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Nocturne Build Guide by Pentakai

Middle [10.21] Coach Curtis's Nocturne Mid | Full Guide

By Pentakai | Updated on October 17, 2020
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Runes: Lethal Tempo

Lethal Tempo
Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ultimate Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

[10.21] Coach Curtis's Nocturne Mid | Full Guide

By Pentakai

A Message From Coach Curtis:

"Hey everyone, I've been a professional coach in the OPL for the past 3 years. Dire Wolves represented the OPL at the 2017 and 2018 World Championships. Before being a coach I was also a pro player and have been a challenger player for the past 5 seasons. I am now starting a YouTube channel with the aim of helping players from all divisions climb the solo queue ladder."

YouTube - Twitch - Patreon - Discord - Instagram - Twitter - OP.GG


A Warm Welcome From Pentakai

Hello all, my name is Pentakai. I am a YouTube content creator with a love for all things gaming. I've played League of Legends for a few years now and have found a deep respect for Coach Curtis's coaching and advice. The following information in this guide will be crucial to improving your skills and champion knowledge in League of Legends. Be sure to follow Coach Curtis on the listed platforms above to learn more about your favorite champions in midlane.

Good luck on the rift summoners, and as always, enjoy the fiesta!

Latest Content:

Runes Back to Top

Lethal Tempo

Many people don't seem to understand the theory behind why Lethal Tempo works so well on Nocturne.There are two main reasons why it is such a good rune. The first being how Nocturne’s passive works. The more you auto attack, the more your passive is reduced. Ideally, you hit the Q on the enemy or your passive AOE damages them, procking Lethal Tempo, which allows you to auto attack the minions/enemy much faster, stacking up your passive and giving you sustain. In combination with your Taste of Blood, this is what allows you to avoid interaction with the enemy, keeping you healthy in lane even though you don’t build any lifesteal.

The second reason Lethal Tempo works so well is because of its wave clear. Nocturne is not your typical assassin; you won’t be killing your enemy in lane unless they overextend. This means you want the maximum amount of attack speed to clear the minion waves so you don’t have to interact with the enemy at all.

Presence of Mind

Presence of Mind is important because Nocturne is a very mana-dependent champion. Since you won’t be building any mana items, this rune is incredibly crucial and quite easy to stack up.

Legend: Alacrity

Legend Alacrity synergizes very well with this sustained-damage playstyle. You want the extra attack speed over anything else. Legend Tenacity is not worth giving that up, considering Nocturne can block major CC abilities with his W and Edge of Night.

Coup De Grace

Coup De Grace seems to be the most effective rune in its section, though you can take Cutdown if you’re against very tanky team compositions.


Taste of Blood

Taste of Blood is very important for its sustain.

Ultimate Hunter

Ultimate Hunter is important because Nocturne is a very ultimate-focused champion.


Rune Shards

Two adaptive force runes is better than taking the bonus 10% attack speed, seeing that it's mostly for laning rather than scaling. You won’t need the early attack speed.
Nocturne's Identity Back to Top

The Living Walking Vacuum

Due to Nocturne's excellent waveclear potential, you are able to kill minions and jungle camps very quickly. Nocturne has the capability of easily stealing jungle camps from the enemy. This is why he can be called a "Living Walking Vacuum." He practically "sucks up" jungle camps.


Other Takes On Nocturne's Identity:

Thrives against champions with limited forms of self peel.

Thrives in a chaotic, fast-paced games.
--- If people are often blowing flashes and heavy trading, it creates more roam/kill potential.

Thrives with multiple forms of AP on his team.
--- Ideally you want 2 AP champions on your team. The more the better.

Heavily ultimate-reliant.

Loves being within multi-threat compositions.
--- Another carry on the team will draw away some enemy attention from you.

Loves the side lane. (For man advantage, picks, and farm).

Prefers 'split' fights rather than 'grouped' fights.
--- Ideally you want the enemies split up from each other.

Needs to push the pace of the game.
--- Counterjungle, invade, take objectives, get platings, roam, etc.

Needs to value farm incredibly high, since very item reliant.
--- Don't autopilot.
Early Lane Tips Back to Top

Tips For Nocturne Early Lane

1. Try and aim the Q through both the minions AND the enemy to proc Lethal
Tempo in order to burst the wave as fast as possible.

2. Take damage first then use your passive in order to stay healthy.

3. Try to maximize Q usage by hitting all the creeps and waiting for them to
get a bit low first. (Try one Q per wave).

4. Focus on dodging first, THEN use W. This is for mana conservation purposes.
Only use E if you're setting up a gank or getting an early kill.

5. Must be conscious of playing around enemy cooldowns.

6. Keep in mind that basic attacks lower passive cooldown, so you need to play
aggressive to utilize this interaction.

7. Utilize the W blocked ability attack speed.
Additional Tips Back to Top

More Important Nocturne Tips

1. When using ultimate on a target, don't use Q straight away UNLESS
you are going for the 1 shot. (IMPORTANT)

2. Need to use Tiamat in between auto attacks.

3. Swapping to sweeper is essential after you finish Black Cleaver.

4. Raptors must be taken in lull states (Only if JG isn't nearby).

5. Stopwatch purchases before big teamfights can also be game changing.

6. MUST consistently update your knowledge of the status of side lanes.

7. Keep aware of flash timers.

8. Overstaying for gold is actually viable. Getting towers fast increases your threat.

9. Utilizing your pressure to help the team with jungle tracking is a way to
influence the map without actively ganking.
Biggest Mistakes Back to Top

Biggest Mistakes Players Make

1. Not calling off plays in midgame when you don't have ultimate. You NEED it.

2. Throwing leads with shutdown gold.

3. Not being patient, rushing to get things done. Don't force things.

4. Not looking at itemization to check for Zhonyas/Stopwatch/GA.

5. Using R too late in fights (not understanding strength of the darkness) OR
too early and going too deep in relation to your teammates location.

6. Building Berserker's Greaves before Black Cleaver.

7. Not calling for Rift Herald with early pressure.

8 Not hovering Nocturne in draft, so people don't know they need to pick AP.
Item Journey Back to Top

Nocturne Item Journey

Start of the game, you're very average; not strong, but not weak. You become relatively strong with Tiamat, but your first major powerspike is Black Cleaver. Ideally, you want to get to your Tiamat & Black Cleaver spike as fast as possible. The scary thing about Nocturne is that you are able to get through item components very easily. This is due to your insane CSing/farming capability with Tiamat. Your level 6 powerspike and sidelane roaming power help as well. Upon finishing Edge of Night and Guardian Angel, you become incredibly powerful.
Video Version Back to Top

Here's the video version including 2 bonus VOD Reviews near the end with timestamps included:

League of Legends Build Guide Author Pentakai
Pentakai Nocturne Guide
[10.21] Coach Curtis's Nocturne Mid | Full Guide

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