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Kalista Build Guide by Kranidi1989

Middle 10.9 Kalista - Playing Unfair... (Mid)

By Kranidi1989 | Updated on April 30, 2020
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Runes: Strong Early Game

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Ability Order

Champion Build Guide

10.9 Kalista - Playing Unfair... (Mid)

By Kranidi1989
Runes Back to Top
is going to be super efficient if you need a better early game.
scales super hard (like Kalista). AutoAttacks and Pierce will leave your spears through your opponents so when the Red Spark of Dark Harvest lights up, you just use your Rend and Dark Harvest goes +1!!! Easy Peasy!!!

some extra healing during trades is always a viable choice

+ Rend = Tons of Heal

synergizes superb with Martial Poise and gives you even more Att.Speed

+ Rend = Kill

Some extra Att.Damage
Heal after you get score a kill. Works for eveybody.
Pros / Cons Back to Top
+ Kalista can carry games
+ Kalista can become very opressive as an enemy
+ Kalista has high mobility due to her passive Martial Poise
+ Kalista's Pierce is a very fast skillshot giving your opponents less chance to avoid it
+ Kalista is one of the best late game champions

- Kalista needs a lot of practice, she ain't easy.
- Kalista has no escape tools
-if you fell behind with Kalista, coming back is not that easy.
Spells Back to Top
The most famous spell of all times. 99% of the players make use of it and Kalista is no exception.
It can work either offensively or defensively.
My most common pick. The sooner you get fed, the sooner you become a God.
For hardcore match-ups.
Start Items Back to Top
Pick 3 of theese and a Health Potion if you are against a Cassiopeia etc. to help you stay healthy from poison. They are also the best defence against Ignite. You can also sell them in a very cost efficient price. Worth, Worth, Worth.
The most common pick to start your game as Kalista + a Health Potion. Att.Damage, Health and Life Steal.
In case you don't feel that confident with the match-up, pick this one. Also, when it comes to fighting, this one (while active) gives your strikes a burn effect against your opponent which makes this choice super strong early on.
Core Items Back to Top
should always be your first buy on Kalista. It's super cost effecient and the Att.Speed it provides makes your early game super strong.
is an item that Kalista uses it's full potential. Att.Speed, Life Steal, Damage and an extra SLOW to help you kite even better and keep your Rend for the right moment.
was made for Kalista; Your farming is gonna sky-rocket as soon as you buy this item. AutoAttacking multiple creeps at once + Rend = FARM, FARM, FARM. Att.Speed, Critical, Movement Speed on Kalista??? Is there anything else to ask for???
More Att.Speed on Kalista??? YES. More Critical on Kalista??? Yes. More Movement Speed on Kalista??? Yes. Passing through units (like a Ghost :P) for Kalista??? Yes. And a Shield to save your a*s??? Are you kidding me???
the "KID PRODIGY"!!! Giving Kalista an extra SLOW for every AutoAttack. At this moment things go crazy unfair. You can kite them all-day long and stay away. This is the moment that this kit goes beyond fair-play. Now take a moment back and think what are we talking about right now:
Frozen Mallet + Blade of the Ruined King + Rend!!! They should start praying for mercy!!!
*TIP* If you are against a Garen etc, you can buy this right after Berserker's Greaves and then
Bilgewater Cutlass. The opponent will brake his PC. :P
Last Item to Choose Back to Top
lifesteal is always nice on Kalista.
more Att.Damage and tons of Armor Pen.
more Att.Damage, lots of Armor Pen and Grievous Wounds to prevent enemy's Health Regeneration.
if you need a second chance.
Elixir Back to Top
Extra Att.Damage and extra Drain. Perfect.
Abilities Back to Top
The ability that makes Kalista so well known for. Between your AutoAttacks you make a small jump. This passive makes Kalista the super mobile champion she is, allowing her to dodge skillshots and staying away from her opponents ..will kiting them.
Kalista's skillshot. It's super fast and that makes it too difficult to avoid. It also works as an AutoAttack which means that you can make a jump when using it. The best way to use it, is to AA a creep as much as you can and then hit it with your Pierce. Who ever is behind the dying creep gets all the stacks of spear + damage. GG. That's the best way to kite/farm with Kalista. Just remember to put a second point on it when you hit your lvl4, it's really worthy.
out of wards? Send a Sentinel to the location you want to keep you safe.
this is Kalista's bread and butter. That's her farming tool and her main damage source so you max it first everytime. Further more, each time you kill your target using Rend you restore mana and when you max it, it restores 100% of mana used by it.
hide your Oathsworn ally and go near your enemies. He will blast them in the air. Game changer ultimate when it comes to team fights.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kranidi1989
Kranidi1989 Kalista Guide
10.9 Kalista - Playing Unfair... (Mid)
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