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Rakan Build Guide by tyelp

Middle [11.10] Dancing Queen

Middle [11.10] Dancing Queen

Updated on May 13, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tyelp Build Guide By tyelp 27 1 34,362 Views 0 Comments
27 1 34,362 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tyelp Rakan Build Guide By tyelp Updated on May 13, 2021
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Runes: Runes

Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Gathering Storm
Nimbus Cloak

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[11.10] Dancing Queen

By tyelp
Intro: Lo hago por el ritmo, por el rollo, el vacileo

Only not really since this is basically? The same guide as before.

Rakan is still really fun mid, but the changes show. It's okay, playing with itemization can be entertaining at the very last so there's that.

This is, as of now, still the best Rakan mid build according to my preferences, how I play him mid, and what I value when I play which is my own amusement over anything else. Also get ready for your IQ to drop even lower when a Psyops Viktor shows up since, unfortunately, he's hot.

Please do try spamming winky face @ the enemy. It is a double edged sword, they'll focus you RELENTLESSLY, but it is worth it also.

Have fun!!



This build has been THE FUNNIEST **** I'VE PLAYED IN A WHILE. Nothing beats the satisfaction of chasing a Yasuo down slapping his *** to death.

Have fun get slapping. Bye!


Anyway, Hello friends! You may know and love me from my Viktor guide (updated never) and since I have a little bit of time in my hands I thought that I could work on a new guide instead of updating that one.

I'm still nobody, and you still should absolutely trust nothing I say. But I love Rakan and I've played him a fair amount. I know how it feels to play him mid and then being 100% unable to play him support.

(Credits of this picture belong to Me because I made it with my Hands)

First of all, this guide is for the gays. Xayah? I don't know her. We living the divorcee Rakan life, baby, that Lady Gaga ft Beyoncé's Telephone lifestyle. Playing Rakan mid is, after all, the ultimate himbo experience...while having to solve the problem of translocating what only exists logically into the physical world. You are a dumb b*tch. You know that. You have Disco Tits on, you are ready to stop thinking for around 20 minutes, and then you're faced with the awful reality that Rakan might be a himbo, but he can't all in a Lux that hasn't wasted Q.

I mean, he can. 100% yeah it's allowed. But he will die.

In any case, he's very fun to play and while it might seem like there are a million better options to play when going mid, who else are you gonna play while listening to Delirious(Boneless)(feat. Kid Ink) by Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, and Tujamo? LeBlanc? Pfft.


+ Handsome.
+ Extremely high mobility.
+ Unexpectedly high damage.
+ Is a bird.
+ High CC.
+ Handsome Bird.

Rakan's mobility makes him stupid fun to play, and the fact that most don't expect his damage output can have an effect on the flow of the game. Sometimes it's good!

- He doesn't know sh*t.
- High cooldowns.
- He doesn't get stuff.
- Squishy with this build.
- He doesn't understand things.
- One trick pony.

Big Himbo Energy, which means that he knows how to do one (1) thing and then he kinda goes UH OH and has to run. His unexpectedly high damage will sometimes make the enemy team focus you, which is sad.
Rakan: The who and the what

Rakan is just here to have a good time, you know? He wants to share his tribe's culture via dancing, singing, and having fun. Which is incredibly valid of him. Is he smart? Hell no! He's stupid, he's enjoying it, he will flirt with anyone, his IQ drops 10 points when someone aesthetically pleasing so much as breathes his way.

Does that reflect in his gameplay? If you're like me and have embraced his himbo ways, probably.

Now, step one for playing Rakan, and I cannot stress how absolutely vital this is in terms of performance enough, is making a playlist. No, I am not kidding. You will need a playlist to set that divorcee Rakan out in town mood, cruising for a bruising, just looking for a hunk. What's even the point of going Rakan mid if you don't have Cher's cover of Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) obliterating your eardrums? N o n e.

Channel Rakan through that playlist. He's handsome, that's probably the only thing he knows, he's reckless, he won't plan sh*t like ever, he's pretty much just here to dance until he drops dead and even his corpse is still going to look better than everybody else. Open casket and all that jazz.

With that out of the way, we should probably move to less vital parts of playing Rakan like his kit and how it works.

Fey Feathers This is Rakan's Passive and it makes everyone try to poke you down and get in range for a clear Q which makes me very happy. Basically, Rakan gains a shield every few seconds that scales with AP and that gets back faster when attacking enemies. I don't even know how many times his passive has saved my life. Be sure to keep an eye on its timer and time your own actions accordingly.

Gleaming Quill This is pretty straight forward. A projectile that flies in a straight line and impacts the first unit it hits, be it a champion or a minion, that scales with ap and that after impacting another champ, dragon, nashor, or herald heals Rakan after a brief period of time or instantly when he's near an ally (healing that ally too in that case). What I do is try to avoid wasting mana via this method of thinking: what is more scary, a Rakan with roughly 40% Q accuracy or one with around 95% Q accuracy? Exactly, one that slaps half your lifebar out of your screen with a W. But, like, seriously. Q is GREAT when trading (obviously) because it will heal you but trusting it too much leads to demise. I tend to level it up first when I feel like being the embodiment of that I lived b*tch pic, since sometimes it heals a surprising amount and even you are shocked at your own survival skills.

Grand Entrance Rakan's W makes Rakan jump a set distance and if he lands on (an) enemy champion(s) they jump up and get magical damage.The only reason why I level up Grand Entrance first is because I enjoy that second of utter betrayal and desbelief when the enemy laner doesn't quite know what to do after Rakan drops it on 'em and their lifebar goes kablamo. It's pretty useful but the only thing scarier than itself is its cooldown. So try to use it wisely.

Battle Dance Rakan jumps on an ally up to two times if the skill isn't bugged at the time and shields them. Great for gap closing and disengaging, but don't delude yourself thinking that anyone is going to stay close if you're Rakan mid. You're living the divorcee lifestyle and it's a world of one-night stands and stolen kills so good luck with that.

The Quickness Rakan gains movement speed and slams into enemy champions, making magic damage and charming them. You know when the dj drops the beat? That's this. Before the Rakan Mid Nerf Special this a full W+Q+R could kill anything. Now it can kill some things. Still pretty good. Useful in team fights, keep in mind that now you gotta wait a lil bit before using other abilities after using R.

So that's Rakan's kit. All in all, it's very straightforward but we'll get deeper into the how to use it in the next part.

Rakan: The how

So you're playing Rakan mid, right? You've got your playlist. You know your kit. You've got your dark seal and your refillable potion ready. Zed is there. You're having a good time. Your very own Pyke is already flaming you for inting and you're yet to reach minute one. All is well.

Now this is where things get tricky: you absolutely need to know everyone's win condition. And when I say everyone's I mean everyone's. You need to patiently wait for them to waste it. You sometimes have to taunt it. How? Winky faces usually work. Garen's "Call Me" emote works. Minding your own business and farming works. Once their win condition is gone, you have as long as their cd to W+Q and back away, or to Q and AA to proc Electrocute if you don't have good vision or the CD is short. In any case, if your jungler isn't around or outright angling for a gank you have to play around your opponent's kit and try to set a rythm that fits you knowing how the other champion works.

When you're a-feelin' that itchin and you gotta smash, it's as simple as W+Q+AA and backing away if you're solo, following up with jungler. You drop on the enemy, you shove a quill right down their throat, slap them right in the face, and dance away. Classy. Dancing queen. Great. They counter attack? That's alright too, if you don't get greedy and forget that while slapping is very satisfactory it doesn't do much damage you'll be okay.

Do you even know how many times I've been ignited into hypothetical oblivion, accepted the sweet embrace of death, then gotten healed by Q and/or gotten my shield back in the very last second? Way too many for it to be legal.

Once you've got your ult, that adds a lil bit of spice to things. Rakan reaches peak disco charm and enchants enemies, which is The Dream, but also the point at which divorcee Rakan reaches it's full potential for outplaying almost anything if you play smart.

You will get tower dived often. WHY? Don't ask me. I don't know. It will probably play in your favor most of the time, though so.

Sad things can happen too, though. What if you channel Rakan way to much and contract dumb b*tch disease? It does not matter.


Yeah. No. It's frustrating, because playing Rakan requires a lot of effort on your part and paying a lot of attention to the flow of the game. Do you need to roam, do you need to buy this or that? Can you all-in? Can you dance the night away? Is Pantheon single? You have so many things on your mind, and suddenly you make a stupid and you feel Bad. Well don't.

Sometimes bad things happen. It's fine. It's okay. With Rakan, it's alright to be a cocky b*stard. It's mandatory. He's made to make you one by design. But it requires finesse and the subtlety of an allchat winky face, know what I mean? This is not a Flame All kind of cockiness, this is an I'm The Most Handsome Motherf*cker Alive kind of cockiness.

So enjoy it.

Outro: The dangers of being too cool
There are none.

Enjoy playing Rakan mid.

Have fun.

I will be updating this guide never.

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