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Janna Build Guide by Touka1

Support [12.11] 1100LP Challenger Guide by Touka

Support [12.11] 1100LP Challenger Guide by Touka

Updated on June 22, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Touka1 Build Guide By Touka1 21 4 24,432 Views 2 Comments
21 4 24,432 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Touka1 Janna Build Guide By Touka1 Updated on June 22, 2022
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Runes: Aery

1 2
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

Relentless Hunter
Eyeball Collection

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

[12.11] 1100LP Challenger Guide by Touka

By Touka1
Hello I'm Touka, Ive been playing League of Legends for 10 years since season 3, I mainly play Support especially Janna on EUW and right now my rank is around 1100lp while writing this guide.
My Accounts I change my summoner name alot so this is a good way to keep tracking it without me changing anything :)

Also there should be lot's of grammar mistakes my apology it's not my native language you can comment and i'll try to fix it!

Why Janna ? She is good at dis-engage, moving around the map, good at punishning mistakes from enemy, peeling and you can catch enemy suprisingly with her Howling Gale´╗┐ and also fun to play! her weakness would be low damage and laning phase, Janna learning curve is high at the start but after it get very easily when u learn match-ups, positions, when to roam and punishing enemy mistakes.

She got better in Durability patch because of her E passive didn't get Heal/Shield reduction compare to other enchanters so right now she is one of the best Enchanters in the game!
I mainly play with Aery for easy and even lane and I go glacial only vs Samira/Tristana/Kalista/Lucian (with nami only) basically when enemy can kill me 2v2 in lane I'll go glacial.. also with glacial you always go heal because of revitalize and since you are looking to scale, heal is more valuable than ignite because of supports items and your E passive amplifies your heal. ( you can also go Bone Plating´╗┐ instead of Conditioning / font of live (only if you have hyper carries)´╗┐ if lane is too hard for you ).
Summoner Spells
You always go Flash´╗┐ and Ignite´╗┐ in lower elo if you think you can kill enemy in lane because it's way easier to catch and punish enemy botlane and have kill pressure otherwise Heal´╗┐, I mostly go Heal´╗┐ because in C1+ it's harder to kill your enemy in lane and heal is more valuable for enchanters especially with janna Eye Of The Storm´╗┐ Passive which increases her healing/shielding by 20%
Skill Path
I usually start with Q - W - E and max E than W second and Q after, I always go Howling Gale´╗┐ level 1 which allows me to farm sometimes my Spellthief's Edge´╗┐ before minions spawn by spamming Howling Gale´╗┐ where enemy would likely to be (example tribush). Sometimes I go Howling Gale´╗┐ into level 2 Eye Of The Storm´╗┐ when I'm playing vs Karma for example where I can't get close to her and she permanently pokes you on cooldown. Since her nerf on W it's not worth going more than 1-2 points on Zephyr´╗┐.
Item Builds
I always start with Spellthief's Edge´╗┐, 2x Health Potion´╗┐ and Stealth Ward´╗┐.
if you are not leashing you can ward in the middle of the bottom bush and recall to get oracle and setup wave for your jungler to gank!

My first back would usually be Boots´╗┐ Dark Seal´╗┐ Control Ward´╗┐ Refillable Potion´╗┐. It depends how much gold you have on your first back if you have around 575G You can get Boots´╗┐ Control Ward´╗┐ Refillable Potion´╗┐ and buy dark seal later on.

I usually go Moonstone Renewer´╗┐ unless i'm stomping my lane very hard which sometimes I'll go shurelya to be able to catch/escape enemy but when you not sure what to buy, you should always buy Moonstone Renewer´╗┐ after I'll get Chemtech Putrifier´╗┐ as my second item which is great value even if enemy has no healing champs because nowdays everything heals and after that you can go whatever you feel like but my build is usually Mejai's Soulstealer´╗┐ and Watchful Wardstone´╗┐ because I try to funnel as much gold as I can to my teammates so they are able to carry even harder and those 2 items cost only 2350G which is great value because it also count as full item which gives u additional Moonstone Renewer´╗┐ passive. ( you should always look for the cost efficiency because of support low income it's really troll to buy zhonya or rabadon because you could have gotten 1.5 items instead of 1
Laning Phase
I always try to get level 2 priority before enemy botlane so I'm able to punish them instead of enemy punishing me, sometimes I have to leash and enemy doesn't so they are able to get prio but that's fine aslong you get all the xp and spellthief gold for wards. the trick getting prio in early game is Q either the melee minions or range depends on the state of wave it doesn't really matter if u hit enemy botlane with your tornado it's all about getting early priority and what minions to you also you just have to think if you adc is gonna lose minions that way or not if yes you can Q the range minions instead of melee ones since they usually hit the closes one ( melee ) also you should keep track of enemy jungler so you don't get punished by pushing too hard also keep in mind Janna laning phase is not that good compare to other supports so aslong you survive laning phase by going even or ahead you should be fine!
When to roam!
When you first recall and buy your boots the first thing you will do is look at the state of you wave and if it's slow pushing to you. you are allowed to go mid and look for gank or your jungler want to do some play you are able to follow him and you should always keep your tempo steady and be back when the wave is slowly clashing to your turret so you ADC doesn't get dive and lose the whole wave also you catch all the xp....! If you don't manage to do anything while going mid you can just clear/ put ward / control ward on the map and go back to lane without losing anything also enemy support usually also goes mid to somewhere to make play and as Janna you should always look to counter gank if you are sure that will happen!
Support Matchups
I usually find it easier to lane vs tank supports compare to enchanters because you get punished harder if you make small mistake in laning phase while against enchanters it's just trading back and forward instead of all-in and you just scale


S - Lulu´╗┐ Senna´╗┐ Blitzcrank´╗┐ Renata Glasc´╗┐ Ashe

Skill match-up - Bard´╗┐ - Nami´╗┐ - Sona´╗┐ - Karma´╗┐ - Soraka´╗┐ - Seraphine´╗┐ - Xerath´╗┐ - Zyra´╗┐ - Pyke

Easy - Alistar´╗┐ - Anivia´╗┐ - Annie´╗┐ - Ashe´╗┐ - Brand´╗┐ - Braum´╗┐ - Galio´╗┐ - Gragas´╗┐ - Leona´╗┐ - Lux´╗┐ - Maokai´╗┐ - Malphite´╗┐ - Morgana´╗┐ - Shen´╗┐ - Nautilus´╗┐ - Neeko´╗┐ - Pantheon´╗┐ - Shaco´╗┐ - Rell´╗┐ - Rakan´╗┐ - Sett´╗┐ - Swain´╗┐ - Taric´╗┐ - Twitch´╗┐ - Tahm Kench´╗┐ - Thresh´╗┐
Synergies with Janna
S - Draven´╗┐ - Karthus´╗┐

A_cceptable - Aphelios´╗┐ - Ezreal´╗┐ - Jhin´╗┐ - Jinx´╗┐ - Lucian´╗┐ - Miss Fortune´╗┐ - Tristana´╗┐ - Twitch´╗┐ - Xayah´╗┐

B_ad - Caitlyn´╗┐ - Corki´╗┐ - Kai'Sa´╗┐ - Kalista´╗┐ -Kindred´╗┐ - Kog'Maw´╗┐ - Samira´╗┐ - Quinn´╗┐ -Sivir´╗┐ - Varus´╗┐ - Vayne´╗┐

Maybe macro guide in future, I would probably need to write whole thesis for this one.

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