.

The only reason you build Tear of the Goddess on veigar is for the shield Seraph's Embrace provides you. If they have an assassin like Zed, Katarina, or Akali and you need to survive their burst, buy tear. You need to make the decision early if you want to buy Tear of the Goddess, because you really can't say "Oh I wanna stack tear of the goddess" at 30 mins in, you gotta start early.

I think Hextech Protobelt-01 just isn't for this veigar build. I mean, you can build it. The active gives veigar some AoE damage, but if you use Hextech Protobelt-01 active in the middle of the fight to try to damage the enemy champs, you will be out of position and be focused down. The only effective way to use Hextech Protobelt-01 is as an escape, which it isn't that good at doing. There is simply better options than this.

This item is ****! The only way this item can be really effective is if Rod of Ages Is build first, and that is a bad option because Morellonomicon is way better! Also, if you want to go this item and take Catalyst of Aeons on your first back, you will go oom just from stacking Baleful Strike. Since we play safe in lane, we won't be taking that much damage anyways. The ONLY time I would see this to be valid is if you are against Azir or Lux, but even then I like Lost Chapter way better.

Don't build this!

After the nerfs of 6.24, Rylai's Crystal Scepter is trash. The nerfed slow doesn't do anything at all anymore, The damage was lowered, and the health from the item anymore. Due to the lower gold cost, it is inefficient to build this as our fourth or fifth item now, and we obviously don't want to build this before our core.

The main nail in the coffin for Rylai's Crystal Scepter you are not able to land your Dark Matter with just the slow from Rylai's. This synergy was what made this item amazing on Veigar, and with it gone, this item kinda blows.

Rip Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Before Rylai's nerfs

The panic button. We buy Zhonya's Hourglass for the active always. I only buy this item if I can constantly being dived in the backline by Zed, Talon, Xin Zhao, etc. You can also buy this item to dodge hard hitting, undodgeable abilities like Requiem or something.

I don't think the new Abyssal Scepter is bad, it is just not good enough. There are better options out there. Abyssal Scepter's range for the 10% magic damage increase is kinda small. Also, if the enemy team's midlane mage isn't doing any damage, building this item is not worth it.

I do not often go for Guardian Angel. In MOST situations that you need a defensive item, Zhonya's Hourglass is just the best choice. Veigar benefits more from the stats of Zhonya's then Guardian's also.

WHY would you build tank on veigar? You are supposed to be an AP carry! BUILD LIKE ONE!
TL;DR: Build damage

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Summoner spells

Unlike most champions, veigar has a strict set of summoner spells to follow: Flash and Teleport, as these are By Far the best summoners you can take on Veigar.

Flash is by far the best summoner spell you can take on veigar, as it provides him with many different utilities. Flash provides us with a very reliable escape, being able to hop over a wall, or dodge a skillshot, or just simply hop away, is very useful. Flash is also a very good gap closer, it can fulfil the distance needed to land a Baleful Strike or just being able to auto the opponent. Lastly, flash gives us the ability to reposition in teamfights, which is ever so valuable for maximizing our teamfight damage and just staying alive.

Teleport is my favorite summoner spell (Just saying), but it is also obscenely strong. Teleport gives Veigar the ability to port back to lane after blowing all his mana on farming the first 5 levels, and miss no creeps. It also gives you a top of map control, being able to pop up quickly somewhere on the map to win a fight is huge in this meta where snowballing and winning early fights is ever so important. Lastly, it gives us lots of roaming power to start snowballing other lanes quickly, and maybe picking us up a few kills.

I do not take Ignite on veigar for playstyle reasons alone. This is due to the only time you need ignite on veigod is the level 6 all-in, which is very detrimental to what we are trying to do here. The level 6 all-in is running full ap runes, and no cdr runes, which pretty much means no fast stacking. It also means we have to preserve our mana for the level 6 all in, which means that we cannot farm our passive with Baleful Strike as efficient as we could using my cdr build. Ignite also falls off super hard mid-late game, which is when we are trying to be our strongest. We also do not need it to kill people, as we do enough damage as it is.

Barrier is the only possible Summoner spell we could possibly take on Veigar without trolling. This summoner is only useful against assassins who will put a lot of early kill pressure on you, and I mean a lot. Not a level six spike champion like Zed or Talon that will kill you once they hit 6, but more like some earlygame assassin like LeBlanc. This summoner also falls off super hard lategame, being practically useless post-30 minutes.

Overall, Flash and Teleport are the best summs we can take.

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Rune explaination

Before you go complaining about my weird rune setup, let me tell you that it fits Veigar so well! I know I lack the magic pen, and lack any defensive stats, but I have great explanation.

I run cdr on veigar because I want to stack my Phenomenal Evil Power as fast as possible, leading up to more damage lategame. Also, stacking passive more in the early game means you are more powerful come your massive Rabadon's Deathcap buy, which is very important for playing veigar. It also gives you more application on Event Horizon, being able to cast it more in fights is always a good thing.

Why no magic penetration? Well, I just find cdr way better. Sure, magic pen is pretty good in the early game, but that is not when we are trying to be our strongest! 18 magic pen isn't that significant against a Dr. Mundo with 250 mr, the only champs the damage is more significant to is the adc and the mid laner. But we already have enough damage to kill them when we pick up Rabadon's Deathcap, so why even bother with the magic pen? The extra 20 ap we will have from the extra cdr is WAY more significant against those massive tanks. Also, Void Staff does the job good enough.

Why no defensive runes? Well, the fact is: We don't need the defensive runes. For me, I have never had a problem dodging the enemy skillshots and poke, so I never had a use for the defensive runes. Also, even if we do get the scaling defensive runes, the stats it provides are insignificant, to say, if we get caught out anywhere. If we have these runes, we also lose out on those Phenomenal Evil Power stacks.

The last thing I must talk about is the ability power quints. Since most people viewing this guide will be new to Veigar, The ability power runes will help them double stack Baleful Strike in the early game, as just stacking with the base damage is quite challenging. If you have enough experience on Veigar, then you can use CDR quints, but it is all up to preference.

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Mastery explanation

I am not going to debate each and every mastery you can take, because I think that is very stupid, unimportant, and time consuming. I am going to discuss the most important mastery decision you need to make: Thunderlords or Stormraiders?

Thunderlord's Decree is the most used mastery of season 6, but why run it on Veigar? The extra damage from thunderlords is great at all stages of the game, giving you practically a free Luden's Echo passive. This mastery ups the damage of your combo by a surprising amount and has finished off hundreds of kills that I would not have gotten if I was running storms. Also, what most people do not know about t-lords is that thunderlords is AoE!Even through the range is small, it still helps a small amount, which is always useful.

Stormraider's Surge is a different story. Storms is not bad on Veigar, just thunderlords is better on him. Storms is useful for getting away from ganks, gives you mobility in teamfights, and is pretty good for chasing and kiting. Now, Stormraider's is Very easy to proc on veigar, as he does tons of burst damage. Often you can activate it with your Baleful Strike alone. This doesn't mean it is good through. There are very specific times storms is useful, while thunderlords is useful when ever you are killing people, which happens way more than the situations storms is good in.

Overall, Thunderlord's Decree is just better than Stormraider's Surge

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The importance of smart casting

One of the most important things you can do on Veigar is smart cast. If you do not know what smartcast is, This gives a pretty good description of it.

The reason why we smartcast is simply to be able to cast our abilities faster, which is very important on Veigar because he needs to get his abilities off fast, especially in the earlier levels when we do not have Event Horizon at a very high level.

Lets take our normal kill combo, with autos. The combo without smartcast goes like this:

(Press E), (Left Click), (Right click), (Press Q), (Left click), (Press W), (Left click), (Press R), (Left Click), (Right Click)

That combo takes a total of 10 total actions, totalling 6 on the mouse, which would take a long time to cast compared to our combo with smartcast:

(Press E), (Right Click), (Press Q), (Press W), (Press R), (Right Click)

That combo only took 6 actions, with only two being on the mouse, way faster than the combo without smartcast.

Also, smartcasting improves farming with Baleful Strike, as pressing Q and left clicking along with right clicking to auto is a little much. I'd say smartcasting is very important on Veigar.

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Early Csing

Veigar has one of the weakest pre-6 laning phases in the game. If you fail in the first five minutes of the game, you are likely to fail for the rest of it.

If you are new to Veigar, there are basic early rules you should follow for the early laning phase.
1)Never overextend past your melee minions (Its just a bad idea)
2)Do not go for a risky double stack with Baleful Strike unless you are sure you can without taking harass
3)You need to dodge enemy harass
4)Play as safe as possible against assassins Zed, Talon, LeBlanc
5)Do not trade in the early game, especially if the enemy champ has Ignite
6)Try not to use Event Horizon before you buy Lost Chapter, you will go oom super early
7)At level 4, you can Dark Matter the caster minions low enough so you can lasthit them with your Baleful Strike
8]Never use your Dark Matter on enemy melee minions unless you are shoving the wave
9)Pay huge attention to enemy level. Almost all of your opponents will be looking to all-in you at one of their pre-6 powerspikes.
10)Tell your jungle to not gank you before your first back. This draws attention from the enemy jungle, which is very bad for you.
11)Do not participate in early skirmishes before your first back. Almost always, you will die or go oom.
12)Don't help your team pre-6
13)Against champions that have a strong level 6 all in, Zed Talon, back right before the enemy has 6, buy Lost Chapter and maybe Boots of Speed and teleport back to lane.
14)With this build, if you do die once of twice early, you can still come back because of this build.
15)Attack-Moving while farming is very beneficial to dodging most poke, and ultimatly making you less predictable.

Remember, you want peace in your lane so you can farm up. The more 2v2s, 3v1 dives, etc etc, the worse. Make sure no one tries to help you, its always a bad idea. Even if the jungler does get you a kill, he pushes out the lane and attracts jungler attention.

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After 6 / First back

Veigar's mid game isn't that bad. You will still have to play relatively safe, but you should feel a little more comfortable in lane and be a little more ballsy with your stacking.
In this stage of the game, Veigar can participate in fights and kill people with his balanced Primordial Burst.

Also, if you killed your midlaner of they backed, ganking bot is a great move to help snowball your lead. But if you do gank bot, DONT DIE. Other then that, feel free to if you see an opening.

If you want to ever try to kill your lane opponent, land a Baleful Strike on them. Based on the damage they take, judge if you can kill them with your combo or if you have to hit them again with Baleful Strike.

Once you pick up your Morellonomicon around 14 mins, you will be able to one-shot the enemy adc most likely. Use this to win fights.

Afterwards, go for Sorcerer's Shoes to help you penetrate mr :3

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Veigar is hands down one of the best teamfighters in the game due to his ability to stun a whole team with a basic ability. He can also carry teamfights really hard due to his massive damage output from just his basic abilities. Although Veigar has a really powerful teamfight, it is actually pretty hard to fully abuse Veigar's teamfight potential.

Teamfight Initiation

Let me get this strait: Veigar is not an initiator! I do not care if people say you are supposed to do XYZ, cuz they are wrong. Veigar is not an initiation because his stun is so short distance, and to successfully initiate a teamfight by yourself, you would need to put yourself in a lot of danger to do so. Despite Veigar not being a hard engage, he is very strong in following up on engages by his teammates by chain cc'ing with Event Horizon or just landing a Dark Matter. The stun is also very good for counter engages, as when you get engaged on, you have a better chance stunning their whole team.


Positioning in a teamfight for Veigar is probably the most important thing you need to learn to really get good at him. You need to be able to drop all your abilities on enemy champs while still being safe. The best way I find to do this is to stay with your tank and tell the support to help peel for you when you go in to use Primordial Burst. If you do go in, make sure to keep your stun up, and it is also very good to have Flash up, as it is a 'get out of jail free' card a lot of the time.


This job is very easy for Veigar, as the rules go: Kill who is most fed on their team. Focus them down with your spells, and save your Primordial Burst for them. It is important to know if just your basic combo will be able to oneshot them, as blowing your ulty in a fight on a target that was already going to die can downright lose you the teamfight. You don't want a situation where the enemy Vayne is at half health and wrecking your team, but you ulted the tank at the beginning of the fight. Most of the time, targetting just comes down to experience on the champ.

When to drop stun

This mainly comes down to experience on the champ, but there are some tricks to it. You generally wait until the teamfight breaks out if neither team has a hard engage. The other team is most likely waiting for you to blow your stun before they engage, so hold on to it. If your team engages, try to chain cc and stun as many people as possible, and nuke their carries.

Chain cc

Chain cc is when an ally uses a crowd control ability, and then someone follows up with their own crowd control ability. For example, you Malphite uses his Unstoppable Force and hits four enemy champions. You use your Event Horizon under the four knocked up enemy champs, and stun all four when they land. Using chain cc can win fights very easy, and it is another reason why Veigar is such a strong teamfighter. You can find a list of champs you can [chain cc] with.

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Say you hit level 6, and you solokill your enemy laner, Viktor and wish to snowball your lead into a victory, which is one of the most consistent ways to stomp soloQ. There are many ways to snowball your lead, but some options are better than others.

Botlane roam

One of the best options to snowball a lead is to roam botlane for a few kills. Especially if you have a very snowbally adc like Vayne or Draven, getting them fed is an excellent option. Due to the squishiness of bot lane champions, you will probably be able to oneshot the enemy carry with your full combo. Also, a double kill bot can easily transition to a firstblood tower, or even a dragon if the jungler came with you. Also, making the adc stronger is never a bad thing for soloQ.

Toplane roam

On the other hand, ganking toplane is not as great as an idea. Top laners are often harder to kill, and snowball softer than most other champions. Even if you do kill the enemy laner, it is hard to transition the kill to anything, and chunking the top tower health isn't all that important. There is some exceptions through. If you have something like a Riven toplane who can snowball super hard and you have something useless like a Lucian adc, it might be a good idea to come top instead of bot.

Jungle invasion

Another good option is to invade the enemy jungle. In season 7 where camps take longer to re spawn, even taking small jungle camps is a good idea. If you do want to go deep into the enemy jungle, it is ideal to take your jungler with you. Giving your jungler kills, especially if he is a snowbally jungler like Udyr or Lee Sin, is a good strategy for snowballing games. A fed jungler that knows what he is doing can counter jungle, place deep wards, clear enemy wards, gank, and take objectives. Also, your jungler will outsmite the enemy jungler if you get him ahead in levels, which is very helpful for stealing objectives like Dragon .

Shoving your lane

This is one of the biggest mistakes I see low-elo players make: After killing their enemy laner once or twice, they sit in lane and shove while the enemy mid laner is helping the teammates around the map. Sure, it is fine to take your t1 tower mid, as that applies map pressure, but just sitting in lane after you take tower is not good. In soloQ, where your teammates always seem to be terrible, you always have to be there to carry them in fights. Your team will start to lose fights if you are not there and their mid laner is, even if they are 0-3.

Deep warding

Deep warding in the enemy jungle is one of the best things you can do in soloQ. It can allow you take Dragon safely, take control over rotations, take enemy neutral buffs, the list goes on and on. This is an excellent way to snowball games really hard because it gives your team map control, which can be transitioned to huge advantages. Every time you back, buy some wards and throw them in the enemy jungle or by objectives

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Chain cc

I'd say chain cc is one of the most consistent ways to carry teamfights as Veigar. For those who do not know, chain cc is when an ally uses a crowd control ability on an enemy, then follow up with your own cc ability to lengthen the time the enemy was cc'ed for.

For example, my Cho'Gath lands a Rupture on three enemy champions. I place my Event Horizon right below them so when they land, they are instantly cc'ed.

A good habit to have with Veigar is to see who has the crowd control abilities your team in champ select. It is sometimes hard to perform the chain cc effectively in team fights, but knowing what abilities you need to chain cc with helps a lot.

List of cc abilities

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Detailed matchups


Early laning difficulty: 8/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 2/10
HP / mana sustain: 5/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 7/10
Teamfight presence: 2/10
Type of damage : LOW CD MAGIC BURST

Veigar Counters Ahri most of the time. There is a chance for the Ahri to win if she plays around the Veigar's mistakes.

The biggest threat ahri has to you is her Charm. It is a low cooldown linear skillshot that has decent range, and on hit will make you walk harmlessly towards her for 1.5 seconds. The lane is decided by who can land their cc, and since Event Horizon is easier to land then Charm, veigar often comes out on top.

Ahri beats you early, especially if she has ignite. Ahri will try her best to zone you from cs in the early phases of the game, but since her main poke ability, Orb of Deception, is easily dodged, she shouldn't be able to deny you that much farm in the earlygame. Try to take minimal poke from ahri, as smart ahris will try incredibly hard to kill you in the early phases of the game.

At level 5, it is VERY important to back before she hits 6, as she will try to all-in you and kill you.

Ahri is super squishy, even squishier then Veigar. If you backed at level and tp'ed back with at least a Lost Chapter at level 5, you will find Baleful Strike does a lot of damage to ahri. If you have enough gold, you need to buy Boots of Swiftness as dodging skillshots against Ahri is super important. Once you hit about 1-2 Q's on ahri, you will find she will be in kill range, and the power of the lane swapped from her to you.

Lategame, just try not to get hit by Charm in teamfights as it is a great ability for catching people out, and you will most likely die if you are hit by it. Also, if the enemy team is super desperate to kill you and you stomped your lane, ahri will act like Xin Zhao and dive into the backline. When this happens, just self peel for yourself with Event Horizon and kill her ***, but make sure NOT to ult her!

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Luden's Echo > Void Staff
Differences from original build: Build luden's earlier to help dodge her Charm.


Early laning difficulty: 1/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 9/10
HP / mana sustain: 5/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 10/10
Teamfight presence: 6/10
Type of damage : LOW CD HYBRID BURST

Damn, I hate Akali. Damn, I hate this matchup.
This matchup is winnable, but it's so painful playing. Like, wtf?

Akali Has a weaker pre-6 than you, since her kit is designed around her long ranged gap-closer. What you wanna do to her in the first 5 levels is prevent her from buying Hextech Revolver on her first back, because that is her essential early item, kinda like how Lost Chapter is to us.

You wanna pretend you are Darius for the first 5 levels and be a lane bully. Every time she walks up to cs, auto her a few times. Push her lane in. Constantly harass her with Baleful Strike. Zone her from as much cs as you can. But when you are doing this, make sure you are keeping your distance away from her, as she cam trade evenly if she gets within melee range of you.

Most Akali players will be looking to all-in you at 6. Backing at 6 to buy your Lost Chapter will keep her from killing you when she hits 6.

Once she hits 6, she will be so strong. You will have to lower your lane bully level from Darius level to 'The new kid in school' level. Just play safe and farm. Also, never use your Event Horizon Aggressively in lane, because she is waiting for you to blow it so she can all in you and get that kill. Always save your Event Horizon for when she goes to kill you.

You will be strong af in team fights, cuz you are Veigar. Once you scale up in power, most Akali players will pretend they are Xin Zhao and dive you in the backline. You need so save your Event Horizon for when she dives you, as it is your only saving grace against her. If you wanna be more aggressive in teamfights, grab yourself a Zhonya's Hourglass, but for the most part you should be able to peel her off with just Event Horizon.

Also, in a teamfight, if you land your Event Horizon so Akali is in the middle, have your team focus them down.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff > Zhonya's Hourglass
Differences from original build: Build a Zhonya's Hourglass.


Early laning difficulty: 5/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 4/10
HP / mana sustain: 2/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 3/10
Teamfight presence: 3/10
Type of damage : LOW CD MAGIC BURST

To be honest, this matchup is about who has more experience on their champion. One combo, and she kills you. One combo, and you kill her. The only difference between both of you is that Anivia Is stronger early.

The way you beat Anivia is to sit back early and let her try to kill you. She most likely won't because her Flash Frost is really hard to land because it is so slow. Make sure to ward up, because she will be pinging for ganks. The smart Anivia players will push you under tower pre-6 and try to keep you from getting your Lost Chapter. If she does this, just Dark Matter the casters and the wave will push back to her.

After your first back, she will be much stronger than you. During this phase of the game, it is especially important to stay far away from her, As one combo from her is a dead Veigar.

If you do want to kill Anivia, poke her with your Baleful Strike Then go in for your combo. Most of the time your Q, W, and autos are enough to kill the egg. If you cannot kill the egg in time, place Event Horizon down right before Rebirth is almost finished, so when she respawns she will be instantly stunned, and you should be able to kill her.

Anivia isn't that much of a threat to you in teamfights. In teamfights, wait for her to use Crystallize, then you can go in with your Event Horizon. If you are caught out on the wrong side of her wall, you are most likely dead, but if you catch her with your stun, she is dead.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: None


Early laning difficulty: 6/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 5/10
HP / mana sustain: 2/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 7/10
Teamfight presence: 8/10
Type of damage : LOW CD MAGIC BURST

Easy matchup. Annie is like a Veigar with less burst, more AoE dmg, and has smaller range than you.

In the early game, annie will be able to control the lane. She can sit on her stun with Pyromania and kind of zone you off farm, but you can still auto attack the melee minions, but the casters may be a problem.

Annie is super squishy, and if you can land your Event Horizon before annie is able to pop Molten Shield, she is most likely dead. But beware, annie has just as much burst potential as you. If you get close enough to her, she will kill you.

Most annies like to push a veigar under tower. I think that is stupid af and you can take advantage of this. In the early game, annie Needs to kill veigar before she is outscaled. Most annie mains know this. If they push you under tower, just sit your *** back, she wont be able to kill you unless maybe a Flash + Summon: Tibbers. Even then, you will still outscale her.

In teamfights, annie's AoE stun is way more consistent than yours, you your stun is way more powerful. If their team doesn't have a hard engage, annie will serve as the engage for their team. If you kill annie before she drops Summon: Tibbers, then consider that fight won.
If you cannot hit her with Event Horizon, Stay back until annie pops her ulty.

If you feel scared as annie because you (Or a teammate) fed her in the early game, don't be afraid to buy that Banshee's Veil. It will save your *** from annie's ulty.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: Grab Banshee's Veil if she is fed

Aurelion Sol

Early laning difficulty: 2/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 1/10
HP / mana sustain: 1/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 5/10
Teamfight presence: 3/10
Type of damage : HIGH CD MAGIC BURST

How hard can you crush your lane? How fast can you get to 10-0? This lane is the easiest lane for Veigar. If you lose your lane in this matchup... then either you are playing against Faker, or you are BOOSTED.

Early laning, you can practically free farm with Baleful Strike. As long as you stay out of range of Celestial Expansion, you will not die to him. Ever. Also, if you see him use Starsurge, just walk out of the way. Its so slow and so easy to dodge.

Mid game, you will be laughing your arse off at how easy it is to kill this dragon. If he builds no defence, you can oneshot him with your combo at level 9. Laning against him is practically free farming. He cannot deal **** to you because one Baleful Strike to his face does a quarter of his health.

The only threat he has to you is a roam down bottom, as his roams are kinda good. But unless they got something like an Olaf or Xin Zhao mid, just shove lane into his turret. Even if he does get a few kills bot, you are almost assured you can get first blood tower.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: Grab Mejai's Soulstealer Mejai's Soulstealer Mejai's Soulstealer Mejai's Soulstealer Mejai's Soulstealer


Early laning difficulty: 8/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 4/10
HP / mana sustain: 3/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 6/10
Teamfight presence: 8/10
Type of damage : LOW CD MAGIC BURST

Before you read this, the stats above for Azir only apply when your opponent knows what they are doing on him, as 95% of Azir players are trash.

Azir is a heavy poke champ. He isn't annoying to play against, he just pokes you. His poke is very predictable, and you can avoid most of his damage by just staying away from azir.

In the early laning phase phase, Azir will push you around. He will give you some breathing room at level 1 because he can only take his Arise! on his first level.
Level 2, you need to stay away from azir, not the solders. When azir dashes one of his soldiers, he can only dash them some 875 units around him, so if you stay that distance away from him, you can avoid his poke.

Azir has tons of all-in potential at 6. You need to back at 6 to avoid his spike, because most likely he is going to all-in you if you have less then 2/3 of your max health, even if you are under turret.

If you stun Azir, all his soldiers stop attacking. Also, since he is so squishy, you can one-shot him once you pick up your Morellonomicon. Your Event Horizon can stop his Shifting Sands as well.

In teamfights, you have to be extra careful to not be in the frontline, cause a good azir will hop right in the middle of your team and use his Emperor's Divide. Don't get caught out with this! stay back in a teamfight unless you land a stun onto Azir, then take him out of the fight for sure. You can also use your stun to make sure azir doesn't hop into the backline if you are behind.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: If you are feeling like a bad player, take Barrier


Early laning difficulty: 5/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 4/10
HP / mana sustain: 2/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 3/10
Teamfight presence: 10/10
Type of damage : LOW CD MAGIC BURST

Brand is what was created when my memes hit the internet... Fire

But Brand is a poke mage, but not as oppressive as Lux or Azir. He will constantly send spells at you, especially if he has ignite. His teamfighting is super duper strong because of his Massive AoE damage.

Early laning phase, you just need to dodge his spells and stay far enough away from him so he cannot hit you with his Conflagration. Sidestepping his Pillar of Flame is very important to not dying in the laning phase, as it does a special amount of damage. If you feel like you cannot dodge his spells, pack some movement speed quints and you should be fine.

Post 6, just stay away from your minions, as they are the only thing Pyroclasm can bounce to other than other champs. The same rules apply where you need to dodge his spells, because they will be hitting super hard after first back. Brand is quite squishy, so it is fine to trade with him a little. Just make sure to dodge his Sear because if he lands his combo on you, it will take at least 2/3 of your health. If you wanna all-in brand, make sure you land your stun before walking up to him, because he can easily land all his abilities if you come close enough to use your Primordial Burst

Brand's teamfighting is incredibly overpowered. When playing against brand, you need to stay away from your team, because brand is exceptionally good at punishing mages that stick to their tanks due to his Pyroclasm and Blaze. If you can shut down brand before the teamfight starts, DO IT!

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: None


Early laning difficulty: 2/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 4/10
HP / mana sustain: 8/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 2/10
Teamfight presence: 4/10

Everything about Cho'Gath, you do better, except sustain. You have ranged aa, you have better poke, better cc, better execute, and better teamfight presence.

Cho'Gath has an insanely weak early laning phase, despite his passive. His main poke, Rupture, is easy to dodge and he doesn't even max it first. You push him around early. But make sure not to shove his lane in with Dark Matter, because he could freely make great use of his passive and heal up all the damage you dealt to him. Most of the time, you can double stack your passive without opposition from him.

Post 6, he is only a threat to you if he lands his Rupture, because then he can follow up with his other spells. Just dodge his **** and you should be fine. If he is building first item Rod of Ages, you might need to poke him down a little before you kill him with your combo.

In teamfights, just don't get caught out by his Rupture tbh. The extra tankiness doesn't matter all that much because we will be doing so much damage with our first 3 core items.

There is nothing too interesting with this matchup, it's kinda boring to look at ;/

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: None


Early laning difficulty: 7/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 9/10
HP / mana sustain: 2/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 8/10
Teamfight presence: 7/10
Type of damage : LOW CD MAGIC BURST

If you see a Diana on the other team, you should know that you are going to lose super hard. She has everything to counter you, insane burst and a gapcloser. You wanna aim for Diana in your bans if you are not picking last in champ select, because if she is in your game, she will ruin it.

Pre-6, she can still push you around due to her shield and stuff. She will poke you around with her Crescent Strike and look to hit you with her third auto and Moonfall. You just have to sit out of range of her Crescent Strike and you should be alright. But if you die to her early, she will snowball the lane super hard and all-in you a ton. Always be counting her autos, because every 3rd auto is buffed and will most likely signal an all-in.

Post-6, you gotta stay as far away from her as possible. The second you step out of line, you will be crushed by her instagib combo. The problem is she turns on with very few items, being able to build relatively tanky while still bursting you to death. She has her major power spikes way earlier than you, and will all-in you when she has the chance.

In this matchup, you NEED a Zhonya's Hourglass because you will just see gray screen the whole game if you don't. You need to be protected from her burst.

Another problem is her burst combo can be done within a quarter of a second - or less. This means your Event Horizon will not save you

In teamfights, just press your Zhonya's Hourglass when she dives you and hope your team is able to kill her. For some reason, Moonfall hurts teams much more than it should, watch out for it.

There isn't much you can do in this matchup but buy a Zhonya's Hourglass.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Zhonya's Hourglass > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: Zhonya's Hourglass


Early laning difficulty: 2/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 3/10
HP / mana sustain: 2/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 4/10
Teamfight presence: 5/10
Type of damage : LOW CD MAGIC BURST

I have never had any problems against an Ekko before. His abilities are really easy to dodge, and when he tries to kill you, it is really easy to just walk out.

Some ekko mains first buy The Dark Seal. If they do, punish their ***es and sit way back in lane and make extra sure he cannot kill you. Since Ekko tends to take ignite, you need to make sure he is not able to land his Parallel Convergence on you, because if you are caught out with this ability early, you are already dead.

Ekko constantly shoves his wave due to the nature of Timewinder. If he does this, just counter-push with [{Dark Matter]]. Keep in mind, the second part of Phase Dive can blink through your Event Horizon.

His ulty is only useful when he is chasing you or you are having an extended fight with him, but the little guy that runs behind ekko is where is ult would go to. Also, keep in mind Chronobreak can be used to dodge your Primordial Burst.

In teamfights, be careful not to be dived on by Ekko, because he will one shot you. Also, be sure not to be caught out by Parallel Convergence, because if you do get stunned with it, you are most likely dead.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: None


Early laning difficulty: 7/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 8/10
HP / mana sustain: 3/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 8/10
Teamfight presence: 7/10
Type of damage : LOW CD MAGIC BURST

You need to really know what you are doing on Veigar, you can beat fizz. You need to know the range of his Playful / Trickster. Also, you need to be able to constantly dodge
his Chum the Waters.

Early, you need to stay out of fizz's Urchin Strike range, because if he is able to hot on top of you using it, he will use his e and w in combination, taking at least half of your health. When you know that either his Urchin Strike or Playful / Trickster is down, you can go in to harass with your autos or even your Baleful Strike. You just need to stay out of his range of influence.

Post 6, it is important you stay away from him until you know you are safe, because if Fizz lands Chum the Waters on you, you are dead. Dodging this skillshot is essential to beating fizz. Also, you should never try to kill fizz unless you can accurately predict where fizz will land after his Playful / Trickster.

Never go to combo a fizz if you do not hit your Event Horizon, because fizz's e lets him dodge your ulty. Instead, wait till you land your stun on him.

Fizz is a strong teamfighter after his rework because if he snipes a target with Chum the Waters, it is very easy to hit a whole team with it. If fizz lands his ulty on you, you are dead. You can go in to try and stun him once Playful / Trickster is down, because that is the only time you can kill him in a teamfight.

If you know Fizz has Zhonya's Hourglass, save your stun in a teamfight until he pops it, because then you can follow up with Event Horizon and kill his arse.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Zhonya's Hourglass > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: If you are scared of fizz, buy Zhonya's Hourglass


Early laning difficulty: 2/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 3/10
HP / mana sustain: 4/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 0/10
Teamfight presence: 3/10

Heimerdinger is an easy matchup if you know what you are doing. It is very hard for a Hiem to beat a Veigar even without these methods.

When you are playing against a ****er, it is important that you tell your jungler NOT TO GANK MID. I cannot stress this enough! When that Lee Sin goes right into the middle of three H-28G Evolution Turrets, don't you dare follow up, because you are just going to give hiem a double. Ping him to stay away, and if he ganks and dies, its his own damned fault.

If you want to counter Heimerdinger, you need to take down his turrets because he is nothing without his precious turrets. What we do is after taking a point in Baleful Strike, take another point in Dark Matter. You can use these abilities on a turret to take it down. If the enemy has a passive junger, we don't even need to take Event Horizon until level 7ish because hiem's cc, CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade, is super duper slow.

Post 6, just farm up. Heimerdinger falls off hard lategame, so it is beneficial if you just sit back and farm. He will never be able to kill you, even with a gank. Just keep on killing his turrets.

Some heim mains also play this splitpush build, going Banner of Command and Zz'Rot Portal. If he does this, make sure not to let him push your turret in.

Heimer is super weak in lane teamfights. He is strong in sieges and taking Baron nashor or Dragon . Fight in team fights where he does not have turrets placed everywhere. Also, if you think hiem is going to drop his UPGRADE!!! on a H-28G Evolution Turret, save Dark Matter to kill off his turret.

Also, heim's H-28G Evolution Turrets will still fire if Heimerdinger is dead for a short duration.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: Noone


Early laning difficulty: 1/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 1/10
HP / mana sustain: 1/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 5/10
Teamfight presence: 4/10

This is by far the easiest matchup for Veigar you will encounter. You outscale him, out burst him, out everything him. The only problem in this matchup is that Karthus will shove you under tower.

Early game, Karthus will never kill you, he will just hard shove. You can easily dodge karthus' poke, Lay Waste, but if it does happen to hit you, you will be chunked for only about an eighth of your health. The only thing you will have to deal with is being shoved under tower. You will probs lose 10-15 cs when he shoves you under tower, but that is alright because will will easily make up that gold in the mid game by killing him so much.

After your first back and once you have 6, you will be able to oneshot him if you land your combo. Legit, Karthus is so squishy. If karth tries to hard shove you, trade with him, then zone him from the wave. You will easily out damage Karthus in trading because Lay Waste is so easily dodged.

Also, Karth's ult Requiem channels for three seconds before casting. This means you can stop it with your Event Horizon. This is important because karthus can provide a global gank for his team.

Just a note, if you don't pick up at least one kill off karthus in the laning phase, either that karth is a really big wimp or you just suck :/

Karthus is super aoe in teamfights, and make sure to tell your team to peel back in a fight until Karthus is dead, because if karthus dies in the middle of your team, they won that teamfight cuz the aoe damage from Defile combined with Death Defied will be able to crush your team. But most of the time, you will be able to kill the Karthus will your Q+R. Just try your best to pick him out before a fight starts.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: Nothing


Early laning difficulty: 3/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 9/10
HP / mana sustain: 5/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 8/10
Teamfight presence: 2/10
Type of damage : MEDIUM CD MAGIC BURST

Wow, I hate Kassadin. He has everything he needs to counter you, build in magic resistance with his passive, Void Stone. He also has a built in blink that is up every 4 seconds. The only thing limiting him is his lack of a huge range.

Pre-6, this matchup is very similar to Akali being you NEED to try to bully Kassadin pre-6 due to him being very weak pre-6. Zone him from as much farm as possible and try to gain a cs lead over him, because you will need it come post-6.

Especially if Kassadin is running Ignite, make sure to go back and pick up your items, because you will get all-in'd by him once he spikes six.

Post-6, you need to play like A BIG WUSS. A good Kassadin will punish you for every CS you want to go for. Make sure to lasthit with your Baleful Strike, as it is very dangerous to autoattack the minions, especially the casters. It is very hard to kill a Kassadin because he has build in magic resist, and he is probably rushing extra magic resist. Sit back as far as you can and wait for teamfighting to begin.

I must note how hard it is for Veigar to self-peel from a Kassadin. His silence Is crazy, and gives him a huge window for him to use the rest of his spells to kick your sorry arse. It is very important that you stay out of his range, he will mess you up.

Once mid-late game starts, your time will get a little easier because you will get the peel you need (Maybe) from your team. But if Kassadin does catch you out, you will die. The three second cooldown of Riftwalk is a big enough window for your team to kill him if he hops in the middle of your team.

Item build: Lost Chapter > Abyssal Scepter > Morellonomicon > Void Staff > Rabadon's Deathcap
Differences from normal build: Build Lost Chapter, then rush Abyssal Scepter. Finish Morellonomicon, then build Void Staff


Early laning difficulty: 6/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 5/10
HP / mana sustain: 2/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 10/10
Teamfight presence: 6/10
Type of damage : LOW CD HYBRID BURST

Rito senpai reworked Katarina and shafted her pretty badly, which is very good for us. Unlike the old Katarina where we would have a hard time landing our stun on her because of her Shunpo, we can accurately predict where she will Shunpo to because of her daggers that she drops on the ground.

You need to play extra safe in the early game, especially during her overpowered level 3 power spike. You can avoid practically all of her damage by avoiding the daggers placed on the ground by her Bouncing Blades and Preparation. Due to her assassin changes, she cannot ward hop, therefor is very vulnerable to early ganks.

The only problem with this is if Katarina shunpos onto you, not onto one of her daggers first. This is very hard for veigar because she can do a lot of damage to you but you cannot deal any back. To combat this, just sit under tower, or in very close proximity of it. If you can, try to freeze the wave right in front of your tower, so if she shunpos onto you, she will take at least one tower shot.

Post-6, Katarina has alot of all-in potential, but not as much as Kassadin because you can cancel Death Lotus with your stun, and then just slap down all the spells you have up and kill her. A good kat will wait until your use your Event Horizon aggressively to all-in you, so make sure to never use your stun aggressively.

Due to the Kat nerfs, her teamfighting has been shafted really hard. She just doesn't have the power the old kat had in teamfights. She just does less damage, not much to say here.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: Nothing


Early laning difficulty: 8/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 3/10
HP / mana sustain: 5/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 4/10
Teamfight presence: 5/10

This matchup is so annoying!! The only reason I find this matchup so difficult in the early game is Kayle pushes in your wave so hard that you will be csing under your tower 95% of the time. So if you cannot cs under your tower will, you are going to have a hard time.

Early game, the you just need to cs under tower man. You can fall behind in cs by a lot, and that is a big problem. Your main goal for levels 1-5 is to get enough gold for Lost Chapter, because a good kayle knows veigar struggles to cs under tower, and will try to postpone your power spikes as much as she can. Once you level up your Dark Matter, spam it on the enemy caster minions and try to counterpush as hard as you can.

This is like the only matchup I would recommend asking for an early gank. If you have an early game jungler who can dish out a lot of damage, I would highly recommend it. All you need to do is trap kayle inside your Event Horizon, which is very easy to do because she is pushed up against your tower.. You either force Flash from her, or she dies.

Post-6, I would highly recommend playing aggressive, but make sure to stay out of her Righteous Fury range. Poke her with Baleful Strike, and if she gets low enough, go in for your kill combo. Punish her for pushing you under tower really. If she is still pushing you under tower, counterpush by dropping Dark Matter on her caster creeps. If you go to combo her, make sure she doesn't use her Intervention before you use your ulty. She cannot ult while she is stunned, so that is your chance.

Kayle is pretty strong come teamfights because she is what she is: A hyper carry. Your main job is to prevent her from hyper carrying their team. Kayle's ult may save her from a lot of stuff and allow her to dps down targets for a few extra seconds, but it won't save her from your stun. Lock her down as hard as you possibly can with your Event Horizon and take her out.

If Kayle starts to splitpush, you are the one that goes to deal with her. The simple way to stop her splitpush is to waveclear under tower and not to die.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: Nothing at all


Early laning difficulty: 8/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 7/10
HP / mana sustain: 2/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 9/10
Teamfight presence: 3/10
Type of damage : LOW CD MAGIC BURST

Not a good matchup for Veigar. She has a super strong early game, but a weak mid-lategame. The goal of this matchup is to just sit back and wait for items.

When you see that the enemy locked in LeBlanc, first accept that you are screwed. You have been counterpicked.

In the early laning phase, a good LeBlanc will zone you from your creeps with her massive damage and probably a level advantage. You just want to hope that she pushes you under tower so she loses a lot of her kill pressure on you. You just want to survive and not die from her early, because she has a really hard snowball. This is one of the only matchups where Barrier is a good option.

Mid game is dreadful. It is more than likely that she has (Or will) get a kill or two on you, but that is fine. You need to buy an Abyssal Scepter, or you will just get bursted down over and over by her. Your one goal in this part of the game is to die as little as possible, and just scale.

Lategame, just try and land your stun on her before she gets her burst off, thats it.

Item build: Lost Chapter > Abyssal Scepter > Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap
Differences from normal build: Early mr


Early laning difficulty: 5/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 5/10
HP / mana sustain: 2/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 4/10
Teamfight presence: 6/10
Type of damage : LOW CD MAGIC BURST

This is a very interesting matchup, and is very skill reliant. Dodging skillshots is key in this matchup, and if you can do it well this will be a very easy matchup.

You will be poked down pretty hard by lux if you cannot dodge skillshots, but fortunately they are pretty easy to dodge. Unless you are super confident in your ability to dodge Lux abilities, you probably want to keep your distance. Also, in this matchup, you probably want to attack-move to stay mobile when farming because a good Lux will wait till you go to cs a minion to throw out a Lucent Singularity. If you have trouble dodging any of her skillshots, invest in some boots or start with movementspeed quints.

If you can dodge Lux skillshots, you can beat Lux at all phases of the game as she relies heavily on Light Binding to land all her abilities. Unless you get hit with Light Binding, you should not die. This makes you very dominant post-6, and you can easily use this to snowball the advantage from this into a few kills on her or firstblood tower.

A cute little trick you can play on a lux who really wants to oneshot you is let her land Light Binding on you, and while lux is charging up Final Spark, stun her with your Event Horizon. Lux ulty has to charge up for 1 second, and she stands completely still while charging it. You can stun her while you are in her binding and nuke her down. You still will be hit with her ulty, as disables do not cancel it as her ult is a cast time, not a channel.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: Nothing at all


Early laning difficulty: 3/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 4/10
HP / mana sustain: 3/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 3/10
Teamfight presence: 5/10

This is a very easy matchup if you have at least 30ish games on veigar. You need to be able to land your skillshots to keep Void Shift down, you need to farm under tower, and you need to be able to dodge ****.

Other than that, there is one important rule you must know when playing against this guy: Do not come in his ult range when he has ult up! You will die 99% of the time, because 2.5 seconds is more than enough to be bursted down by the whole enemy team.

A lot of the time, a Malzahar will wait until he has passive, then he will shove lane. Being shoved in is kinda tough, but there is one way to prevent that: Keep his shield down. Void Shift comes up every thirty seconds, so you have to damage him once every thirty seconds to keep it from coming up. The best time I find to do this is when malz is autoing the minions. Malz's autos have a decent windup animation, so if you shoot Baleful Strike at him, or behind him while his auto is winding up, you will most likely hit him. You still get a Phenomenal Evil Power stack if his shield stopped your q.

Malefic Visions is a kinda complex spell. How it works is he casts it on a unit and deals consistent damage to it for its duration. If the unit that Malefic Visions is on dies, Visions hops to another nearby unit. So to avoid getting the aids on top of you, just stay away when your minions are low. Also, his pets from Void Swarm Target the unit with Malefic Visions on them.

Post-6, just stay away from him if he has ulty up, because chances are you are gonna get ulty'ed by him and the whole team is gonna hop out of a bush and kill you. The range of his ult is only 700, so it doesn't harm you that bad to stay away from him.

Also, Nether Grasp cc's malz too. If he uses it on one of your allies, you can use your Event Horizon to stop it and kill him, but make sure you pop his passive first.

Also kinda unimportant but annoying, I hate how malz can use his shield to walk through Event Horizon... Fck that man

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: Nuttin


Early laning difficulty: 2/10
Post 6 laning difficulty: 1/10
HP / mana sustain: 2/10
Snowball / Roaming potential: 2/10
Teamfight presence: 8/10
Type of damage : HIGH CD MAGIC BURST

Orianna is a good example of a champion Veigar is supposed to counter; she got low mobility and is not super powerful levels 1-6. This matchup is easy for veigar because all you gotta do is play like you normally would, no extra thinking required.

In the early laning phase, there is nothing she can do to stop you from farming and becoming a monster. Just farm and lasthit every minion you can with Baleful Strike. Pre-6 you do not have to worry about a gank because there is nothing Orianna can do to keep you in place for his jungler unless they have cc or you are super overextended.

Post level 6, you should be fine as long as you are mobile and ready to dodge Command: Shockwave and Command: Attack. You should have a really easy time killing her because ori is a low mobility mage. You should not have trouble walking up to her and dropping her stun. You can get ganked very easy if the enemy jungler has cc, so if they do it is important to sit back in lane until you see the jungler on the minimap, then go aggressive when you see the enemy jungle at another lane.

You should be fine in teamfights because ori Command: Attack cannot hit enemies really far away, so if you stay in the backline away from the action until her Command: Shockwave goes off, you should be fine. But if you land your Event Horizon on her before she drops Command: Shockwave, go for the kill ;/.

Item build: Morellonomicon > Rabadon's Deathcap > Void Staff
Differences from normal build: 0

More soon!

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Veigar tips and tricks...

You want extra stacks?
At level 9 you can use Baleful Strike to kill the small raptors over the wall, either yours or your enemy's.

You are being pushed in at level 4?
Once you have 15 stacks on Phenomenal Evil Power and level 4, your Dark Matter and Baleful Strike will oneshot the caster minions.

Having trouble csing on Veigar?
Veigar has one of the worst auto animations in the game. The best way to deal with this try to auto the minion about a tenth of a second before when you normally would. Another trick is to try and get closer to the minion before autoing it, but thats dangerous af.

Want extra range on your q to finish off that enemy?
Veigar's Baleful Strike works like Orb of Deception, you can Q+flash instead of Flash+Q, and if you are fast enough, Baleful Strike will cast from the location you flashed to

Need to facecheck a bush?
Dark Matter Gives temporary vision.

My combo doesn't proc thunderlords!
You need to auto attack the enemy champion after your E-W-Q combo to give the Thunderlord's Decree damage. Three auto attacks also give the Thunderlord's Decree damage.

Need to take down a tower really fast?
Due to the mage update of 6.9, champs deal 40% of their ability power to towers as physical damage for every auto attack. Veigar benefits so well from this, being able to crush towers.

Zhonya's Hourglass crushing your combo?
To bait out the Zhonya's Hourglass, once you land your Event Horizon, do your combo exceptionally slow, but make sure not to ult. Most players will be spamming Zhonyas, so once they escape Event Horizon, they will instantly go into stasis. Wait out the 2.5 seconds and ult his ***.

Need to know if your combo will kill the enemy laner?
Hit him with Baleful Strike, and if it does at least 25% of their max health, you can oneshot them.

Does Event Horizon stop XYZ ability?
Veigar's Event Horizon Stops all dashes. Even things like Rocket Jump and Leap are stopped by Event Horizon. Stuff like Unstoppable Force and Chaaaaaaaarge!!! cannot be stopped. Blinks like Flash and Arcane Shift also cannot be stopped by Event Horizon.

Gotta steal Dragon or Baron Nashor ?
With my build of going Morellonomicon into Rabadon's Deathcap into Void Staff, Timing your W and Q to hit at the same time can deal upwards of 1200 instant damage, more then a smite. Both are able to hit Baron or Dragon from over the wall as well, making it pretty easy to steal neutral objectives with Veigar.

Wanna attack-move with Veigar?
Is is kind of unnecessary with Veigar to attack move, but if you really wanna master veigar, knowing how to attack-move will improve your chasing and kiting, and also increase your APM if you are interested in that stuff.

This video explains it pretty well.

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I'd like to thank you for reading my veigar guide, I put a lot of work into it!
Good luck on your veigar games :D


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This changelog is just to mark the changes that have been added over time.

Nov. 17, 2016: Guide created.

Dec. 15, 2016: About half the matchups added, and added info about nerfed rylais.

Dec. 16, 2016: Changelog added.

Jan. 4, 2017 Added Katerina, Kassadin, and Kayle. Updated a few parts of the guide, and added build path and smartcasting section.

Jan. 31, 2017 Added LeBlanc, Lux, Malzahar, and Orianna matchups. Updated the Pros and Cons section and added the Item Build section.