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Neeko Build Guide by Bouhhsolene

Middle [13.6] Hi hi Neeko Build

Middle [13.6] Hi hi Neeko Build

Updated on March 26, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bouhhsolene Build Guide By Bouhhsolene 23 3 98,003 Views 5 Comments
23 3 98,003 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Bouhhsolene Neeko Build Guide By Bouhhsolene Updated on March 26, 2023
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Runes: Electrocute

1 2 3 4 5
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ultimate Hunter

Absolute Focus
Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


1 2 3
Usual spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[13.6] Hi hi Neeko Build

By Bouhhsolene
Hey! Welcome to my guide to , the curious Chameleon!
Who am I?

My name is Solène, I'm playing since early season 7 and I play everyrole.
I'm currently platinum 3 and I'm playing mages most of the time. I started playing Neeko when she was released and now I decided to make a guide about her as I think I can share my knowledge of the champion with others players that might want to play her !!

Why play Neeko

Neeko is a pretty fun champ, and she can do pretty good in average elo games. She's also quite easy to learn once you understand the champion. She is also the kind of champion that you won't get bored with even in bad games ! She is also quite funny to do tricks and have a lot of fun!

Infos on the guide!

In this guide, you will find infos on how to play in the middle lane, or as a support.
The guide will be most likely to be for midlane, but I will also talk a bit about support, I will say when it talks about support! It will mostly focus on ap Neeko midlane, but I can also talk about ad neeko.

Finally, if you want to find the chapters you want here is a little table of contents:

Why play Neeko ?
Summoners Spells and runes
Abilities and how to use them
Item build
Laning and Teamfighting
Summoners Spells and runes

Flash is obviously a must have for Neeko, being one of the must have on every midlane champion. Neeko not being that much of mobile, it can help her escape ganks, gap close to the enemy, and flashing R in the middle of the enemy team stunning all of them in Teamfight.

Teleport is when you want to play safe, or a kind of passive lane and are expecting to side/ split push most of the game. If you want to play aggressive, you'd rather take ignite.

I genuiely like Ignite more now, as stated earlier, because I can play more agressively and get more kill potential. But I personally think wether you take Teleport or Ignite depends on your preferences.

Take it as secondary spells against hard cc comp, or against CC midlaner or Jungler such as , , , or


Take exhaust on matchups you're not sure to hold, and where you feel like you might die on an all in. I personally take it against Yasuo and Irelia.


First runepage:

In the midlane, I like to go electrocute against champs with lower range as I find it easier to proc it. For example, I take it against melee matchups.

With the principal tree, I like to take for the bit of substain in lane, with , for the bit more of damage overall, and finally for the cdr on ur ult !
If you don't like the cdr,you can also take to roam faster with the movment speed.

In secondary, I always take sorcery with for the AP or against all ins ap matchups and always for the ap scaling !

Electrocute Playstyle

With the different runes on Neeko, you will have a bit of different playstyles. With electrocute, you will play more agressive , so try to get more vision and get backup from your jungler. You can Proc electrocute level 1 with 2 + one Q, but don't force and care not to tank the wave too much , level 2 with AA + Tangle-Barbs + Q , it is even better if you have your empowered auto attack, you can also start with Tangle-Barbsand then auto attack twice. Finally, you can proc hit level 3 with Tangle-Barbs + Blooming Burst + AA
After procking it, you can also use Shapesplitter to remove minion aggro.
But be careful after you proc it, you will be more vulnerable to gank.
Overall, if you can manage two electrocute procks, the third one should almost all the time kill or force a flash.

Second runepage:

Comet is what I tend to take against long ranges matchups/ those that will play from farther away ([Lux], [Xerath]), I find it harder to proc electrocute, so I like to play their own game by poking them with Q. In primary, I usually take either or depending on the opponent's source of damage and all ins. Then, I take for the extra AP, and finally, for the extra AP Scaling. You could also go for the extra poke, but I personnally just like gathering storm more.

Comet play style

With comet, you're gonna aim to poke in lane. This starts from level 1 where you should start to land a Q on your opponent. Try to watch your opponent's movement to predict where he'll go and Q. Try to land as much as you can and see if you can hit your E when they're standing behind minions. If you hit enough Q, or even if you hit an E, you can still hit your standard combo !

Third Runepage:

First Strike is mostly a rune I take as support when the opponent is low range and therefore it will be easy to proc. Its a bit harder in midlane and not that interesting even against low range champions as it takes out a lot of your damage.

In the primary tree, I take Magical Footwear, Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight because they are the most interesting. I believe hexflash could be okay too.

In the secondary tree, I would take Taste of Blood for the sustain and Ultimate Hunter for the ultimate CDR.

First strike playstyle

With First Strike, you're gonna aim to proc it as much as you can, land a Q, Land a combo, go in, just make gold.
It's not the most optimal rune, but it's an ok choice in support.

Fourth runepage:

Glacial Augment is more for a supportive support role, the point will just be to be a cc machine, with everfrost. The primary and secondary runes are the same as First Strike !

Glacial Augment playstyle

With Glacial Augment, you will not be the big ap carry as with other runes, so it's mostly to be taken in support. With it, you're gonna try to hit your E to lock in the opponent even more. You're gonna build everfrost and try to freeze enemies. You will be a CC machine.

AD Runepage

I'm not gonna go much into details because that's not really an ad neeko build lol.

INNATE: Neeko is offered a selection of Champion icon allied champions to take their appearance. Once selected, there's a 2.5 seconds delay before another champion can be selected.

While disguised, Neeko can use basic attacks while keeping her form. Taking damage from enemy champions, or casting either Blooming Burst Blooming Burst or Tangle-Barbs Tangle-Barbs breaks the illusion and puts Inherent Glamour on cooldown.

When disguised, Neeko can select herself to deactivate her disguise, putting Inherent Glamour on a 2-second cooldown.

Neeko's passive can easily be used to trick ur opponent, and here, I will teach you the tricks with Neeko's passive.
Level 1, if you start W, you can easily scare off the enemy jungler, or team by being either your Jungler or a champion with a hook/root such as Blitzcrank or Morgana.
Other than that, Neeko's passive won't be that usefull until level 6.
After level 6, you can disguise yourself as an ally champion, and run to your lane with R if your opponent overextent, and he won't see you r until the last few seconds.
To roam, you can either disguise yourself as your jungler to make them think you're actually the jungler, or as the laner of the lane you're going to to make them think you're that person, and to not make them doubt you.
In late, if they have an assassin such as Zed or Talon, or even any assassin, disguise yourself as your adc to bait them to come and all in you, but if they come, you will be able to kill them if you R before they realise you're Neeko.
To bait, you might as well disguise yourself as a dead ally, as you will appear low hp, and sometimes, people will go flashing on you, not knowing the champion you're supposed to be is dead.

ACTIVE: Neeko propels a seed into a target area dealing Magic damage magic damage to enemies within.

70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 50% AP)
If the seed kills an enemy unit or damages a champion or large monster, it will bloom again after a short delay to deal magic damage. This cannot happen more than twice per Blooming Burst.
Neeko's Q is most likely what you're gonna use to do damage. It can have different uses, but in the end, it will always have the goal to do damage.
Firstly, you can use it to farm, if you see 3 low hp Minion, you can Q to get all three minion. You can also wait, when your Q is around level 3 or 4, for your opponent to be in the minions your aiming to kill, to do damage to him as well. Later in the game, you can double auto (or W passive auto) a caster minion, and then Q, to get all 3 caster minions.

Also, you can use it to poke, especially when you have comet. When you use it to poke, you should be sure it is on your opponent, and, if possible, try to aim it for your opponent to be in the middle of it so he can eventually take a bloom damage as well. But care when you do that not to push the wave, if you don't want to push, wait for your opponent to be out of the wave and then Q him.

Finally, you can use it in your combo to burst. When you do that, you might want to stun your opponent before using your Q on him, so you're sure to make him take the bloom damage as well. You can also use it after using your R if you see an angle where more than one person are stunned, or just on the squishiest target as it does a good amount of damage.

PASSIVE: Basic attacks on-hit grant Neeko a stack of Shapesplitter, up to a maximum of two. At 2 stacks, Neeko's next basic attack is turned into a Projectile non-projectile, dealing bonus magic damage and granting her Movement speed icon bonus movement speed for 1 second, consuming the stacks.
ACTIVE: Neeko becomes invisible for 0.5 seconds, sending a temporary clone of her Inherent Glamour current form sprinting in the target direction for 3 seconds and up to 900 units away. The clone is Playful untargetable for the first 0.5 seconds.

Both Neeko and the clone gain bonus movement speed for 3 seconds.

Neeko's W can have different uses two, but firstly, let's see the passive use, and the active.

Neeko's W passive actually only have one use, and it's to do damage with your auto. You can use the empowered auto on your opponent if you don't have to farm to do more damage to him, or to farm under turret, especially casters, so you don't have to put a first auto before the tower shot to get the minion.

Neeko's W active, can have a couple use such as checking for vision, if you take it level 1, you can use it to check if they invade, you can also make it check the bushes if you don't have wards, so you don't have to face check yourself. You can also use it to cancel minion aggro, like when you auto your opponent.
You can also use it to trick your opponent and escape ganks, for example, go at the other way than the one they might think your going. I know this might not be clear, so I'm gonna give you an example.

Imagine you're getting ganked, and you really need to escape, and they might cc you under your turret to kill you, just like with a Thresh, most of the time, people think you would run to your turret, but you won't: send your clone to the turret, and leave through the bush. Here is a picture to illustrate what I'm saying.
But, try not to do it everytime if you're at least high gold, because if you do it everytime, your opponent will start getting the trick.

Finally, you can use it to run into the enemy team with your R, so they don't see you.

ACTIVE: Neeko slings a magical spiral in a target direction, dealing magic damage and Root icon rooting enemies it passes through.If Tangle-Barbs hits at least one enemy, it grows in size and speed, and the root duration is increased.

Neeko's E is mostly used to punish positioning mistakes, especially in minion waves. If your opponent is in the back of a minion wave, you can E and normally it should it if you aim it good. You might not aim it easily in your first games, but it will become easier with time. After using E, you should follow up with your Q.
You can also use it to escape ganks if the people ganking you stay close to each other. Also, you can use it directly if they are in tower range, to root them in tower range.


ACTIVE: Neeko Channeling iconwinds up over 1.25 seconds, creating a zone around her. The zone is invisible to enemies while she is Inherent Glamour disguised.

Neeko then Hybrid resistances icon shields herself for 2 seconds, increased for each enemy champion nearby, as she leaps into the air for 0.6 seconds.

Upon landing, Neeko bursts with spiritual energy, dealing magic damage and Stun icon stunning nearby enemies for 1.25 seconds.


In early, you might wanna use it, after hitting at least one E+Q combo, then run into your opponent with it on, and after, hit your different spells. It has a lot of damage, so normally, if you use it when your opponent is around 75% hp, you should be able to kill them. When you roam, you should run into the one your aiming to kill with it on, and possibly flash or protobelt onto them, to either force a flash or kill.

Later in the game, you can use it if one of your opponent all in you, to be able to kill them 1v1. It has quite a small cd, so you can use it in 1v1. You can also use it when your opponents are grouped, if they disrespect you with your flash, flash into all of them with your R. If your team is correct, they should easily be able to follow up on your engage. You can also use it if they have different melee that come near you, to zone them.

Also, sometimes to have a big ult, disguise yourself so the ult isn't visible, if the opponents are all stacked, W in their opposite direction (send the clone), start casting R at the same moment and run into them for a big POOF.
Item build

I will do with sections for the core build depending on the situation, but for the situationnal it will be the same for all and you will find them at the end of the chapter!

Midlane electrocute/comet build

Starting items: + 2

When you're playing in the midlane with , your core build will consist of , against teams with dashes, or and against not moving teams. You don't want to get a protobelt against a team with dashes as they will dash out of your R + Protobelt anyway, but against teams without dashes, you will easily be able to reach them with your R with protobelt. You can also stick to Luden's everygame as midlane because of the mana issues coming from Rocketbelt ! Tho, in support, you don't need to waveclear so you can go protobelt way more !

In early game, you may want to back with 1375 gold to grab a and a , or with 1125 gold to grab an + a control ward,then you want to back with 850 golds if you can to grab a . . If you can't first back with a lost chapter while building Luden's, just grab a . Later, you should back firstly with 1100 gold to grab your boots, either Sorcery, Mercurys or Tabis depending on the game you're having. Then you should back with 1125 gold to grab your and a , or with 1400 if you're building protobelt.

Out of laning phase, you should grab either an if if you have enough gold, or if you don't have enough for an .
Then you need to wait to get your Shadowflame.

Tho, if your opponents rely on healing a lot (Irelia, Sylas, Vlad), get a morello second, or if they're a heavy ad comp or assassin, Zhonya second.
After this, you should go for the situationnal items.

Support(electrocute, glacial or first strike, support overall)

Starting items: Spellthief's + 2

As when you're playing support, your main items are (obviously!) , Hextech.
You should back an , then a and finally the Hextech. Don't forget to buy pinks when you have enough gold! If you play glacial augment tho, you shouldn't do that and instead try to first back Lost if possible, then then finally everfrost !


: You can use Zohnya while R, without cancelling it. Against DPS comp or against heavy assasins like or you should go Zhonya's first item (against assassins) and third or fourth item against dps comps. If the enemy midlaner is an ad assassin and he's fed early, first back with a then go for your normal build (except for support when you still need Frostfang first).

: You should take it 4th or third item against heavy ap comp, cc chain, or when there is champs like or in the enemy team. Also if your opponent is an ap carry and he's starting to grow strong you should get it as it allows you to dodge cc, be tankier, and so let you be alive longer.

:To build last items when you're almost full build and don't need a defensive item. You can build it earlier if you're fed.

Void: To build second against comps that build directly MR, else you should go Morellonomicon=30 first and maybe void later.
Laning and Teamfighting

In lane, you are most likely to aim for a kill against even matchups, or even against hard matchups suchs as Fizz for example, you want a kill pre 6.

Level 1, most of the time you will want to poke with your W empowered AA, or if you start E, you might want to poke except if you don't want to push.

Level 2, if you play electrocute you will try to proc it with E + AA + AA, if you play comet, you should try to hit your E + Q, and with glacial augment, try to AA + E

Level 3, you might wanna hit combo E + Q + AA (maybe empowered)

If you manage to take those trades already, you should be able to put your opponent low, and possibly kill him after he uses his potion, and if you manage to hit another all in, or get a gank, you should be able to kill them, but be careful of ganks yourself, wards the bushes in the river, or on the side of the lane, or let them push you decide.

Before 6, you will just try to hit E + Q if you're aiming for a kill, else you will just farm.

Once you get 6, you should already have your Lost Chapter if you farmed well, so try to hit two E+Q, on the second one you hit, R, and aim for a kill or force a flash, but, before doing that, make sure of the enemy jungler position.
If your opponent plays too safe, try to push and roam toward either bot or top, depending on how the wave is set, if the wave is too pushed toward their tower, it will be impossible to roam. If you can't roam, try to get some vision on the enemy jungler.

If your opponent roams, and you can't facecheck, for example if he's an Ekko or any kind of assassin, or if he roams while you're not in position to follow up, just push the wave and get plates, Neeko can easily push towers with her W passive.

If your opponent only has one dash and uses it on you, without killing you, like a Fizz without E or an Ekko without R, R them and aim for the kill once you have your Luden's.
Once you have your luden's you should be able to one shot any squishy target if you hit your complete combo Q + E + R and possibly Ignite if Needed.

When playing Glacial Augment, you will avoid going for one shots like that, and try to make catches, may it be on your own lane, or in the jungle, hit your GLP and then try to hit E + Q and possibly R. You can have 1v1 potential, but it's better for teamfights, as you want to help your team.

I wrote teamfights, but it's most like, out of laning phase.

Out of laning phase, if you can match your opponent, you will possibly side lane and try to take the t1 that are up, but try to stay on the side of the objective you might wanna play, for example if dragon is up in one minute, go bot, and if it's baron, go top.
If you can't farm, or if the lane is too pushed, move around mid, take vision, and possibly try to take some kills in the jungle/mid.
When it come to teamfights, Neeko likes more places where people are grouped like in the jungle, and especially Pits, it's better as you can Easily hit your R on all of them, dealing damage on all of them and stunning them, giving your team free dps on the enemy team. But the problem is once you used your R, you won't be that useful, except by doing some burst, but you're not that important. Your R can easily decide a teamfight if you use it right so be sure to hit !
Also, if you see an opening for an E, use it ! But don't throw your W at random places, as they can easily punish you for it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this build :) Hope you liked it, if you have any advice or things to add, feel free to tell me and if you liked it I would appreciate if you could give it a vote :D

Have a good day !!
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