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Thresh Build Guide by Harambe Homie

Support [11.13] Kewllkiddo's S11 Diamond Thresh Guide - The Greatest

Support [11.13] Kewllkiddo's S11 Diamond Thresh Guide - The Greatest

Updated on June 16, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Harambe Homie Build Guide By Harambe Homie 43 3 63,135 Views 18 Comments
43 3 63,135 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Harambe Homie Thresh Build Guide By Harambe Homie Updated on June 16, 2021
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Champion Build Guide

[11.13] Kewllkiddo's S11 Diamond Thresh Guide - The Greatest

By Harambe Homie

Welcome! I am Kewllkiddo a Diamond support main. I stream daily on my twitch where you can see educational and entertaining content. My main goal is to educate players about the carry potential in the support role, this role generally has been looked down upon by other players, and seen as boring. However with the right knowledge I believe the support role is the most entertaining role out there!

I put A TON of work into this guide... So please follow my twitch linked below to show some appreciation! It would mean the world to me. Much thanks!!!
Pros & Cons
+ Great Peel
+ Good engage
+ Great teamfighting
+ Great playmaking ability
+ Very Tanky
+ Great at getting picks

Thresh is a very unique champion design and that's why I love him so much. Thresh is extremely versatile with what he can accomplish in his kit. He has amazing playmaking and picking ability with his Death Sentence, he can help get the adc out of sticky situations with his lantern, and he has amazing peel in team fights. When it comes to solo q carry potential there are few supports that compare to Thresh. There are times where great Thresh players have shocked both their teams and the world with how cleanly and decisively they can put everyone on their back. There's nothing like a good madlife montage!

- Hard to close the gap on good mage players
- Hard countered by poke lanes
- Can be predictable at times
- struggles vs Enchanters
- Not great from behind

While Thresh is fantastic at snowballing, when hes playing from behind its more or less of a different story. He struggles a lot vs enemy teams who have a large lead against you. Sometimes landing a Death Sentence is in fact a bait for your own teams demise when the enemy team is ahead. You have to play your cards right on this champion when behind, this is where the true Thresh geniuses shine! but don't worry, if you follow this guide closely you will be madlife in no time!
Early game
As Thresh your goal upon arriving to lane is to poke out the enemy ADC from last hitting creeps. Have your flay auto passive stacked up, then just walk up to the enemy ADC and BOP them. Keep doing this and force level 2 before they get it. If you do this successfully you will win the lane from here on out.

If you are against enchanters in lane your job is to roam and get picks for your team. Team up with your jungler and look to make plays in the enemy jungle or the mid lane. Enchanters are very difficult to kill as Thresh. After snowballing either your jungle or mid, look to set up plays around the bottom lane with your lantern. This will go a long way towards you winning the game.

Its very important you always have a clear cut plan to victory in your head and you stick to it. For example, you are against another kill lane: The plan is to out pressure the opposing kill lane and out trade them. You are against enchanters: Ok roam around the map and out pressure the enemy enchanter. Ok you are against a poke lane: Engage before they have a chance to poke you at all and snowball off the initial kill you get!

Always keep a plan in mind and stick to it for the rest of the game and you will find great success in your games!
Summoner Spells
Flash is a must every time you play Thresh, trying to substitute this for anything else is troll

Ignite is the ideal summoner 90 percent of the time. Ignite gives you high kill pressure in lane, counters Heal , and gives you an edge to kill laners.

Exhaust is occasionally a good idea. Generally if you feel you need to take exhaust in a lane as Thresh you probably shouldn't be playing her anyways. Much like Thresh Thresh is looking for aggressive all in's and kills in lane to snowball. Try to take full advantage of this and use Ignite most of the time. You won't regret it.
Passive: Damnation
INNATE: Enemy Champion icon.png champions, large Minion icon.png minions and large Monster icon.png monsters that die near Thresh drop a Soul for 8 seconds. Epic monsters drop 2 Souls instead. Small minions and lesser monsters have a 33.33% chance to drop a Soul.

Thresh autonomously collects Souls near him or a placed Dark Passage Dark Passage.

Each collected Soul grants Thresh Ability power icon.png 0.75 ability power and Armor icon.png 0.75 bonus armor.

Thresh passive makes sure he scales incredibly well. Ensure you are making max use of this passive in your games! Always collect souls on large monster kills and champion kills! Fun fact your lantern collects souls for you too!

Q: Death Sentence
ACTIVE: Thresh throws out his scythe in the target direction, becoming unable to move or attack while it is in flight.

The scythe catches the first enemy it hits, dealing them magic damage, Stun icon.pngAirborne icon.png suspending them for 1.5 seconds, and hooking the target for 1.5 seconds, during which the target is True Sight icon.png revealed and Thresh is unable to declare basic attacks. Hitting an enemy reduces Death Sentence's Cooldown reduction icon.png cooldown by 3 seconds and Slow icon.png slows Thresh by 20% for 1 second.

80 / 120 / 160 / 200 / 240 (+ 50% AP)
While the target is Stun icon.pngAirborne icon.png suspended, Thresh tugs at his scythe's chain twice over 0.8 seconds, pulling the target a short distance towards himself with each tug. After 0.5 seconds of hitting an enemy or instantly after hitting a Minion icon.png minion or Monster icon.png monster, Thresh can recast the ability to cast Deathly Leap while the target is hooked, doing so will cause him to stop tugging.

RECAST: Thresh dashes to the hooked enemy, becoming able to attack again upon arrival. Thresh can cast any of his abilities while in flight with the exception of The Box The Box.

This is his signature ability! use it to carry your games my lads!

W: Dark Passage
ACTIVE: Thresh throws his lantern to the target location which lands after 0.5 seconds, lasting for 6 seconds or until he moves too far away from it, Sight icon.png revealing its surroundings.

Thresh and the first allied champion to come near the lantern are granted a Hybrid resistances icon.png shield for 4 seconds. An ally can select the lantern while in proximity of it, Dash.png dashing to Thresh's current location and gaining the shield.

60 / 100 / 140 / 180 / 220 (+ 1 per Soul Soul collected)
An ally cannot select the lantern while silenced, Grounded or Stun immobilized.

A great way to save your team from dying for no reason! Make sure you always are in position to get your team out of trouble, also this ability is great for setting up dragon and baron steals! Have your jungle blast into the pit and lantern them out to save their flash!

E: Flay
PASSIVE: Thresh's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage, with the Attack damage icon.png AD ratio increasing based on the time spent not basic attacking enemies, up to 10 seconds.

1 per Soul Soul collected (+ 0% AD)
1 per Soul Soul collected (+ 100 / 125 / 150 / 175 / 200% AD)
ACTIVE: Thresh sweeps his chain around him and in a broad line towards the target direction, dealing magic damage to enemies hit, Airborne icon.png knocking them in the chain's direction, and afterwards slowing them for 1 second.

Always max this first! Thresh's flay is a great poke tool in lane due to its passive which empowers your auto attacks!

R: The Box
ACTIVE: Thresh surrounds his location with a pentagon of spectral walls, each one lasting for up to 5 seconds. Walls break upon contact with an enemy champion, dealing magic damage to the target and Slow icon.png slowing them by 99% for 2 seconds.

250 / 400 / 550 (+ 100% AP)
Enemy champions hitting any wall beyond the first take no damage and are slowed for only 1 second.

Targets are immune to breaking a new wall for 1 second after breaking one.

This is a very rewarding ability if used correctly, it essentially creates a barrier between your adc and whomever is trying to kill them. Use this as both an escape tool and a peeling tool in fights. putting this between the enemies front line and your ADC can throw a complete wrench in their plans!
Locket of the Iron Solari is built because it provides all the defensive stats Thresh needs as well as amazing utility for your ally's. Its a far better option then Shurelya's Battlesong for you already have all the engage you could possibly need with your abilities.

Zeke's Convergence is built because its amazing passive, which as of patch 10.25 has been buffed once again. The bonus damage you provide when designated to your accomplice is incredibly high, because you have so many avenus to proc this items ability its a must buy.

Knight's Vow is an amazing item when your ADC is at risk of being assasinated or the enemy team is extremely far ahead. You should consider knights vow when you are behind or if the enemy team has a fed carry. This item is extremely underated and can potentially save games. Consider buying this over Zeke's Convergence if needed. Play it by ear, and build accordingly.

Situational Items

Dead Man's Plate is an amazing buy vs heavy AD compositions. It provides Thresh with much needed movement speed and high hit points and armor. If you are ever facing an entire AD team buy this.

Force of Nature is great against heavy AP team comps. Similar to Dead Man's Plate Force of Nature provides Thresh with high movement speed while in combat, it essentially make it feel like your dismounted form movement speed reduction doesn't even exist when you have this item. It's a fantastic buy most of the time.

Frozen Heart is a fantastic item to counter heavy ad comps who are also very auto attack reliant. consider this item vs Lucian mid or vayne top Frozen Heart has an amazing unique passive don't underestimate the power of this item in the right games. It can make the difference between life and death in many different situations.

Warmog's Armor is a fantastic choice when all you want is to be extra beefy. The health regen passive essentially makes it so you never have to back. Consider this item on Thresh as a last item in most games. You just need to assure you are above the 3000 HP mark, after purchasing the item to make use of the unique passive which provides 5% max health regen per second. Crazy strong right?

As of right now, I believe these are the most strong items in the game, this may change in the future though. So I will be watching over what players are doing with a hawk eye and meticulously updating this as things change!

If you have any recommendations please open up the discussion in the comments of this guide and let me know!
thanks for reading my guide!
If you read through this guide and you found this at all useful please follow me on my social media platforms. I put tons of time into guides like this one, and am really trying to make a difference in the community. Every bit of support means the world and I appreciate every last one of you who supports my work. All my social links are at the top, or you can simply follow my Twitch Stream and YouTube below!
follow me on Twitch for Daily streams!

And subscribe to my Youtube for Daily uploads!

Thank you again, please give this guide a like, and comment your thoughts. Your feedback is much appreciated, and I'd love to keep updating the guide as the meta shifts and we discover more about this awesome champion!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Harambe Homie
Harambe Homie Thresh Guide
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[11.13] Kewllkiddo's S11 Diamond Thresh Guide - The Greatest

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