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Anivia Build Guide by FrostbiteMW

Support diamond

[10.22] [Dia+] Free Elo Anivia Support Guide - updated

By FrostbiteMW | Updated on November 11, 2020
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Champion Build Guide

[10.22] [Dia+] Free Elo Anivia Support Guide - updated

By FrostbiteMW
Hey, I'm Frostbite and this guide is about Support Anivia!
I've played thousands of games as Anivia and always perform well!
I recently met a korean Anivia Support Player in Diamond2. He specialises in a roaming support style!

These are his stats this season, while playing against the best players in korea (such as Faker, Pray or Gorilla)

You can find me streaming at my TWITCH CHANNEL. Ask questions if you have any!
Pro and Con of Anivia Support Back to Top
+Good Waveclear later on
+Strong Pick Potential
+Alot of Damage in Teamfights
+Able to Peel Really Good
+Good Ganks when Roaming

-Weak Earlygame
-Needs High Mana Pool
-If behind as Support its hard to play her
Combos Back to Top
Level 1-5 in lane
Flash Frost > Frostbite

Try to hit your Q when the Opponent goes for Last Hits. It's harder for him to dodge the Q when he is trying to farm. After that follow up with an empowered E. Add Autoattacks while the Opponent is stunned.

Level 1-5 while Roaming
Crystallize > Flash Frost > Frostbite

Try to sneak your way into Top or Mid, make sure its not warded. Place your Crystallize behind them. If your Top or Mid has a Stun, wait for them to land it and follow up with Flash Frost. Use Frostbite afterwards for maximum damage.

Place your R slightly behind the Opponent. When he tries to back out of it just W behind him so he stays in the R. When the ult is fully expanded E him for bonus damage. Autoattack inbetween.

Identical to the other Level 6 Combo. All you add is a Q. Once you W behind the Opponent he will walk into one direction. Try to place your Q in that direction so that he will be stunned. If done correctly you can E twice in the combo and your Opponent should be dead.
Playstyle Back to Top

You will most likely fall behind early game. Try to zone their Bot with Autoattacks. You can easily land Flash Frost when the enemy AD-Carry goes for lasthits. Follow it up with Frostbite.
When your Jungler ganks you Crystallize behind them and try to land your Flash Frost. It should result in easy kills.


You can start roaming once you have your Mobility Boots. Tell your Botlaner to play safe in the meantime. Try to get Mid and Top ahead with your Roams. You can also assist your Jungler in Counterjungling.
Predator helps alot here. The enemys cant dodge your ganks because youre so fast.


Once you start grouping and teamfighting it's your time to shine!
Try to Crystallize Enemys of by placing the Wall behind them. Once you land a good Crystallize your team can easily follow up on it and catch people!

In Teamfights try to place your Glacial Storm between the Opponents and you, so they have to enter it first to kill you. Try to stun as many people with Flash Frost or protect and peel your teammmates with those spells.


Play safe early game!
Try to catch people with your Crystallize while roaming!
People dont expect your movement speed so Ganks are free!
Be a backbone and major carry in teamfights!
Free Coaching! Back to Top

If you have Amazon Prime you can connect your Amazon Account to your Twitch Account for a free monthly sub which you can use on your favourite streamer!
If you use it on me ( you will receive a free 1h coaching session! Just make sure to dm me on discord: Frost#8946
League of Legends Build Guide Author FrostbiteMW
FrostbiteMW Anivia Guide
[10.22] [Dia+] Free Elo Anivia Support Guide - updated
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