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Kai'Sa Build Guide by Kai6

Jungle [11.14] Kai'Sa Jungle Season 11 Guide

Jungle [11.14] Kai'Sa Jungle Season 11 Guide

Updated on July 11, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kai6 Build Guide By Kai6 97 7 262,077 Views 3 Comments
97 7 262,077 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kai6 Kai'Sa Build Guide By Kai6 Updated on July 11, 2021
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Hail of Blades
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Legend: Bloodline

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Win 49%
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ADC Role Ranked #34 in
ADC Role
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

[11.14] Kai'Sa Jungle Season 11 Guide

By Kai6
Hello! I am Kai6, a Kai'Sa Kha'Zix 2 trick.

The point of Kai'Sa jungle is to get early pressure and to snowball in the jungle. It can quickly and easily take solo camps which allows for quick clear into a gank. Kai'Sa can take objectives very quickly, and can start to solo it at level 4 (with the jungle item upgraded). A thing to remember is your damage doesn't come from your abilities; it comes from the amount of auto attacks and passive procs. Kai'Sa Jungle is only a good pick for specific team comps (must have cc).
When playing Kai'Sa jungle you do not need a leash. Typically I tell me laners to show in lane so the enemy has no idea where I start. When clearing jungle camps, it's extremely important to kite.

There are a few pros and cons when playing Kai'Sa jungle.

- Really high burst all game. At level 3 you can win basically any duel against an enemy jungle. I will always invade if I don't see a gankable lane after level 3.
- Quick clear speeds on solo camps.
- Scales very well.
- Unreal amount of self peel/very mobile.
- Can adapt to either AP or AD depending on what the team is lacking.

- Very hard to play.
- Can easily get invaded before level 3.
- 0 cc for ganking.
- Team dependant.
When playing Kai'Sa jungle, you almost always will gank a lane at level 3. To get level 3 the quickest, you must take Blue, Red, and Gromp. It doesn't matter what order, starting at blue or red, but these 3 camps must be cleared first.

However, sometimes it is better to full clear (excluding the raptors). After you full clear you can reset and upgrade your smite and buy a pink. From here head to the last scuttle. If the enemy jungle does decide to double scuttle, you will be able to duel them because of your upgraded smite.

When pathing after your upgraded smite item you can always full clear. Your clear is very fast so it's almost always best to clear all camps first, then gank/invade. By clearing your camps on spawn it allows you to have the max gold income from the jungle.

Note: Do not attempt the Raptor camp until you have upgraded your jungle item.
Before level 6
When ganking a lane before 6, run in using the speed from E. Try to land a few auto attacks first to close the gap and then Q. If possible, try to hold your Q until they are issolated (so the entire Q lands). The most important part when ganking is hitting your W. This is because it gives 2 Stacks, and gives true vision. If you miss your W, you most likely will not get a kill.

After level 6
When ganking after level 6, there are 2 ways to do it. You can gank like you would before level 6 and use your ult to self peel, or you can wait for the laner to cc the enemy champion, giving you a passive stack. This will allow you to ult in and close any gap. When doing this, it makes it very easy to land your W.
When choosing your runes, you can pick either Press the Attack or Hail of Blades. For secondary trees, you go Precision when running HOB, and Domination when running the PTA.

When running HOB, you are aiming for a strong late game. I always run HOB when with scaling team comps, or when we need a late game carry.

When running a PTA, you are aiming for a strong early game. I typically run PTA when against stronger early game junglers. PTA is not as strong as the HOB late game, but it's definently worth it depending on the comp.
When teamfighting, you can either play front to back, or back to front.

Front to back:
Playing front to back is when you stay back with your team and hit whoever is closest. This allows your team to easily peel you and front line for you. You want to almost always play front to back, especially when there are a lot of tanks/bruisers.
Note: In teamfights use your E to peel yourself/close any gaps.

Back to front:
Playing back to front is basically being an assassin. You ult into their backline in hoping to 1 shot their squishy champs. The only time to do this is when you are very far ahead, or their backline is defenceless.
Note: Make sure to have your E up when you ult in. This will stop you from getting 1 shot.

The way you play teamfights is very situational. Practice both playstyles and pick which one you are better at and master it.
Kai'sa is very lucky and can go either AP or AD, still having a great amount of damage on both.

Kai'sa has 3 key items which she must build every game: Kraken Slayer, Runaan's Hurricane, and Berserkers Greaves. These items are a must, despite what runes you run. If you get these 3 items, you will get both Q and E evolve at the same time. This is a huge powerspike and must be abused when reached.

When deciding what items to pick, you must look both at your team, and the items the enemy has built. Typically, you want to go whatever your team has least of. For example, if you have a ad mid, and a tank/ad top, you would want to go AP. Another thing to look at is what the enemy team is building. If the enemy is stacking MR, it would be a good idea to go AD crit.

When going AD you want to always start by buying a Navori Quickblades. This is a huge powerspike and will reduce the cooldown on every ability when you hit a crit. This will make clearing jungle camps, and skirmishing a lot easier. From here you typically got Infinity Edge, however sometimes it's better to go a different item depending on the team. For example, if they have a lot of burst, get Phantom Dancer. if they have a lot of CC, get QSS (Mercurial Scimitar). From here you have 2 options on what to buy. You can either buy offensively or defensively. Typically I will get at least 1 other crit item. For my last item either a Guardian Angel, or Mortal Reminder is a good pick.

When going AP I typically like to start off by getting a Nashor's Tooth. This ties in with the auto attack playstyle. You will get your W evolve straight away from this, and it will help you clear your camps and skirmish. From here I will either go defensively or offensively. If I go for a more devensive build, I will get either a Zhonya's Hourglass, or a Banshee's Veil. If I go for more attack, I will get either a Cosmic Drive, or a Rabadon's Deathcap. If I haven't already, I would get Zhonnya's Hourglass after that, and then typically buy another defensive item to finish it off (depending on the team).

A thing to remember is all builds are situational, sometimes it's better to get a specific item before another, it just depends on the enemy team.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Kai6
Kai6 Kai'Sa Guide
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[11.14] Kai'Sa Jungle Season 11 Guide

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