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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stokyj96

[Revamped Season 4] Philosophizing with a Hammer

Stokyj96 Last updated on November 23, 2013
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FinalFan's Forum Avatar by FinalFan » March 10, 2013 9:18pm | Report

Nice guide. I do have one comment, though: Although you and Zekent/SpamHappy both maintain that Olaf is one of the hardest opponents one can face in top lane, and that the best if not only way to deal with him is to be extremely aggressive early and hope to kill him before he kills you, my experience has been that it's quite possible to do a passive lane vs. Olaf successfully, and it's much easier for me to do so vs. Olaf than vs. Teemo, and more reliably successful than when I go vs. Darius.

What I do is take these runes: Flat AD marks (last hitting); HP regen per level seals; MP regen per level glyphs; flat HP regen quintessences. Starting buy: two regen beads and 3 red pots.

If Olaf tries to true-damage his way to victory, he will find that with your regeneration he's hurting himself as much as he's hurting you! (Not that you should let him just spam it on you of course.) If he makes a mistake and you manage to capitalize and kill him, great; you can do your usual Trinity rush after Philo. But if he plays smart, what I do is get Philo and then rush Warmogs, getting plenty of red pots along the way of course. Once you've got Warmog's Olaf will again be simply unable to bulldoze through your massive health pool and regen rate in any reasonable amount of time. And if he tries, I've usually found that my Qs do really significant damage even before Sheen. Of course, this means that you'll do a lot less damage midgame while you're building Trinity when it would normally be already complete, but on the other hand you will be HILARIOUSLY tanky and will be able to get away with wading into situations that you wouldn't dream of doing without Warmogs, tanking for your team and whatnot.

Stokyj96's Forum Avatar by Stokyj96 » March 11, 2013 3:36am | Report

Aii, stacking health is the best way to counter an Olaf but a smart player simply wouldnt be challenging an Olaf player top lane at all. If worst comes to worst, extra health needs to be stacked during the laning phase, but not at a great expense to your main build. This will as you say, significantly reduce your damage output during mid game. Usually I do not go past a early Giant's Belt or Health Crystal as these can be either built into a Phage or a Warmog's Armor after your Philosopher's Stone. I just believe that by forcing you to stack health against him Olaf instantly wins the lane anyway.

Your rune choices would be completely viable, I agree that a mixture of health and health regen will be needed in order to sustain his consistant harrass and zoning via Undertow. Either way you will need to play passive in this lane and ask for jungle ganks if he over extends. You should build health early, but not at the cost of your damage items, as this sets you too far behind.

If you let him take an early tower you can farm all you want. This is also a viable strategy against an aggressive olaf, be sure to ward mid and bot lanes though, he will be roaming.

I agree with the points made above. But as I've said before, a smart player would play Teemo, Jax or Cho'Gath.

Thanks for your two cents, with your permission I might include the alteration in runes within the Olaf section of my guide.

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Double_E's Forum Avatar by Double_E » April 13, 2013 4:45am | Report

Really top-notch guide, nice one man. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I'm going to try it out as soon as possible.

GargoPat's Forum Avatar by GargoPat » April 27, 2013 9:56pm | Report

The only thing I don't like about this guide is how it's not the top Poppy guide on Mobafire.
Great Work!!

Stokyj96's Forum Avatar by Stokyj96 » May 12, 2013 3:57am | Report

Cheers guys for the support. I'll double my efforts to get to the top. Its hard when everyone wants pubstomping builds for bronze division. When they make it to Gold maybe they'll review their choice. Thanks again all!

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Meiyjhe's Forum Avatar by Meiyjhe » May 23, 2013 6:59am | Report

Thy sins
1. Minimal structure in cheatsheet, try to change the build orders to something like "Starting items 1# -> Starting items 2# -> First recall -> Core -> Optional -> Example Build", this will help the reader a lot.
2. "not unlike", remove the "not" and the "un" :P
3. I saw AS glyphs in your build, you didn't explain why you should take them (put it in the guide)
4. "Elisa's Miracle" coding errors. I found more of these, try to fix them.
5. Try to finish your jungle part of your guide asap, since it's better to upload the whole section at once a bit later, then uploading it part by part.

Thy blessing
1. Comment to vote
2. Can't say too much about Poppy, but overal seems like a decent build.
3. All basics included
4. Decent use of coding + structure
5. Lots and lots of content
6. Bonus: Matchups section

Result: Path of the Successor
It's a good guide :P
I found some minor coding errors here and there, no big deal.

Some big deals though:
You will need some structure in your cheatsheet to help with granting overview to what you want to build. Right now, it looks a bit chaotic.
Also don't forget to put in the jungle part asap, since it would be sad if someone came in special for jungle Poppy, and still misses some necessary information to play jungle Poppy well.

Those were my main points ;P
Have fun :D

(Do not forget to vote! :D)

Any questions? Feel free to PM me :D
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rudyards's Forum Avatar by rudyards » May 23, 2013 12:02pm | Report

Good, comprehensive guide. Great depth in a multitude of subjects in relation to Poppy. +1

Aquilegia's Forum Avatar by Aquilegia » May 23, 2013 2:22pm | Report

Alrighty, here's your guide review. :)

Content: 9/10
Your build seems viable enough (although I can't really say for Poppy, I've never played her myself haha). Your pros and cons could probably be expanded to include the pros and cons of playing AP vs AD. You could just put in a divider and be okay, imo. Love the stats and the skills are explained very well. Pictures are always nice! For runes, maybe you could consider listing alternates for others to take. Masteries are nice, but here's where I start to notice some coding issues. Also, maybe you could list a 9/21 set? All the items are explained well and look good to me. Matchups are fine, but perhaps expand them? There aren't that many champions. :b Your jungle guide is looking good, too, but I'll just comment on the main part of your guide. :)

Appearance: 7/10
Looks good! I really like your banners. Battle Regalia Poppy has some of my favorite splash art. c: One thing I was wondering: why doesn't your introduction have a banner even though your other sections do? Looks off kinda. Plus your cheat sheet is structured oddly. Rather than a straight purchase order, try dividing it up into little sections. It'll look a lot nicer that way. Your bb coding all looks great, too.

The Bad
All you really have that's wrong is a few bb coding errors, like when you're calling on items and other champions. Fix those up and rework your cheat sheet and you'll have a solid guide.

The Good
Cute banners, great bb coding, pictures, and fantastic knowledge of your champion. Keep it up!

Final Grade: 8/10 and a +1 from me.

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TKDbeast's Forum Avatar by TKDbeast » May 27, 2013 5:05pm | Report

AP and crit builds are both misplaced. Still, this was an amazing build! I really enjoyed it, and have found it very useful in playing Poppy. Also, and I think you might be happy to know, Morello is reworking her! :D

Still, it could be bad. Look at what he did to Karma. However, Trundle and Sejuani worked out fine, so I think it'll probably be good.

Spelling issues/improper item or champion input I noticed:

Health Crystal - Ruby Crystal
Gangplanks - [codimijiger]Gangplank[codimijiger]s
Phsycic Scream - Feral Scream
****py (what i assume to be p-o-o-p-p-y) - p-o-o-p-y
Maw of Malmoritus - Maw of Malmortius (switch i and t)
Mercury Tread's - Mercury's Treads
Dr Mundo - Dr. Mundo
Zhyona's Hourglass - Zhonyas Hourglass
Phantom Dancers - [codimijiger]Phantom Dancer[codimijiger]s
Seal of Armor - Greater Seal of Armor
Beserker's Greaves - Berserker's Greaves (forgot an r)
Bugger - Booger (Buggers are enemys in Ender's Game).

PS: you seriously need a REAL sig.

Why does everyone like REP?
Stokyj96's Forum Avatar by Stokyj96 » May 28, 2013 2:11am | Report

Yeah the Poppy rework I think is uneeded. All she needs is a few tweaks similar to what Nasus recieved to survive her early game. Not to make it GOOD, just to buff it viability.

Thanks to IpodPulse for the awesome signature!

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