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Yorick Build Guide by slogdog

Top [14.5] The Only Challenger Yorick Guide You'll Need

Top [14.5] The Only Challenger Yorick Guide You'll Need

Updated on March 28, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author slogdog Build Guide By slogdog 548 27 691,695 Views 18 Comments
548 27 691,695 Views 18 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author slogdog Yorick Build Guide By slogdog Updated on March 28, 2024
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Runes: 1v9 Carry Yorick

1 2 3
Legend: Bloodline
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10-180 Bonus Health


1 2
General Yorick
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[14.5] The Only Challenger Yorick Guide You'll Need

By slogdog
About Me
I am a Yorick One Trick that has played him since Season 7, and played league since Season 1. I found Yorick in season 6 and absolutely fell in love with his design, and decided to pull him out in ranked in Season 7. Ever since then, I've been playing him pretty exclusively in ranked. I originally hit challenger in Season 8, and have been consistently Challenger ever since.

I stream a lot of my Yorick gameplay so if you're unsure on how strong Yorick is, you can check it out at I also have a youtube if you wanna see my montages or just more yorick etc.


I now also do coaching where I can review your games and mistakes and teach you how to improve at Yorick and League of Legends.


Spawn a grave every 12/6/2 minions death near you. Every large monster spawns a grave. Yorick has access to 4 ghouls at a time.

Yorick raises a grave for every enemy champion, monster and 12th / 6th / 2nd (based on levels) enemies that dies near him, as well as for every enemy he kills with Last Rites. Only 4 graves can exist at the same time.

The Horde: Only 4 Mist Walkers can be active on the battlefield at a time.


Your next auto attack does more damage

Yorick empowers his next basic attack within 5 seconds to have an uncancelable windup, gain bonus range, deal bonus physical damage, and heal him based on % missing health, increasing when your lower health.

If there are at least 3 graves nearby and Last Rites is active or on cooldown, Yorick is granted the ability to cast Awakening.


A cage is placed down.

Yorick summons a wall of spirits around the target location which arises after 0.75 seconds, lasting for up to 4 seconds, acting as impassible terrain to enemies. Enemies hit on the side of the wall are knocked aside over 0.25 seconds.

Dark Procession can only be targeted by enemy champion basic attacks and turrets. The wall takes 1 damage per attack from champions and is destroyed instantly from turret attacks.


Yorick throws black mist. It attracts ghouls when it lands on an enemy champion or monster.

Yorick hurls a globule of Black Mist that splashes across an area at the target location dealing current health magic damage to all enemies within the area.

Enemy champions and monsters are marked, where ghouls and Maiden will target the enemy and deal increased damage. Yorick, Maiden and ghouls will gain increased movement speed, while ghouls will leap once at the target, dealing increased damage.


Yorick summons the Maiden of the Mist and ghouls.

Yorick summons the Maiden and 2/3/4 ghouls (depending on level.) Maiden summons ghouls whenever a nearby enemy dies and deals magic damage. Whenever Yorick damages an enemy that Maiden has targetted in the past 2 seconds, Yorick deals EXTRA magic damage.
Why you should you play Yorick

Pros of playing Yorick

  • Best Split Pusher in the game.
  • Strong snowball potential and can 1v9 games very easily
  • Incredibly powerful objective control.
  • Satisfying Q Bonks
  • Unique Playstyles with Ghouls and Maiden.
  • One of the most unique and fun terrain alteration skill with W
  • Very unknown champion. People have very little experience against Yorick, so he's a lot more powerful because they don't know how to beat him.
  • No matter how behind, if enemy leaves you alone for 30 seconds on a sidelane. GG.
  • Once mastered, has no counters.

Cons of Playing Yorick

  • No Mobility.
  • Frustrating bugs and interactions with Ghouls and Maiden.
  • Very difficult to master against hard matchups.
  • Incredibly weak when behind.
  • No Crowd Control.
  • Horrendous AI of pets.

Conqueror is an absolutely rune amazing on Yorick, and gives him insanely strong all-ins with the ability to win almost every long fight due to the increased attack damage in tandem with Shepherd of Souls and the Eulogy of the Isles.
Triumph gives a lot of the clutch power for those 1v2 or 1v3s. Yorick excels in duelling and dealing with multiple enemies due to the fact that he has Shepherd of Souls and Eulogy of the Isles and doesn't need to be hitting the enemy to be DPSING them.
Yorick doesn't go lifesteal, so this will be the only lifesteal and the build, and it's just enough. Lets you stay on the sidelane in the midgame indefinitely and allows for those clutch fights, and healing to be pretty fat and juioy. Can go Legend: Tenacity if you're a weirdo but this is usually the best.
Last Stand to clutch out those 1v2 or 1v3s. Very effective as Yorick's Last Rites works well with Last Stand to really shock enemies.
Attack speed to help with csing, damage for damage, and armor against a lot of the top laners because do a lot of physical damage.
  • Demolish is the ultimate rune in order to destroy turrets. Yorick's bread and butter, and absolutely vital in order to snowball getting plates early game or increase your splitpushing threat.
  • Conditioning: Grants an insane amount of defensive stats in the mid-game making you an absolute monster. Works insanely well with Hullbreaker and then later in the game again with Gargoyle Stoneplate if you decide to build it.

You should only be using Conqueror due to the bug figured out by Ninetales, it's insanely overpowered on Yorick. With the bug, you are able to get 8 stacks almost instantly consistently, and that allows you to win fights a lot more easily than with Grasp of the Undying.

I have a very simple video where I explain how to do it

Trinity Force

The most classic item on Yorick. Gives Yorick's a stronger mid game powerspike than any other item and makes the Q bonk deadly. Very solid and gives the strongest splitpushing, at the expense of tankiness when compared to Divine Sunderer. The strongest item without a doubt, when fully stacked up.

Black Cleaver

Very good item on Yorick because ghouls proc Black Cleaver. Gives damage, tankiness, ability haste and armor penetration so that you can completely smash someone with the Q, or for ghouls to do even more damage.

Frozen Heart

Very good item in countermatchups. Against Jax and Tryndamere this is one of the most overpowered items to rush, due to the fact that the tankiness is so good against them. Amazing armour item in general.

Serylda's Grudge

Strong item on Yorick because ghouls apply the slow on enemies. Gives the most amount of damage for Yorick and allows for your ghouls to be incredibly sticky at the expense of some tankiness.

Death's Dance

A very strong item on Yorick, giving a lot of tankiness and one of the strongest 1v2+ item in the game, giving an insane heal with every takedown. Works really well with heavy ad, with little health items but other than that, an incredibly solid tanky damage item.

Profane Hydra

Gives insane amounts of waveclear, burst and overall damage. Synergises perfectly with Yorick, gives every damage option that he wants, lethality, waveclear and just an extra combo move to dish out more damage.
The Yorick Combos
Game Plan (early - late game)
As Yorick, before the game even starts, you should always look for a game plan in order to win the game. Evaluate the enemy team's composition and evaluate your own. What needs to happen for you to win the game, and what are the conditions to lose. Finding the most consistent result and playing to the conditions of that is absolutely vital to ensuring victories as Yorick.

What I'm trying to say is that you need to always have a plan no matter what. No matter if the game completely falls out of your hands or you are mega ahead, think always one step ahead. Usually, the most consistent way to win with Yorick is to split-push, become an absolute menace and just apply a ****load of pressure so that your team can do whatever they want. But there are often a lot of times, where this is completely out of control, such as the enemy having a super-tank defending at tower, or a 1v1 duelist god that you cannot beat. In these scenarios, split-pushing is no longer the goal, but instead, other alternatives must be found, whether it be through team fighting or playing on large objectives e.g. baron and dragon.

Early game with Yorick is completely dependent on the matchup and the runes you go. However, no matter what, you will always look to respond against trades with Q's, and to engage with the classic E-W with ghouls into the massive Q. Regardless, most matchups will require you to play safe levels 1-3, and from then on we can look for opportunities to fight. Yorick with ghouls is basically 2 Yoricks because the ghouls just contribute that much damage. If you do not have ghouls do not ever fight, as your only decent damage source will be your Q on a 7 second cooldown. Once level 6 hits, however, that's when the the enemy must submit to your power, as you hold constant pressure with your ult active, being able to summon ghouls over and over again. With that pressure, gain a cs lead, and slowly rack up that money to get a hullbreaker. If the enemy ever leaves the lane, destroy the tower. Get those plates. Get that money and keep it to yourself.

After you find yourself with a lead over the enemy top laner, you can look to split-push now. Grab heralds if you can, and look for opportunities to attack their tower, when the enemy is having a skirmish or fight elsewhere. Attack when they are attacking, so that the enemy is forced to make a decision. Deal with you and lose objectives on other sides of the map, or keep team fighting, and hope that the aftermath of the Yorick splitpush doesn't leave too many marks.

During this time where you splitpush, you need to be aware of when you should or shouldn't pressure. For example, if there are no objectives up and no lanes being pushed, there is no point in hard splitpushing, as the enemy will be able to pick you off and then easily make a play afterwards. Splitpush is powerful as it forces decision making to be made from the enemy under pressure, something that can be hard to judge from even the best players in the world.

Late game follows the same ideas. However, everything is at a much higher stake. But if you played the mid game well, you have the opportunity to backdoor, which is incredibly powerful.
  • Ghouls take 25% reduced AOE damage, but die in one shot to Auto attacks
  • Maximum 4 within 1100 range of each other. (can theoretically have infinite amount of ghouls on map though as long as they are spread out)
  • Ghouls automatically attack the nearest enemy.
  • Ghouls switch targets from whatever enemy they are attacking, if you are attacked.
  • Ghouls take 50% reduced damage against ALL monsters.
  • Resets auto attack animation
  • Uncancellable, which means from the second the animation starts, it will cast no matter what. This leads you being able to do a lot of niche stuff such as Last Rites Flash or doing it during a Stun
  • Very fast animation, so you can cancel the second half of its animation with your Mourning Mist to surprise them.
  • Can be used to block out entrances
  • Has a static summon time and is uninterruptible. This means that no matter if you get cc’d, it will come up in 0.25 seconds from the time you casted it.
  • Health depends on its level.
  • The walls can be used to displace enemies for 0.25 seconds
  • Has a projectile speed and cast speed. Cast speed cannot be affected, but projectile speed can be affected with distance. Closer to Yorick, the faster it drops, the further the longer it takes to drop.
  • Can be buffered right before you get [Stun] in order to use during the [Stun].
  • Can be used on jungle camps. 4 Shepherd of Souls can solo most jungle camps.
  • Eulogy of the Isles always faces Yorick's back.
  • When Yorick auto attacks an enemy, the Eulogy of the Isles will target that enemy for 2 seconds.
  • Stays up for an infinite amount of time (until it dies)
  • Has no Armor or Magic resistance (hard countered by percent health damage)
The 40 second rule
I have this technique which I call the "40 second rule." That's the amount of time Yorick needs in order to win the game from tier 2 turret. If you have Hullbreaker and Trinity Force and 40 seconds at tier 2 turret, you can end the game. This can be shortened and extended slightly depending on your build, but it's a very general amount of time.

This is also the primary reason I never FF, because I know that if I get this tiny timeframe, or the enemy makes a mistake, I can just straight up win the game.
The End

Thanks for reading the guide! If you ever want to directly ask me any questions or need help with anything in particular or just want to watch challenger level yorick gameplay, check my twitch here! or watch my youtube here

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