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Sett Build Guide by LastLee



Updated on May 3, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LastLee Build Guide By LastLee 39 10 219,746 Views 1 Comments
39 10 219,746 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LastLee Sett Build Guide By LastLee Updated on May 3, 2021
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide


By LastLee
Hey everyone I am LastLee ,and i am playing league of legend since the first season and now that i have more free time i would love to make more guides. Playing always ranked games and streaming .
I hope you will enjoy my guides and that they will be helpful for you .
My English are not perfect but i will do my best so you will understand my way of thinking about Sett .
This is my first guide in Mobafire i wish you guys love it and will help you to play Rammus in an other style .
Greeting LastLee
Summoner spells
Flash is one of the most common spells in League of Leagends.Its a summoner Spell that is actualy from the begining of the this game ,most of the players in League will use.Without Flash you cant go far on this game you need it for the most champions that they have no rush or Flash skill to escape fights and to get on fights ,its the on way or an other.It is an extremely popular summoner spell due to the mobility it offers, and is especially vital on champions that entirely lack mobility abilities.

Teleport is mainly used to minimize laning downtime after .Teleport is a targeted summoner spell. It can be cast on a friendly turret, minion or ward anywhere on the map to teleport to them after a small channel. It is not stopped like Recall upon damage, but can still be disrupted by hard crowd control abilities such as stuns,Roots,and silences.An amazing summoner spells since season 2 used from most of the players that go top lane,can farm longer on lane and defend your lane as much as possible .
Ability Explanation
Sett's basic attacks alternate between left and right punch. Right punch is slightly stronger and faster. Sett also hates losing, gaining additional health regeneration based off of his missing health.Amazing passive love the way he keeps him on lane .

Sett itches for a fight, gaining ?% movement speed for ? seconds while moving towards enemy champions. Sett's next two basic attacks deal ? bonus physical damage, plus ? of the target's maximum health per 100 attack damage. Against monsters the damage is capped at 400 per punch.

Passive: Sett stores damage taken as Grit, to a cap of Sett's max health. Grit decays quickly ? seconds after the damage was taken. Active: Sett winds up a giant punch in a direction, expending all Grit to deal as true damage to all enemies in the center line. Enemies not in the center line take physical damage instead. Sett also gains a rapidly decaying shield equal to Grit expended.

Sett smashes enemies on either side of him into each other, dealing physical damage and slowing them . If Sett grabbed at least one enemy on each side, all enemies are stunned .

Sett grabs an enemy champion, carries them forward, then slams them into the ground. All enemies near the impact take physical damage and are slowed . Enemies take less damage the further they are from where Sett lands.
Pros / Cons

+ Tanky
+ Has good CC
+ No mana or energy
+ Farming boss
+ Easy to gank
+ Great engage

He is a good player when it comes to the point that you are lvl 6 and you can outplay your opponent .With his passive skill he can stay long in lane and farm really fast because of his double hit.


- No Peel
- Can be kitted very easily
- Needs his R for a decent Teamfight
- Slow movement speed
- No flashing skills to escape

He cant gank fast if you are in the jungler ,slow movement speed so you really need to chase your opponents every time if you get ganked than its really difficult to escape ,so you need to fight everytime that this happens
About Sett
Sett's W deals true damage to champions hit in the center. Be sure to dodge to the side in order to avoid taking more damage. The W also provides Sett with a shield and deals bonus damage based on how much Grit he has. Be careful of Sett using his W when he has a high amount of Grit stacked up.
He has two punches, a left punch and a right punch. While his left punch is a basic auto, he will follow it up with a right punch that will deal bonus damage. Be sure to pay attention to what arm he is using to avoid taking bonus damage from his right punch, especially in early trades.
When Sett uses his E on enemies from both in front and behind him, it will also stun. This also applies to minions and jungle creeps. Avoid clumping beside minions and champions to prevent him from having the opportunity to land the stun.
Sett's R deals bonus damage based on how close the enemies are to the center of the impact zone. Be sure to dodge the area Sett is about to land in order to avoid taking bonus damage.
Perfect option against strong AD carry players to protect you from alot of basic attack damage and keep you longer in lane because of your passive ability it works perfect on Sett.

UNIQUE Passive: Dealing physical damage to an enemy champion Cleaves them, reducing their Armor by 4% for 6 seconds (stacks up to 6 times, up to 24%).
UNIQUE Passive - Rage: Dealing physical damage grants 20 movement speed for 2 seconds. Assists on Cleaved enemy champions or kills on any unit grant 60 movement speed for 2 seconds instead. This Movement Speed is halved for ranged champions.

Perfect items for Sett it gives him a crazy advantage .Sett is pure physical damage so this items fit him perfect ,with reducing their armor by 4% stacked 6 times that some cary damage over there .

Perfect for Sett as you can outplay your opponents with the crazy shields and all this unexpected moves and outplays .I love this items because it keeps you alive for the best moment so you can cast you skills again and also take that extra shield in every fight .

UNIQUE Passive - Cleave: Basic attacks deal 5 + 1% of your maximum health as bonus physical damage to your target and 40 + 2.5% of your maximum health as physical damage to other enemies in a cone on hit.
UNIQUE Active - Crescent: Cleave damage to all targets is increased to 40 + 10% of your maximum health as bonus physical damage in a larger cone for your next basic attack (20 second cooldown).
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LastLee
LastLee Sett Guide
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