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Kassadin Build Guide by JUNGELJESUS

Middle diamond

[10.23] Kassadin Rank 1 EUW IN-DEPTH - JungelJ!

By JUNGELJESUS | Updated on November 13, 2020
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Runes: runes

Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Middle Lane
Ranked #25 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

[10.23] Kassadin Rank 1 EUW IN-DEPTH - JungelJ!


Welcome to my Kassadin In-Depth Guide.

Hello, my name is JungelJ.

I am One of the best Kassadins OTP on EUW and is currently rank 1.

I reached Master with a 70% wr on Kassadin, all played SOLOQ.

I stream everyday on

In this guide i will try explain how to win games with Kassadin, proes and cons, matchups and how to play kassadin early/late. Kassadin has a lot potensial, many people fear this champion and a lot of people play him extremly wrong. i will correct your misstakes and make you a better Kassadin Player.

And yes. Kassadin THE DEEP ONE is and forever will be the best skin.

Builds / Runes Back to Top

Kassadin has a lot of Threats on the rift but there are many ways to counter it. I see so many people run wrong Builds and Runes. So i will now try explain some stuff shortly.

new patch, do as shown in runes
Early Game Back to Top

Kassadin can be played very diffrently early game. I will try to keep it simple.

Something very underrated on Kassadin is his early level power. Kassadin is strong early and can easy trade with most champions. Try trade a lot and go for early recall / TP back to lane. Buy ruby crystal and dark seal Pot.

For starters against all match up one easy tip (especially against assassins and range) is to Q enemy when the wave arrives. This will get the wave closer to your turret and and not expose you as much. So you can move up and last hit.

VS AP RANGE - When you go for last hits try to q enemy champ to gain shield, Autoattack minion for fleet. This will make you go + in the poke and you gain the lasthit. Normally against AP range i try to poke as much as i can with q and go for kills lvl 6.

VS ASSASSINS - You dont wana give Assassins room in lane. Thats why i sometimes start w and go agressive on wave lvl 1. Your main goal vs Assassin is to survive lane and punish/deny enemy Roam.

VS ADC - ADCS are hard to play against. They will always shove you in. This make it's easy to set up a gank if you cordinate with your jungler. If this is not possible try farm safe under your tower. If the enemy freeze the wave you need to call you jungler to unfreeze the wave.

VS AP MEELE - Go Hard Agressive

Try get lane priority or keep it even so you can roam and help you Jungler if you think you can win it. The worst thing you can do is go to help ur jungler and you die.

SPIKES Back to Top

On Kassadin XP is the most valuable thing and XP lead makes you win game. This is why you always must catch your waves, take camps and sidelane late game. Kassadin spikes hard on Rod of Ages and Archangel's Staff

When you hit 11 you have damage. When you hit 16 you explode and should be able to Solo Carry the game.

Match Ups Back to Top

Zed - Many people fear Zed. I think its a pretty even match up. If you go the Runes and the Build i posted vs Assassins it should favour you. You wana look to trade a lot pre 6 with Zed since you win that trade. When you reach 6 you must respect his ultimate. When he ults you, you ult away and then reengage when he dosent have r. Then it favours you.

Talon - Vs Talon you must respect his early game kill preasure. He can kill you easy lvl 2 if you step up. Aim to poke him without being in reach of his W / Q combo. You need to try to push heavily against a talon. Cause he will roam and try get a lead for himself and his team. When he Roams you must hardshove the waves and push for platings. Only roam if you know his not waiting in a bush to one shot you.

Lucian - Lucian is in my opinion one of the worst match up due to his buffs every patch. He will Outsustain you and outpoke you. All you have to do here is try last hit safe under tower, denie him plates and outsmart him.

Orianna - Orianna is a common meta pick right now. She has a lot of poke and is very hard to kill. Aim to Q here when you go for last hits. Same here keep the wave under your tower. Suprise her lvl 6 when you poked her down enough.

Combos Back to Top

Kassadin have two very important combos that requires Flash.

Its the famous Flash + Riftwalk combo.

Another underrated combo is Force Pulse + Flash. Aim to E before you flash. This will suprise your enemy. Try these combo in Practice Tool

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

As i mentioned before the XP value on Kassdin is to be highly Focused on. So aim to get to sidelane as soon as possible. If you have Teleport up position yourself on the otherside of upcomming objective. So if drake spawns in one min you should be toplaner. Try farm waves and jungle camps as much as possible. Try save your Flash for important fights since this can help you win fights.

In TeamFights you need to play it smart. Try go for flanks and suprise your enemys where they least expect you. Its better to let your team die and take cc then you do it. When you play Kassadin you are the carry. Play for yourself.

Questions and Socials Back to Top

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on any platform.

Twitch -

Twitter -

Youtube -

Discord -

League of Legends Build Guide Author JUNGELJESUS
JUNGELJESUS Kassadin Guide
[10.23] Kassadin Rank 1 EUW IN-DEPTH - JungelJ!

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