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Nasus Build Guide by Flint124

Support [10.7] No-Q Nasus. AP Glacial Augment Support.

Support [10.7] No-Q Nasus. AP Glacial Augment Support.

Updated on April 9, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flint124 Build Guide By Flint124 6 3 22,344 Views 0 Comments
6 3 22,344 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Flint124 Nasus Build Guide By Flint124 Updated on April 9, 2020
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Glacial Augment
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Cosmic Insight

Manaflow Band

+8 ability haste
+8 Magic Resist
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[10.7] No-Q Nasus. AP Glacial Augment Support.

By Flint124
As of 10.7, Nasus got some MASSIVE buffs, but he can't really take full advantage of them as a top laner.

First, Wither has 700 cast range, up from 600. This is a unilateral buff, but is definitely a little bit less of a difference for Nasus top. This is because a 700 range Wither enables high levels of aggression right off the bat, but Nasus himself isn't strong enough to take advantage since he doesn't really do a ton of damage.

Second, Spirit Fire had its armor penetration buffed by 10% at all ranks, meaning it goes from 25% at level 1 to 45% at max rank. This is absolutely insane, but AGAIN toplane Nasus won't be able to use it. 25% armor pen right off the bat is strong, but Nasus can't make good use of it since he doesn't start off doing much physical damage. He needs to stack up his Q, meaning he can't take advantage of his E early and will probably need to max it second just so he can stack his Q quickly.

I don't need to tell you the weaknesses of Q stacking Nasus, you've played it before. You KNOW the weaknesses.

All of those weaknesses go right out the window if you throw him in a lane with a Draven. Suddenly, there's somebody to take advantage of all his armor pen. Suddenly, not only is there somebody to follow up on wither, there's most likely at least one person who REALLY cannot deal with getting hit by Wither.
Soul Eater
Your passive is more or less useless here. It will give you some marginal sustain, maybe one auto attack worth of durability in an all-in, but your Q won't hurt enough with this build to give large amounts of healing and you won't be attacking minions enough to get tons of healing.
Siphoning Strike
Your Q is ALMOST useless. Get stacks when it's convenient, like while dewarding and getting Relic stacks, but don't prioritize it. Your Q will never really do much damage, since you'd be lucky to get 150 stacks by the late game and you're not exactly going to be using it on CD in fights. I take it at level three if I want to all-in, since at that point an auto attack reset and 30 damage is pretty good, but otherwise I'll skip it until level five or later to have more points in the spells I'm actually using.

Spell Shields can block your Q. Just something to keep in mind.
Wither works by applying a 35% slow instantly, applying between 3 and 15% extra slow every second, while simultaneously applying a cripple equal to half the movement slow. Normally, you'd leave it at level one since it's a good slow at rank one, but since we're a support (and our Q is useless) we'll max it second, since maxing it out lets you effectively shut somebody down entirely for the duration of the spell.
Wither can trigger Manaflow Band, Electrocute, and Phase Rush, but nothing else.
Using Wither does NOT put you in combat, meaning it will neither cancel your Mobi's nor trigger an Elixir of Sorcery if you have it (unlike other non-damaging spells like Bard Ult).

The fact that it doesn't cancel mobis is huge for defensive plays. If somebody's chasing you, dip into brush to break vision, wither them when they come in range, and then NIGERUNDAIYO out of there as your mobis kick in and they're crawling.

You can also use that fact for some stalling plays; if you find a poor, poor Udyr on his way to a teamfight, you can spam Wither on him while dancing around with Mobis to stop him from even joining the fight.

It is worth noting that slows do not stack; only the strongest one is applied. So why run Glacial on Nasus when he already has such a strong slow?

In lane, it will usually take you a couple seconds to get in range to basic attack after you wither somebody, so you will apply Glacial around the end of Wither's duration, so it will often linger a bit after Wither ends. If you can apply it EARLY in Wither's duration, Glacial will override Wither with a slow that is nearly as powerful as the maximum rank 1 slow, meaning that they'll be at the full slow value for the entire duration.

It's also great since you can apply it to multiple enemies. If you wither one, the other will probably get close enough to attack in their efforts to help their lane partner, allowing you to get more slow value while Wither is on CD.
Spirit Fire
Spirit Fire has some insane value. Casting it at level 1 on a low armor target, say a 30 armor Caitlyn, you'll get 8 armor pen from it, and since each point of armor is worth 20 gold, that means you're stripping her of 160 gold in stats at a stage when she only has 500 gold or so to her name. That's the worst case scenario. If you put this on a 250 armor tank, you're taking 112.5 armor from him, which is worth 2250 gold. If you have AD champions on your team with lethality and armor pen of their own, this spell reduces their actual durability to be roughly on par with AP Cho'gath.
In lane, use it for poke and to stack Manaflow band. It's expensive, but it's so easy to land that you should stack up Manaflow really quickly.
Spirit Fire ignores spell shields, meaning you can damage people with Banshees, but you can't break their shield without either getting too close for comfort to land Q or biting the bullet and wasting W or Twin Shadows on them.
Fury of the Sands
This spell is quietly an amazing spell, even though we're totally wasting the 50% CDR on Q.

The durability it gives is great for towerdives, teamfights, and defenses. The damage aura is something you're enemies will definitely underestimate, but it's genuinely really good. It has a max damage of 240 per second, sure, but they would need 4000 HP for you to reach that threshold, even with max rank (before accounting for AP). Against normal champions, it's just flat out the percentage of their health every second, and oh boy does it do damage. 3-6% might not sound like much, but that's 45-75% of their health if you can survive sticking onto them for the entire duration, plus the AP scaling. This ability is the main reason why you buy Liandry's. It's GREAT on Spirit Fire, sure, but the combination of the burn damage and the 10% damage amp makes this spell a nightmare.

Just keep in mind that while you are TANKY with this spell active, you are definitely not a TANK. You've got some HP, sure, but you don't build much in the way of resistances. Because of this, you're never going to just sit on somebody's face for your entire ult duration. Hourglass helps, allowing you to do your best Fiddlesticks impression and press R-Hourglass while standing on as many people as possible, but it's still a pretty subtle effect.

This spell has a cast time. Never forget that this spell has a cast time.
Ganking Procedure
1. Find a buddy (preferably an AD one).
2. Run up to a target using Mobis (using Twin Shadows if you have it).
3. Wither them.
4. Spirit Fire and do what you can to help them clean up.

You do SOME damage, but keep in mind that you are definitely not the main damage dealer. You just really easy for the actual damage dealers to deal their damage.
Teamfight Approach
You are not a frontliner.

If you can start the fight by withering a key target for a pick, do it.

Dance around the edges of the fight, throwing Wither and Spirit Fire out whenever possible while looking for an opportunity to press R and sit on somebody's face.

Using your E as a zoning tool is totally viable, since a circle that applies 45% armor reduction, Rylai's, Liandry's, and Morello is devastating enough that they just don't want to do it.

Nasus is good at peeling, but only against some champions. He can make a Darius not want to live anymore, but can't do **** against Nocturne, for example.

It's better to ult early in a fight than to do so later, since you get more resistances if your ult lasts longer, and if you wait too long to ult you likely won't get a chance.
Guard Dog
Nasus is great for taking objectives; namely for guarding the pit.

Between the zoning power of wither and the raw stopping power of Wither, they will have a rough time making it past you, and between Hourglass and Fury of the Sands,bursting you down is difficult.

For red side Nasus, this is great if you're doing Baron. For blue side Nasus, this is great if you're doing Dragon. You can't do a ton to keep them from hopping the wall into the pit, but if they have to approach from the open side you are a very ANGERY BOI and can shoo them off.

If your teammates ask you to tank Baron, politely remind them of how ill equipped you are for that task by pinging your Twin Shadows and Mobis.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Flint124
Flint124 Nasus Guide
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[10.7] No-Q Nasus. AP Glacial Augment Support.

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