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Teemo Build Guide by ScottTheTeemo

Top grandmaster

[10.19] Teemo slaps

By ScottTheTeemo | Updated on September 16, 2020
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Runes: Against Aatrox/Voli (short trades)

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Cheap Shot
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Ranked #12 in
Top Lane
Win 53%
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80% winrate to Masters

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Hi Guys (and cute girls) , my name is ScottTheTeemo. Come say hi @

Made a very easy guide that everyone can follow and climb with. I'll add more and more details as time flows + update the guide for you guys. I'll be honest, climbing to diamond was easier with this build than any. Good luck guys =] !!!!
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Unique Skills ~_~

If you are using the gunblade build: Hide well for the enemy squish. Assasinate with ignite -> auto -> gunblade -> Q. (follow with W or flash, if they panic flash)

Full Hp delete on adc even if they have heal/flash

If they hit a shroom before you start attacking, you need less autos and probably don't have to ignite. (just to be safe, ignite is nice to have for secured kill)

Pick from teemo on an adc at 25min + usually is baron and win. Remember also, you can set up baron/drag with shrooms , make sure you utilize them while you help team mates get objectives.~~
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Tp is viable. After the nerf, however, I suggest Ignite over Tp. BE A LANE BULLY :) EVERYONE's FAVORITE CHAMPION :D ~_~1
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E max will help you farm. Once you hit lvl 11 and have gunblade, one shroom should clear the ranged minions. (focus down the cannon, let the melee minions get hit by the other minions) Shrooms can be a great farming tool, as well as mapping. Use minions late game to life steal your health back after team fights.
- - - - - -

Remember, farming well and precise is good, but sometimes you need to save 1 or 2 shrooms to clear wave fast and apply pressure in a lane.
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Creeping / Jungling

You can use shrooms on krugs, chickens for fast farming mid-late game. You can use gromp for life stealing with gunblade. Always watch out for the enemy jg camps, if there are free red/blue buffs available, take them when it is safe to do so.

Another tip for "Jungling" : When you look at the map, and see the enemy jg coming down to get the blue buff or red. Hide in the bush or near it and assasinate the jgler or take the buff and run. Make sure it's not warded before hiding with a vision ward or Oracle lens.

(you can snipe gromp if you have nashors/liandrys over the wall. Shroom Auto Q auto auto)
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Honestly, ban what you want. Riot comes out with a new champion, reworked champion, unbalanced champion, .. etc.etc.etc.... every month.

Everyone's got different bans they like to ban.

However, one good tip will be: CHECK HIGHEST WIN RATES OF TOP LANE <- <- <- If a champion has the highest win rate in top, there's already a good reason to ban that champion.

I personally ban Voli, Morde andAatrox a lot, because even if I play extremely clean, I never really have a crazy big lead enough to snowball off him.
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Counters Teemo (top lane)

There are few champs that are considered counter picks for teemo. Especially pre-ult. More details on how to deal with every champ coming soon as I develop this guide.

(nunu) <- no counter sorry
1. Ryze
2. Mordekaiser
3. Pantheon (not as hard since the rework)
4. Jayce
5. Aatrox
6. Yorick
7. Rumble
8. Vladimir
9. Nasus (I know it sounds unusual, I'll explain in detail later)
10. Chogath
11. Urgot
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Countered By Teemo (top lane)

Basically, teemo is a lane bully. He is possibly the biggest lane bully in game (after heim/nunu).Here are the many champs that drop the soap pre-6 against teemo Top.

1. Singed
2. Fiora
3. Jax
4. Tryndamere
5. Riven
6. Camille
7. Garen
8. Mundo
9. Poppy
10. Gnar
11. Kled
12. Irelia
13. Akali
14. Darius
15. Renekton
16. Shen
17. Ornn
18. Malphite
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Playing Against Ryze


One of teemo's hardest counters. Ryze is a very well rounded champion in lane. Unless ganks come, do not engage him. Try to focus on farm, max Q with dorans ring and hit only with Q. If you straight trade him, you WILL lose. Farm at turret if possible.

Try to clear waves with shrooms once you hit 6. Don't push the wave if possible, tower farm. Let your jungler know that you will be playing extremely safe. Ask for ganks, if possible.

Key Point: Once you master tower farming, you will need to learn how to watch out for big wave dives. If too much minions collect, watch out for the enemy jungler/midlaner for their tower dive ganks.
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Playing Against Morde

Just trade safe til 6. Once he hits 6. Just clear wave with shrooms. Get gunblade, try to test him out and kill him if you can calculate his heal/shields.

My personal ban in low elo, and I try to ban ryze in high elo.
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Playing Against Rumble


First of all, get doran's shield + pot. Play defensively, rather than poke with autos. Max Q and Q poke. If you are not 100% certain you can sustain in lane, get tp and tp back to lane pre 6. Go in to poke, or to farm after he uses the "fire of death."

Watch out for lvl 6 ult all in. Once you have gunblade, you'll be able to lifesteal no problem.

Key note: Use shrooms on the minions close to rumble to dmg him.
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Playing Against Jayce


Max E or Q (personally max Q)

Try to auto + Q him when he's going for minions. Honestly, not the worst to just farm this lane out. He will cheese you at lvl 2-3 , care for that.

He's easy to gank since he's squishy, set up for your jgler well, don't be afraid to ask for help.

Try to dodge every Q+E far shots. If he goes out of vision, he might be trying to snipe you from far. Just stay behind minions and farm as well as you can.

Once you build gunblade, you'll have full hp sustain in lane. Q him every cooldown , if you trade a bit, heal with minions. If he steps on a shroom, use W + Gunblade + Auto + ignite Q. DEAD jayce so long.
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Playing Against Aatrox

No More bans on Aatrox, not really worth it. Just farm even 50/50. Don't try to hard to poke or bully. Watch to help jungle and clear wave, don't give free kills to ganks.

Watch out for ult dives, don't let wave collect too much.

Late game, split push bot and give opportunity for Baron for your team.
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Playing Against Yorick

Some teemo otps (my mod (masters) , xblotter (masters) and a few more) , believe this match up is a skill match up.

If your teemo mechanics are perfect, yeah you could probably beat yorick in lane.

Honestly, as someone who's smurfed countless amount of times with so many different champs, this match up is favorable to yorick.

At lvl 1, teemo has advantage, use this wisely, pressure hard. WATCH OUT for level 2 cheese red gank from jg.

Basically, you want to sustain in this lane. Unless enemy yorick is bad, and you can solo kill, wait for ganks.

After lvl 6, he'll kill you even with your jungle ganking if he's decent at the champ. Just clear farm and don't die.

DODGE his W and try to dodge the cage if possible.
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Playing Against Vlad

Vlad can sustain for a long time. Farm safe, catch him when he gets greedy. If we uses pool to disengage against you, ask jgler for help (flash or take kill).

Care for his level 6 all in. If he does this to you at full health, shroom the enemy minion near him to slow him down.

Max Q and trade with Q only. After gunblade, you'll life steal off minions as well. Sustain 50/50 and try to catch him messing up.
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Playing Against Nasus

You can just poke, farm this guy out. Don't fight him after 6. Q him as he tries to Q stack a minion.

If he goes AP nasus with E max, he will out-trade you. Don't fight him, play him like vlad. 50/50 farm until gunblade for sustain.
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Playing Against Chogath

Watch out for his E. Don't trade while he Es.

He will life steal from his passive when he kills a minion.

Try your best to dodge his Q (knock up).

Out-trade/kill him if he misses Q+W ..
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Playing Against Urgot (Ban)


If you didn't ban...

You need to dodge the Q. Once he hits 6, do not fight him. Do not Q him unless he Ws. (the shield + crazy autos)

max E preferred, try to farm 6. (urgot is very easy to gank, bait it )
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Shroom pathways leading to the lane, if the jungle has a good gap close, shroom further in the river or enemy jg for vision.

During baron/drag fights, shroom the paths enemy needs to walk from.

(Honestly watch the stream a bit, and you can learn fast how to shroom well)

During team fights, save 2 shrooms if possible, plant one near you and bounce the other into enemy conclave. Sometimes, you can shroom minions that might activate it and aoe dmg to nearby champions.
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