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Taric Build Guide by lightrocket2

Jungle 14.03 Challenger Taric Jungle : GEMS ARE BACK

Jungle 14.03 Challenger Taric Jungle : GEMS ARE BACK

Updated on February 13, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lightrocket2 Build Guide By lightrocket2 1136 39 1,181,203 Views 25 Comments
1136 39 1,181,203 Views 25 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author lightrocket2 Taric Build Guide By lightrocket2 Updated on February 13, 2024
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lightrocket2's Featured Video

Runes: Phase Rush (Chase/Panic Escape)

1 2 3 4 5
Phase Rush
Nullifying Orb


+10% Attack Speed
+2% Movement Speed
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2 3
Ghost Smite
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

14.03 Challenger Taric Jungle : GEMS ARE BACK

By lightrocket2


I'm streaming most days in the evenings on Twitch!
at 3PM CST. Feel free to stop by!


I upload the best games I have to YouTube every other day. If you are short on time, the videos there would interest you!


I offer coaching directly on Discord at 30$ per hour, 100$ for 4 hours. This deal only lasts until the end of 2023! I also coach on ProGuides and Metafy . I offer a Taric Mechanics Course, as well as live games and vod review for all champions and roles.


Also, a lot more discussion and debating of how and the best ways to play Taric Jungle happens on the Discord!


I use Twitter a bit. If you do too feel free to follow :)


I update the Spreadsheet at the end of each season, if you are curious about the history of builds for Taric Jungle!
Pros/Cons + Strengths/Weaknesses


The removal of the mythic system with the addition of frozen heart buffs and black cleaver nerfs is bringing back Taric as a jungler even more than before. The grubs make even more river fights, which Taric always benefits from. This is the season

Some TLDR strengths and weaknesses of Taric jungle are below:


Scales ok
Can HEAL GANK (if your team has brain)
Can 1v1 most melee matchups(if they aren't stupid fed already)
Building armor increases damage and tankiness (if they don't simply buy cleaver)
Attack speed stats are worth DOUBLE from passive
Full HP clear, kiting camps is not a requirement
Game changing ultimate
Jungle Mana regen helps mana issues
Great utility
Objective Fights are very strong
Build flexibility
Enemy doesn't understand what Taric does
Enemy tilts fast when losing to Taric Jungle


Mana dependent
Immobile / No dashes
Poor Range
Weak against pen/tank shread
Team doesn't understand what Taric does
Stun is very easy to dodge
Bad damage late game
Various bugs that Riot won't fix with W, transendence
Weak to all CC types
Timing R correctly is extremely difficult
Needs to auto attack something to be useful
Being flamed for playing Taric Jungle
Requires preventing teammates from killing themselves
Jack of all trades, master of none.
Cool Videos
Here are some videos I have been highlighted in:



Season 11 Highlight Video by FriesBro:

More highlight videos:
How To: Taric Jungle


Taric BUFFS 11.14 + 11.9

Taric has generally been in a poor spot in recent seasons. BUT, with the mana reduction buffs, especially the ones from 11.14, Taric's ability to clear, teamfight, save enemies etc. has been improved drastically. He still has many inherent weaknesses but the buffs have put Taric back into the spotlight where he belongs. Also, the 11.14 buffs went live on my birthday, a fantastic present from Riot Games themselves!

S11/S12 NOTE:
This information was originally written during s10 and some parts may be outdated. Like it says above, please hover over the notes section of each rune setup, build, etc for the most current information. That block of text is going to be more specialized for explanations than what is below. Thanks!

Hello all,

My summoner name is Lightrocket2 and I am a CHALLENGER Taric Jungle player. The first and only one to get this far while playing it, I finished Season 9 GrandMaster maxing out at 520 LP. After I was featured in a video with Scarra where he was very impressed with my gameplay, I was inspired to teach others how to try it out themselves. The way I have done it for thousands of games. In season 12, I hit Challenger for the first time, and the climb continues!

Additionally, I was featured in a ****Huap video highlighting my Taric Jungle. If you are interested in that, click here: ****huap Video

What is Taric Jungle? Why does it even work?

How does it clear?

Taric has a fast clear in the Jungle by constantly abusing his passive to have a very high attack speed and do incredible amounts of damage. At peak clear speed, Taric would have his passive up at all times, mixing abilities in between autos to keep the passive going. As his passive holds 2 charges, a very common combo for clearing a camp would be auto E auto auto W auto auto Q auto auto Q auto auto.. (repeatedly doing Q auto auto until E is back off of cooldown). You will want to always use your E first, W second, and Q last while clearing.
Q costs a lot of mana, even at low levels. The amount of mana Q takes gives Taric heavy mana issues which CAN be handled properly. Instead of constantly Q auto auto until you run out of mana, simply basic auto instead of spamming Q until E and W are available. I commonly mix 3 autos in between each ability while clearing, even though 1 of them is a basic, no passive auto. If you run out of mana, don't panic! JG ITEM at 0 mana will give you the highest regen possible! So, even though you don't want always be out of mana, you want to be low on mana so you have more mana regen. More mana regen means more mana. There is a balance that must be found between building mana and building mana regen.

How does it gank?

When Taric ganks, he can walk into a lane and tether and shield whoever he is ganking with W, and then proceed to both give them a heal and have another position to aim his stun from. You need to be able to land the stun to gank. As a Taric player, you will learn the timing on your stun better than anyone else. This gives you a small window of time to react fast enough to potentially flash to a location where the stun will hit. After the stun, you can basically attack as if you were clearing JG camps. (Looking into Orbwalking is also a helpful skill for this. Yes. Melee champions can kite. It is possible.) Also, when running Glacial, simply autoing a champion gives enough CC for Taric to get off incredible amounts of damage. Post 6 you can also easily dive towers with his invulnerability ult. Press the Attack gives a burst of damage when ganking and glacial gives some extra CC, both of which being amazing for ganks.

Below is a playlist of Taric Jungle ganking:
Taric Jungle Ganking

How does it teamfight?

Depending on your build and playstyle, there are many different ways to teamfight as Taric. You can be the frontline, backline, engage tool, damage dealer, crazy healer--the possibilities are endless based on what you build and have for runes. In general, Taric will want to be in melee range of someone at all times to get as much healing and damage off as possible. Whether or not you are diving the backline or peeling the adc all relies on comp and how far ahead you might be. Lastly, of course, making everyone invulnerable to damage for a couple of seconds is any teamfight's dream.

How do you move while fighting?

The way to move while fighting with Taric efficiently is to ability auto movement auto ability auto movement auto repeatedly. There is a small window of time in between each empowered auto to do something extra, whether it be moving, using a different ability, tiamat, etc depends on the situation. But obviously, in order to keep the empowered autos going, after every 2 autos an ability must be pressed. (note that this will be significantly harder if you do any kind of attack speed build, as that will shorten the window to use the spare time without being wasteful). Taric's Q W and R all have a short animation, but note that Taric's E does not have any kind of animation. Meaning that hypothetically: Ability auto movement auto (E + Movement) auto movement auto is possible without being wasteful. With the only waste being how fast you click to move after pressing E. Not that I do this consistently because making sure you are autoing each time WITHOUT canceling your auto attack with an early ability is more important during fights.

Below is a playlist including various fights such as 1v1s and teamfights:
Outrageous Taric Jungle

A live example

If you are more of a video learner than a reader, I would suggest a playlist of full-length Taric jungle games:
Full-Length Taric Jungle Games

A more beginner orientated guide...

After contacting some fellow Taric JG players that made guides on Mobafire, a user by the name of Dexiron and I started chatting and contemplating the best way to play Taric JG. His guide lays out a lot more beginner's explanations than mine does, so I will link it here:

Dexiron's The True Power of Gems

However, as I have had my own success at Taric JG, what I have come up to using and what he describes in his guide differ. They go over the basics of abilities and clear so that is very helpful for new players. I will be making my own comments on the guide and how I do things a little differently.

A lot of my up-to-date notes on various builds, items, etc are in the Notes section of the ___ themselves, so please make sure to hover the notes of what you are trying to learn more about, thanks! :D

Taric Stats Season 11
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League of Legends Build Guide Author lightrocket2
lightrocket2 Taric Guide
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14.03 Challenger Taric Jungle : GEMS ARE BACK

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