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Yorick Build Guide by NinetalesOCE

Jungle diamond

[10.6] Ninetales' Guide to Jungle Yorick

By NinetalesOCE | Updated on March 24, 2020
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Runes: Stable

Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Top Lane
Ranked #5 in
Top Lane
Win 52%
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Hello there and welcome to my Guide to Jungle Yorick. My name is Ninetales and I have been playing League of Legends since season 1, peaking at rank 39 on the Challenger ladder in season 3 and finishing challenger numerous times since. I primarily play on the Oceania server, but I also play on the Korean server from my residence in Perth, Western Australia with 135 ping where I peaked at Diamond 2 with an 82% winrate.

I started playing Yorick in season 7 after they reverted my Jungle Machine Gun Kog'maw and I had recently come back from a long break, and so far i have almost two million mastery points on the champion and know everything about him, so think of me as the Yorick Guru.

I primarily play him as a Jungler because i feel he is stronger in that position, but I also have a written guide for Top Yorick which you can find here.

I hope you find the guide an interesting read and enjoy playing Yorick to his fullest potential.

Update 24/3/2020: The guide is currently under reconstruction, so it may be missing parts. Please keep that in mind, and it will likely be fixed by the time you return.
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I stream over at I'm attempting to follow a schedule of being live Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as the weekends from 2pm+ (WAST).

I also have a youtube channel at
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If you're new and looking to try Yorick in the jungle, this quick guide is good to follow.

Just make sure whenever you clear a multi camp (Wolves, Raptors or Krugs) that you raise Mist Walkers, and try to re-use the graves left from the solo camps (Blue, Red, Gromp).
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+ Great Solo Carry Potential.
+ Can snowball very easily.
+ You have pets to accompany you throughout the game.
+ Terrific objective control, with the ability to solo dragon and baron at the earliest times possible.
+ Can build heavy damage items and use them against targets with the least resistances.
+ You have the versatility to play Split-push or teamfight.
+ For once, the meta actually suits him.


- Can be difficult to master.
- Easy to get overconfident.
- Can be set behind early due to some very bad match-ups.
- Only as effective as your decision making.
- May force you to play split-push, a strategy many are uncomfortable with.
- Jungling in season 9 is heavily dependant on routing.
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Yorick Jungle involves using his pets to assist him through his clear, and at level 6, immediately summoning your ultimate to help you clear the jungle and secure a lead over your opponents. You are, to the fullest extent, a minion necromancer as a jungler where you parade around with an army of undead.


Yorick has one of the best objective controls in the game. He can solo baron nashor, solo dragons, take rift herald extremely quickly, abuses mountain dragons, push lanes ridiculously hard and can be a force to reckon with by himself.


You don't play Yorick like you would Camille or Lee Sin. It's not your job to constantly gank lanes and secure leads for your team, instead it's your job to take whatever process you can to reliably get yourself to level 6. Your game doesn't actually begin until then. This doesn't mean you can't gank before then, but every failed gank will set your level 6 power spike further away.
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Passive Ability
Yorick's passive is what gives him access to having Mist Walkers around him, at a cap of 4 within 1200 radius of Yorick's position. It also causes graves to automatically drop every 12/6/2 nearby minion deaths which is extremely underrated.
Shepherd of Souls
Q Ability
Last Rites lets you have a reliable way to leave graves on the floor. It acts as an auto attack reset, and heals you a flat amount which is increased while low on health. When the spell is on cooldown, it lets you cast Awakening which raises mist walkers from graves within the large circle up to a cap of 4.
Last Rites
W Ability
One of the most underrated spells in the game, Dark Procession is a solid ganking and disruption tool. It lets you cut off exits, block escape routes, trap people and even interrupt channelling spells like teleport. It can be attacked by the enemy in order to destroy it, and it's maximum health is based on the rank of the spell.
Dark Procession
E Ability
If you land your Mourning Mist, you're already a better Yorick player than me. Jokes aside, it's annoying to land sometimes because the hitbox is jank and is funnel shaped. If it lands on a large monster or champion, all mist walkers within 1200 range of the spell will jump to that target, attacking in the process.
Mourning Mist
R Ability
Your Maiden is your missus, so treat her well. Her survivability is of the upmost consideration at almost all stages of the game, and keeping her alive as a Jungle Yorick will dictate how well you play the champion. She will automatically raise mist walkers from nearby dying minions and will leash back to Yorick after she runs outside 900 range of him.
She can also be released into a side lane to split push on her own which is a handy tactic, but not fully understood or practiced yet. I don't recommend it if you are new to the champion.
Eulogy of the Isles
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The reason I recommend Ghost over Flash is because it has a higher uptime (almost half the cooldown) and it flows quite well with Yoricks kit. You trade off being able to flash steal the Baron Nashor for having better ganking and chasing potential.

Every jungler needs smite in order to get access to bonus experience when you kill a large monster. It also lets you buy the jungle item, so don't pass up on taking it.
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Primary: Precision

Conqueror is proving to be a solid keystone for new players. It offers a lot of power in terms of raw attack damage and a substantial amount of healing.
Solid choice for general purposes. Overheal can be used if you prefer, but Triumph is a little on the stronger side since it gives gold as well as huge heals later.
I prefer Legend: Alacrity, but I would definitely recommend you take Legend: Tenacity until you get used to Yorick as a champion. It's a little more accommodating for misplays and errors.
Legend: Tenacity
Outperforms Coup de Grace by a long-shot and amplifies your damage quite significantly. Huge recommendation, especially if you build drain-tank or tank in general.
Last Stand

Secondary: Inspiration

Super strong rune, even after the constant nerfs. Not having to buy boots and getting them for free, alongside the +10 movement speed that they provide is awesome. Get a few good ganks off early and you've basically got yourself an extra 300 gold.
Magical Footwear
You can take Cosmic Insight if you prefer, but I really like the interaction between Mourning Mist and Approach Velocity. You gain a substantial amount of movement speed which works with Smite and Dark Procession's knockback effect, not to mention the red buff slow.
Approach Velocity
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Adds more damage to your jungle clear, and also lets you gain additional experience from jungle monsters. If you're skipping the jungle item and rushing a Blade of the Ruined King, might be advantageous to go for a Hunter's Talisman. Mist Walkers won't benefit from the damage bonus, but they do benefit from the lifesteal vs monsters in the Hunter's Machete.
Hunters Machete
You have 150 gold, so you might as well get refillable. Use it to stay healthy, sell it when you don't need it. Don't forget to use it while your fighting, the small healing really does add up.
Refillable Potion

A junglers first power spike is their jungle item completion, as it is extremely cost efficient and cheap. Warrior adds a lot of damage, but offers no tankiness, so prepare to get one shotted. Once you complete the item, run wild with powerful ganks and 1v1 potential.
Your mist walkers apply the cleaver stacks, and it gives you a nice amount of cooldown reduction and attack damage as well. It's an all-round great item, perfect for junglers as it's quite cheap and assists your team.
Black Cleaver
Buy Ninja Tabi against heavy attack damage teams, and Mercury's Treads against heavy crowd control teams. If you're buying the Mercury's Treads for the magic resistance, you're doing it wrong..
Ninja Tabi/Mercury's Treads

The new Death's Dance transformed the item into a survivability item rather than damage oreintated. Don't buy it and expect to deal lots of damage, instead expect to be tanky and durable. A perfect third item, or a second item if you went heavy damage early. It's better on other champions since our pets get reduced healing, but it's still useful.
Death's Dance
My favourite item in the game and the best item to abuse your lead. Gives you the ability to force and a get-out-of-jail card in case it goes wrong. Stopwatch is a great pick-up and lets you survive one fight, so buy it first and use it wisely.
Guardian Angel
I like spirit visage in conjunction with items like Blade of the Ruined King, Death's Dance and Guardian Angel since Yorick will get amplified heals. It also offers health and magic resistance in a meta where champions like kassaddin become rediculously strong very quickly (late game champ l0l).
Spirit Visage

Other Options

An incredibly overtuned item since the buffs, the passive bonus damage is a lot higher than people give it credit for. Yorick isn't the best user, but the item is just so strong that i've been testing out Blade of the Ruined King rush on jungle Yorick and having lots of success. I hate that Dark may have been right about it.
Blade of the Ruined King
Season 7 style, but way too expensive for season 10. We don't get enough levels anymore as a jungler or enough gold unless you're already snowballing. It can definitely pay off, especially when trying to play as a split pusher, but its a far 3733 gold to pay for it.
Trinity Force
Love cinderhulk on jungle yorick, and it proves to be a super weird playstyle. Even cinderhulk rush feels great for your jungle clear since we have a lot of inbuilt damage. You can activate the bonus damage using your W, but it's not really that realistic. You can buy it later into the game if you skipped your jungle item.
Stalker's Blade - Cinderhulk
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The Mist Walkers are coded to perform the same way every game, and rely on triggers to change their targets. When summoned, they will attack the nearest target to their summon location and they will follow behind Yorick at a range of 200 units if there is no nearby target. The rules that you'll need to remember are the following:

Auto-Attacking an Enemy Champion: By doing this, all nearby Mist Walkers and the Maiden of the Mist will change their targets from autonomously attacking whatever is near them to the champion which you auto attacked. This does not override the priority set by landing your Mourning Mist on a champion, and the mist walkers will not change their target until that Mourning Mist expires after four seconds.

Taking an Auto Attack or Single Target Spell from an Enemy Champion: Similar to the previous rule, the mist walkers and the Maiden of the Mist will redirect their focus onto the champion that dealt the auto attack or single target spell.

Landing Mourning Mist: As previously said, Mourning Mist will redirect the Maiden of the Mist and nearby mist walkers focus onto the affected champion for four seconds. This has the highest priority.


Despite their maximum health, Mist Walkers will always die to a single champion or turret auto attack. If they take damage from an area of affect ability, the Mist Walker only takes a third of the total damage however they will die to a single target spellcast like Annie's Disintegrate.

The Mist Walkers provide no experience when they die, however they do provide 2 gold to the enemy champion that defeated them.

Both the Mist Walkers and Maiden of the Mist have their stats updated as Yorick levels up or purchases new items, or in the case of the Maiden of the Mist, levels the ultimate ability to the next rank. The exception to this is the Mist Walkers level which will not update so they do not gain the extra attack speed, but they will still receive attack damage according to Yorick's new attack damage value.

Upon recalling, both the Maiden of the mist and mist walkers that are accompanying Yorick will recall with him to the base and heal via the fountain. If you cast Teleport, they will teleport with Yorick also.

Mist Walkers are prioritised by Turrets above the Maiden of the Mist and lane minions, but below Seige Minions and Dark Procession.

This effectively makes the priority order: Champion dealing damage to enemy champion, Dark Procession, Rift Herald, Siege Minion, Mist Walkers, Maiden of the Mist, Lane Minions.

As of patch 10.6, Mist Walkers take 50% reduced damage from Jungle Monsters which gives us the ability to let your Mist Walkers tank the camps early game and solo camps later. With warrior enchantment, 4 mist walkers can begin soloing camps like Red buff and gromp!
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Red > Raptors > Blue > Gromp > Wolves

Your standard clear will begin at the leashed buff with your bot lane, so red for the bottom team. If you suspect your opponent jungler is starting at their own red buff, I would make your next camp your blue buff to ensure they don't try to cheese it from you. Otherwise, go Red > Raptors and raise four mist walkers after last hitting with Q a few times. After Raptors, run to the Blue buff and blast cone onto the centre of it's hitbox - this should let you cast E prematurely without losing aggro onto your mist walkers. After blue, take Gromp and then take wolves after the gromp (sacking your current ghouls, and raising new level 3 ghouls afterwards). Finally, if you want to fight for top scuttle then go for it but check priority first and don't run into Olaf or strong 1v1 champions.

Blue > Wolves > Gromp > Red > Raptors

Top Team is a bit different, where you start Blue and get four mist walkers off the blue + wolves camp. Make sure you start E on the blue since it will leave a grave regardless, and after you've done both wolves and blue, start the gromp up. Tank three attacks, then let your mist walkers tank the rest - and leave the camp around 150 health so your mist walkers can finish it. Run to red, leash it with your E before your mist walkers come close enough to jump and clear it, then take raptors afterwards and decide whether you want to fight for top scuttle or path to the bottom one instead. Make sure you raise mist walkers at every multiple-monster camp you encounter.
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Delay Casting Mourning Mist

If you cast your Mourning Mist too early, your Ghouls will jump onto the centre of the Jungle Monsters hitbox. The way that jungle monsters are coded is that they attack the closest target, and it is impossible to get Yorick closer to that target than the jumped Ghoul already is. It will be near-impossible to get the jungle monster to attack Yorick instead of the Ghouls in this situation, and you will often lose multiple Ghouls when taking the camp which can slow your clear speed considerably.

Spawn Mist Walkers Whenever You Can

The jungle camps that you can spawn Ghouls from the multi-camps which include the Krugs, Raptors and Wolves. You can also utilise graves from the various camps around the map if you drag the camp close enough to the mentioned multi-camps. Try to last hit as many jungle monsters as you can with your Last Rites ability to get as many graves as you can on a single camp so you have fresh Ghouls to accompany you during your early game.

Don't Use Q to Last Hit a Monster That Can Be Auto Attacked Instead (Unless You Have To)

This tip clashes with the previous tip in a way, but it is still relevant. You should be clearing the camp in a way that makes it so every jungle monster that is last hit with Q could NOT be last hit with an auto attack. Doing this perfectly on a camp can save one auto attack per monster on the camp, usually between 1 to 6 saved auto attacks which saves a lot of time on your early clear.

Watch the Map

See who is late to lane and who is missing mana or health. This can indicate that the champion leashed a buff for their jungler at level one, giving away their starting position and you can alter your gameplay to adapt to that information.

Auto-Attack Resetting

Your Last Rites ability is an auto attack reset, so use it as soon as your attack animation is finish to ensure a quick burst of two attacks. Get used to the timing, because this technique is relevant and useful throughout all stages of the game so you should definitely make use of it.

Kite Towards Your Next Camp

A hugely important and extremely underrated tip. It blows my mind how many players do not do this and how many plays underestimate the effectiveness of this. A player who correctly kites his camps can finish a jungle clear faster than a player who had a leash with no kiting. This can be somewhat difficult with Yorick as his ghouls will often take aggro if you run too far away from the camp, but you can let your ghouls finish the kill on Jungle monsters while you run to the next camp to save yourself time during your clears.

Cast Your Ultimate as Soon as You Hit Level 6

The only exception to this rule is for when you are soon to come into cooldown reduction, such as about to recall or your next camp is the Blue Buff. Your Maiden is supposed to help you clear the jungle, so let her help you. Properly manage her pathing and she will turn you into an unstoppable force.

Don't Hold onto Gold

If you're walking around with 3000 gold in your bank and decide to full clear, you're wasting time and efficiency. You're much better off recalling to base the second you have enough for Skirmisher's Sabre - Warrior and putting the insane powerspike to use of 60 attack damage and 10% cooldown reduction. If you have anywhere over 1800 gold, you should be recalling as soon as possible and spending your gold. You will make up time with faster clearing after you purchase your items and be better equipped for any fight that comes your way. Remember you can be 5-0 with 4000 total gold, but if your inventory worth is 2000, that 1-4 enemy jungler's with an inventory worth of 2400 gold is stronger than yours.

Let Your Pets Finish the Camps

Get used to letting your mist walkers and maiden of the mist finish the jungle camps for you. They deal good damage throughout the game, and you can get a move on to your next camp while they continue to defeat the prior one. They will jump to your Mourning Mist's target anyway, so you can save plenty of time throughout the game in your clear.

Early game try to leave it for the mist walkers only if its low enough so that it won't kill any of your walkers. It's one of the worst possible things to lose your mist walkers in your early clear as jungle Yorick. Mid and late game you can defeat camps with a single Mourning Mist followed by your mist walkers finishing it alone, so don't go to the effort of standing there for 4 wasted seconds. Get a move on to gather vision, better positioning or join your team and your pets will meet up with you after.
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Taking the Dragon

Yorick can solo the dragon as soon as level two through the use of his Mist Walkers. As the meta right now is very early-game focused for junglers and they are constantly protecting and securing scuttles, i would not attempt a dragon before level 6. An interesting thing about the strategy of the level 2 dragon is that the dragon will provide bonus experience based on how underlevelled the champion that defeats it is. If you successfully kill the dragon at level 2, you will gain a significantly higher amount of experience than you would gain at level 3. This means if you can fit the dragon into your jungle path while not losing out on map presence, jungle camps or other game changing factors, you can come out substantially further ahead of the opposing jungler.

The best dragons you can have on Yorick are as follows (in my opinion):

1. Elder
2. Mountain: Situational.
3. Infernal
4. Air
5. Ocean

Generally once you have your Maiden of the Mist, the dragon becomes extremely easier and quicker to take so this is the optimal time to try sneak or contest the dragon. The Air and Ocean dragon can be taken with ease and not much attention needs to be paid towards the dragons target or your health while doing so, the other three dragons are a different story. Your Mist Walkers and Maiden should NOT take damage from the dragon unless you absolutely have to, or it is a risky call to do the dragon in the first place.

Taking the Elder, Infernal and Mountain Dragon

These three dragons have a cone-base attack projectile, which means that their attack will spread to all targets that are positioned behind the initially targeted unit. If you do not properly manage your aggro and positioning, you can unintentionally lose Mist Walkers and the Maiden from the spread attacks. Therefore when you take these dragons, position Yorick behind the dragon and the Maiden and Mist Walkers should stand on the opposite side of the dragon to where Yorick is staying. Then have the dragon focus onto Yorick so the spread damage is dealt in an area where the Mist Walkers and Maiden are not standing.


Yorick is one of the only champions that can solo the baron nashor . The reason for this is pretty simple but often unknown to the majority of the players. The Baron Nashor has a passive effect that reduces incoming damage dealt by the champion it last auto-attacked by 50%. Usually when a champion attempts to solo the Baron Nashor , they are unable to remove this debuff since there are no other champions or units nearby for the Baron Nashor to attack and it is extremely difficult to solo.

Yorick on the other hand has his pets to redirect the Baron Nashor 's attacks to, and once a pet takes an auto-attack, the debuff is removed from Yorick and placed onto the pet instead.

So when it comes to taking the Baron Nashor , you almost never want to be tanking the damage when you have a team mate available to tank it instead since its very likely your damage to the epic monster will be higher to it than your ally's.

If you're attempting to solo the Baron Nashor , there is a setup you'll have to learn and a routine to practice/follow. Firstly, understand that every five attacks, the Baron Nashor will perform a special ability which takes between 1 to 2.5 seconds to fully cast before it returns to its regular auto-attacks. The trick to soloing the epic monster as Yorick is to ensure that the debuff is on your pet and not Yorick for the duration of the abilities channel.

Therefore, the order is the following:

1. Have four mist walkers out, begin the baron by auto-attacking it and have one of your mist walkers take an attack. Immediately start counting the number of auto-attacks the baron nashor performs in your head. Once it does, cast your Mourning Mist onto the baron nashor so the damage is not reduced. Move Yorick close to the baron nashor so he is the one taking the auto-attacks.

2. Wait until two mist walkers have been killed, and summon the Maiden of the Mist within close proximity to the baron nashor . It is important to summon her close enough to not take aggro but not far enough away so that she is never able to take attacks from the baron nashor . Remember it will attack the nearest unit.

3. Once you count four attacks, move Yorick back so that the 5th attack is dealt to a mist walker and then go to town dealing as much damage through auto-attacks, Mourning Mist and Maiden of the Mist's percent health damage as possible.

4. Once the animation looks to end, reposition Yorick so that he is once again the closest unit to the Baron Nashor and repeat step 3 until the Baron Nashor is defeated. If there are no mist walkers available to take the fifth shot, put it onto the Maiden of the Mist instead or have Yorick tank it if you predict that it will be a successful attempt anyway.

With mountain dragons being defeated throughout the game, the attempt can take between 8 to 30 seconds in total with proper micro-movement - given it takes a lot of finesse to perform it absolutely perfectly.
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