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Shaco Build Guide by TheChoz3nOne



Updated on February 5, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheChoz3nOne Build Guide By TheChoz3nOne 120 12 243,062 Views 0 Comments
120 12 243,062 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheChoz3nOne Shaco Build Guide By TheChoz3nOne Updated on February 5, 2022
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Runes: Main Runes 1 (My favourite)

1 2 3 4
First Strike
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

Manaflow Band

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


All-time favourite spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide


By TheChoz3nOne
General Strategies and Tips about Shaco Top Lane
Hello guys, it is the rework of my previous guide for Shaco Top in Season 11. In season 12, my Shaco is not a average Liandry fan anymore, he is now average Rocketbelt enjoyer :D

Our new Shaco will be built by new rune called First Strike which is really-really good on Shaco in my opinion. This rune allows to us to play with any style we want. You can build Liandry Shaco or Burst/Magic Penetration Shaco with Rocketbelt or Luden.

Luden > Rocketbelt in the late game so if you're playing with Rocketbelt at 30-40 minutes - go sell it and buy Luden.

I always play with Burst Shaco Build and I prefer to use Rocketbelt as it gives to us many options such as additional mobility that can help us finish off our opponents or to get out alive.

In case of damage Luden is better than Rocketbelt by a simple reason. Rocketbelt's Active Damage is around 180 average magic damage but reloading is too long and since we don't use Ingenious Hunter in favour of Manaflow Band that means that Luden's Passive is more attractive to us. Damage of Luden's passive is around 120 but cooldown is pretty short and it is activating on our boxes, ult and of course E. So, if you don't really like Rocketbelt, you can use Luden which is also gives us mana so you can even change some runes in favour of damage rather than mana.

Specifically for Luden's Mag Pen Shaco Build you can also try these runes:
Electrocute (then what do you want) + Time-Warp Tonic with Biscuits.

After Lost Chapter your mana problems will be vanished.

Let's see our main runes:

First Strike, Magic Boots and Tonic with Biscuits + Manaflow Band with Transcendence

And in additional runes you'll take 1 point for CDR and then what do you prefer. We really need as many CDR as we can get because our main items don't have so many CDR stats. I personally take next 1 point for damage and 1 point for def - MR/ARMOR (by situation)

Summoner's Spells: Teleport with Ignite. Teleport is an essential because we WILL have problems with mana even with our mana runes and etc... You can save mana but you should play passive top laner and that's not what I want. Aggressive playstyle is way more effective, interesting and satisfying. Aren't we all playing this game to feel ourselves satisfied, no?

About start items.
Since we're playing aggro-playstyle we'll buy Long Sword with Heal for 150g (after first back we'll upgrade it to Heal Potion). Long Sword will make our backstabs a little bit stronger since they're having AD ratio. Our additional rune for damage gives to us another 5 AD and that is making our backstabs stronger too a little bit.

=Strategy/Tactic etc...=

You need to try to deal damage even before the minions will spawn. Top Laners are always start with their Jungler so go to their jungle and put some boxes to punish them. Predict top laner's movements and trap boxes there. It will deal not much damage but it will help to us anyway. Sometimes it is very helpful to win the lane. I remember when I hit my opponent Yorick to low hp with 3 boxes. First he had been hit around the buff, second around bush to enter the top lane and the third nearby. That made him to low hp. Imagine how Top Lane Shaco can destroy Yorick Top Lane before lvl-1.

Okay, the laning phase begins. Your main goal is to punish your enemy for his mistakes. Everybody make mistakes that you don't even notice. It's coming with experience. You always try to get lvl-2 first and then ALWAYS (if you have enough hp) try to punish your lvl-1 opponent with your Q damage. Then you get lvl-3 spike, use it too.

If you get low enough and have around 350g (to upgrade heal), you place ward around the bush then back and tp to that ward and try to make sudden attack to an enemy. It is just example.

Also don't forget to use your main ability for your favour - Invisibility. When enemy is going for taking the turret, hide in the bush and then when opponent will come close enough - use Q through wall and attack him. Sometimes it can give you a kill as some champions have AoE abilities so your turret will attack him and even if you're behind - you can get a kill with this trick. Most fun part that this trick works every time. Even if you're already did this, they don't even always buys red trinket after that move so keep that in mind.

So, the main goal is to be ahead your opponent and when you get control of him you need to hold him and try to punish him for every move to your farm. I don't wanna teach you a wave management here so if you don't know basics like that go to youtube and check some guides about that.

If you succeed on your main goal that means that you won your lane. I promise you all these strategies/tactics will work at low-elo. And since low-elo players doesn't even know how strong their champion are - you can just play confident and they will run away in fear = free kill. At higher elo it won't be easy to outplay your opponent because they know basics of wave management, they'll punish you if they'll get lvl-2 first so be careful but that doesn't mean that they can't be outplayed. I destroyed some of Diamond players by that strategies as even some Diamond players don't know Shaco Top Lane match-up and of course some of them are also lost to me before even 1st lvl or at lvl-2-3 Spike.

If enemy jungler got you in his hands and they're about to kill you - try to die by enemy jungler's hands - not by enemy top laner. Because if jungler kills you, top laner will get only 150g as it would be an assist. If it possible try to not get hit by top laner, only by jungler so you won't let top laner get even 150g as an assist. But! That's only in hardest situations where you're most likely die. And it's only in low-elo because in higher-elo junglers are trying to give kills to their laners so they won't kill you at the end.

If top laner didn't kill you twice (maybe even 3 kills) with the help of the jungler - you still can be more powerful than him. Also try to notice when he back - what he buys because item is a power spike too. Our first item spike is Hextech Alternator which gives to our abilities an additional magic damage around 70 in early game with 30 seconds cooldown.

What if you're behind? Try to get as many CS as you can and not be poked to much.
Priorities in this situation: Siege Minion > Health > CS. Siege Minion is an essential but it doesn't have any problems to kill him and not to be poked because you can kill it with your E but anyway this is the most important minion as it gives you 60-90 gold during the game then the most important thing is health. Your mind is like can I get this minion and not be punished for that? If answer is yes - go ahead. Vice versa. That algorythm will help you at least not to die and still have some gold if you kill your siege minion (if the you're so behind and the enemy is something like Jayce/Teemo or other poking sh!t).

There is no many ways to comeback - roam but it's random a bit and sometimes not worth it, to trick your opponent somehow with your creative mind and that's pretty all. You could've comeback with your jungler but he's a probably b!tch afk-farming or when he is ganking he is stealing your kills :D. Bait your opponents to boxes if you max them or just bait them to get tilted as they dive into your turret.

The most hated match-up for me is Garen. Not because it's hardest - he's just so unkillable. Max W or E - it's all doesn't work, you won't kill him 1v1 if you're attacking. If he's brainless - it's the most easiest match-up where you're maxing your boxes and just place them around you. Brainless Garen will just walks up to them and get killed by you.

=What should I max=

Honestly, you can max E or W - it depends only from you and your playstyle. Maxing E will allow you to play aggro more effectively. I also like max W to 2 or 3 points sometimes as box dmg of 10-15 is too low since it was nerfed recently. Maxing both is also the good way. Good example match-up where you can definetely try to max both E and W is Sylas. It's a healing champion so you should all your kit to damage him as hard as possible. I really recommend to max W at least for 2 points even if you don't want to max box and only want to max E because 1 point boxes damage isn't enough for you to stay alive in the dangerous situations. You can even place an illuminati Shaco 3-box but it's pointless because the damages is too low. I really don't understand why they nerfed Shaco's W damage. I really hope they'll buff his boxes in the near future.

=Additional info about match-ups=

Some of champs are ranked on Minor, Even, Major threat levels but I rate them looking on their overall power but MOST of Yasuo, Riven, Irelia (and all champs that are similar to them) and Garen mains are brainless so it's easy to outplay them because they're too aggressive SO max W and wait them to dive or attack you. You can even lose some hp to become more attractive for them. Even in high elo. Just look at Pink Ward - whenever I watch him playing against these champs - he's always winning lane.

Overall you just need to understand who are you playing against because you won't always get really good players even if they're not high-elo. High-elo Players not the smartest guys in these games. Some of them are luckily got to Platinum playing Garen Top. Some of them are playing on overall strong champs like Sett who is always winning the lane against anybody in Low-Elo. Some of them got boosted. Some bought account and etc... Keep that in mind so if you're low-elo player who is playing against high-elo - just thank god for this gift as if you will outplay him in all aspects of the game it really does mean that you're good and you can be proud of yourself. Anyway if he's really better than you - just be confident and test your limits. Test your limits it doesn't mean to die always. If you have 3-4 deaths by opponent in early game you probably are out of this game. So try to stay alive and play at your limit power.
There are 3 ways to max your abilities.

E - more agressive plays
W - more defensive and smart plays
Maxing both - more options, all main abilities (E and W) deal decent damage)

Box damage is useless if you maxed it only on first point, it deals damage only if you're making traps before the minion spawns when everyone is lvl-1. That's why I try to max it at least for 2 or even 3 points.

E damage is useless on 1-2 points.

Max your abilities by situation. The way of thinking like "well i'll max boxes for the rest of my life till i die" is really bad. In every game the situation is different, when I'm behind it influencing on my choice of maxing skills so keep that in mind. Playing on Shaco it does mean being creative player.
Mythic Choose
We have 3 good mythic items on Shaco.

Luden > Liandry > Rocketbelt

Rocketbelt is good for his active that gives to us mobility, Liandry and Luden are best but I personally like Luden more and I feel it does more damage in the late game so I chose it over Liandry. I rarely build Liandry, my main items are Rocketbelt and Luden.
About me
I'm OTP MasterClass Shaco main that has 1kk mastery points from all accounts combined. I was playing in Gold-tier level but now I'm unranked. I can easily play even against Diamond players but I don't play ranked games so often. I will be uploading some games and highlights here and on my YT channel against high-elo players.

I understand that some of you can be better than me at this game as your elo is above than mine but I still think that I can help you as I play only Shaco and I know many tips and tricks with him. Anyway, many of my Top match-ups wins are decided not on Shaco mechanical skills but for my decent marco and micro skill game as I won most of my match-ups before lvl-3 since low-elo players don't even know the basics of these game.

But that doesn't mean that you don't need mechanical skills to play Shaco Top. Mechanics is very important to play Shaco Top. I personally think that if you want to play Shaco Top really god you need to play it always. When I mean always I mean non-stop. Play Shaco Top always! Because if you won't you can lose your tempo or confidence or something like this...

My Shaco Highlights
You can find my videos on youtube:

I played against Platinum, Diamond and High Gold players. I rarely upload videos against Silver players because they're too easy. To be honest Gold players almost the same but sometimes I find interesting players to play against.

I also did 2 penta's on Shaco Top recently with Electrocute and First Strike runes so I think it proves that they're useful.
Please don't give on my guide dislike only because "it won't work for you". I'm writing these for some casual players that couldn't do anything when playing shaco top lane. And please don't play ranked as Shaco Top Lane until you master it. Because until you master it you'll probable be useless in most games especially if you play at gold+ elo.

And AP Shaco Top Lane is absolutely different champion so if you were playing Shaco in jungle it does mean that you're just like the casual players that want play Shaco top but with difference that you have better mechanics. AD Shaco Top Lane is different too and AP Shaco Top is only similar with AD until the first or two backs to the base. When you play in the early game you can think that you're playing AD Shaco until you build your first AP item.

AD Shaco Top is weaker than AP Shaco Top but it's playable too in my opinion. AD Shaco boxes can do damage too so you can try to max it so you can do some AP Shaco tricks. Also Hybrid Shaco builds are working too in my opinion. There also 2 types of Hybrid Shaco builds: 1) More AP and 2) More AD. More AD it mostly usual AD Shaco with box maxing or 1 ap item. More AP it mostly usual AP Shaco with some AD items which were bought for their passive effects. Example: The Collector.

Difference between Hybrid Shaco (mostly AD) and not Hybrid is that Hybrid Shaco has more options. You can build Shaco only if you're really experienced Shaco OTP player. Of course in case of damage not hybrid builds are always more powerful but in case of options Hybrid Shaco build is the best.


Only in case of damage AD Shaco is more powerful. Overall AP Shaco is really better but it's harder to master. It's so hard to master you can't even imagine, to really be a masterclass Shaco Player you should play only Shaco - not even other champs. That's my point of view.

I think my guide is more for Shaco mains that already has good mechanics on this champion who do want to move on the Top side of the map with the clown. Again, AP Shaco Top Lane is a whole different champion.

=Problems and disadvantages of Shaco top=

Shaco Top Lane was way more playable and better before in my opinion. You had Single Target boxes, now they AoE and that's main problem I think. I wish boxes will be Single Target damage if enemy is walking on the boxes but AoE if there are no any enemy champs.

Shaco's Ap Ratios is pretty low. I still don't understand why they nerfed W and E AP ratios as it doesn't really changes Shaco Support. And also they nerfed main W damage that made Hybrid Shaco (mostly AD, when you're maxing only W) more useless. Like you could max W to 5 points and then have 95 damage on single target champ, now you can only have 85 damage. See the difference?

Shaco Top Lane also have mana problems. You can't play Shaco with Rocketbelt build without Manaflow band.

Shaco's Boxes Life length was also nerfed in the S10 so it's the problem too because previously you could place 4-5 or maybe 6 boxes and outplay some tanky opponents like Garen and etc... Nowadays it's only 3 or maybe 4 boxes possible to place but fourth one is dying in like 5 seconds so imagine how much damage did we lose?

Shaco's Clear is pretty bad until you buy Liandry and max W and build only CDR items. Previously we had Hextech Protobelt which helped to us with this task with Ingenious Hunter combination.

But! If you play with Tonic, Biscuits and Manaflow band - the problem will almost vanish even in the early game.
League of Legends Build Guide Author TheChoz3nOne
TheChoz3nOne Shaco Guide
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