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Fizz Build Guide by fizzinurgirl

Middle [14.10] [GRANDMASTER] Fizz Build Guide by fizzinurgirl

Middle [14.10] [GRANDMASTER] Fizz Build Guide by fizzinurgirl

Updated on May 21, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author fizzinurgirl Build Guide By fizzinurgirl 27 0 43,768 Views 0 Comments
27 0 43,768 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author fizzinurgirl Fizz Build Guide By fizzinurgirl Updated on May 21, 2024
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Relentless Hunter

Coup de Grace

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

[14.10] [GRANDMASTER] Fizz Build Guide by fizzinurgirl

By fizzinurgirl
Hello all! I am fizzinurgirl, I peaked over 700 LP Grandmaster in NA last season one-tricking Fizz only. I ended S14 Split 1 Grandmaster as well. I do not play any other champ but Fizz and I usually blind pick.

I stream super frequently at so come check me out if you want more advice on how to climb on Fizz. I also post games on my YouTube every so often .

I love Fizz he is the only reason I play the game, feel free to ask any questions on stream I love helping people climb and one-shot people on the Rift.

For most up-to-date builds and any questions stop by my Twitch to grab my

***Gonna make this guide way better in the coming days, just a basic first draft for now (also please upvote the guide :D)***
Important to note with my current runes/build, there is no mana support whatsoever. It is crucial you are conserving your mana!!!

Some ways I do this: do not E out of base, use your E less to clear waves unless you really need to hard-shove, make sure you are hitting your W resets (if you miss a W reset on a minion you lose 50 mana), trade more intelligently (don't just spam your E to trade)

I have learned to play without needing mana help, I believe these runes/build put Fizz into his strongest position to carry games and kill enemies. It just takes being more aware of your mana usage. You will go out of mana during fights sometimes which is annoying but its worth it I promise. Plus with jungle updates, blue buff is very accessible to mid laners during the mid-game
Fizz early game is by far the most crucial and critical part of the game for him. It determines whether you be super fed and takeover the game, or a useless little sardine.

One of the most consistent strategies I use at the beginning of the game for most matchups:
[*] Stay away from enemy poke
[*] Wait for three melee minions to be close to dying
[*] Use the slow variant of your E to last the three melee minions, into Melee opponents sometimes you can also hit them with your E simultaneously.
[*] Run away to avoid poke.

One of the most important aspects on Fizz is that you almost always have no early game prio, therefore you want to let the enemy push the wave into you. It is very important to not lose your HP level 1-2 into certain matchups. IT IS OKAY TO MISS CS EARLY GAME IT DOES NOT MATTER I PROMISE!!!!! Just make sure you are getting the XP, if you watch my stream you will notice I follow nearly the same patterns every early game.

A super consistent strategy is to let enemy shove and stack the first two waves into your tower. By the time two waves crash, the third (cannon) wave will be approaching your tower and will generally allow you to hit level 3 faster than your opponent. Usually you will be playing so safe that enemy will think you are just afk farming, and you can all-in them with level 3 advantage. I do this well over half of my games and it is a great way to win lane.
Mid game on Fizz you are always looking to take over objective fights with your superior damage. Fizz is the most OP early-mid game jungle scuffler in my opinion. Level 6 Fizz with an amp tome and dark seal can one shot enemy junglers.

Always be on the look out to roam/dive bot when you are level 6 and make sure when you sidelane you are always on the side of nearest spawning objective (be splitting bot when dragon is spawning, and be splitting top when baron/herald is spawning)

Watch my stream for more in-depth examples of what I generally do during mid game.
Late game follows similar to mid-game on Fizz. During late game you are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS looking to kill enemy ADC/ enemy fed squishies. This is literally your job as a champion. If you have a chance to go 1 for 1 with enemy fed carry it is almost always worth it. Make sure you have sweeper/pink wards and be looking for unique angles to catch enemy carries off guard. Late game Fizz with flash,zhonyas, and E is super slippery and can distract enemies/bait out sums and abilities. I run Relentless Hunter which allows me to sidelane and still be able to quickly rotate to fights since I don't have teleport.

Most important thing during late game is to not get picked/caught out for free. Make sure you are using your E to its best ability by dodging enemy CC. Play around enemy cooldowns, if enemy has a Lissandra try to be hyper-aware of where she is when she is using it. During late game I always think in my head, okay who and what can kill me this fight? I take mental note of CC and strong abilities that have the potential to kill me, and try to avoid/play around them.
Matchup tips (work in progress)
Pantheon: DO NOT FIGHT HIM EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise just give up CS, take a bad recall if you need to. Just do not die early to him and he becomes very useless later on in the game. This matchup is winnable early if you are low ping/fast reaction and use your E to dodge his W.

Sylas: Try to fight hard early, always be looking to trade. Movement is very important in this lane so you can dodge his E+Q's. His W is dodgeable with your E but you kind of have to predict it. Attached clip below of Sylas W dodge.

Qiyana/Kat/Talon/Garen/Lux/Ahri/Aurelion Sol: If enemy picks any of these champs you should be thanking the lord as they are VERY easy Fizz matchups. If you are losing these please watch my stream to see how to win because they are winnable 90% of the time. There is likely a small mistake you are making that you can improve on.

Azir/Tristana: Matchup's are quite hard imo, I have success sacking wave til im level 3 then all-inning hard.

Galio: Hard matchup, don't trade/feed him super hard. In an even lane state you can be more useful than him during mid-game teamfights. Make sure in fights you dont focus him as he is strong against AP

Hwei/Karma/Xerath: CRANK UR APM UP TO THE MAX!!!!! You need to be dodgeing as much stuff as you possibly can.

Zed: Complete skill matchup, have weird movement to avoid his Q's, important to note you can nullify his ultimate by E during the animation, also Zed appears behind you when ulting so if he ults you, you can ult behind you to guarentee your shark lands on him!

Akali: Very hard, skill matchup but extremely akali favored. Pray jg/sup help you. If you are ahead is good.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author fizzinurgirl
fizzinurgirl Fizz Guide
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[14.10] [GRANDMASTER] Fizz Build Guide by fizzinurgirl

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