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Rumble Build Guide by Akropon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Akropon

1500 Rumble to the top!

Akropon Last updated on June 7, 2012
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Hey I am Akropon
First of all thank you for reading this Guide.
I wanted to make this Guide because i did not found a Guide on this site which is a good Rumble guide in my opinion....
Rumble is one of the underrated Champions which is not realy high played but REALY strong.
His teamfight power can change games easily!

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Marks: Well this is pretty much the only mark u can use because it increases your damage pretty hard!
Seals: This Seals should be used on every Top Laner because it gives u realy much defensive stats and you survive ganks much more easy
Glyhps: You can go for flat MR which is in my opinion the best, because you want to be agressive on from lvl 5 and this is where Per lvl MR is not realy strong....Anyways you should go MR in blues...either flat or Per lvl
Quintessences: You can either go Ap which is realy strong in your early game and i love to play AP Quintessences. But Movement Speed is on the same lvl and you can go for those if you like them more! Just try both and see what works better for you.

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Pretty much the only masteries you should use...

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Start with boots pots (wait for 4th potion if possible).
Try to lane to like 1k or 1,4k and than go back and grab 2 Tomes and 1 Ward or Hextech revolver and 1 should always go for wards on the top Lane.
Hextech Revolver into Will of the Anciens (WOTA) is pretty much the best early Item for Rumble! Gives you epic lane sustain and pretty nice stats at all.
After Revolver go Ninja Tabi to counter your opponents damge! You can sell Ninja Tabi late game if enemys AP is fed or they have alot of cc shutting you down.
After this rush Rylais for tankyness and the slow which is EPIC on Rumble!!!
Now you are tanky enough and you should go for Rabadons to get more dmg.
Abyssal is more of a situational Item...get this if enemys AP is like 5/0 or something early

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Skill Sequence

Go for lvl 1 E for lasthitting from distance and harassing your lane opponent! After that simply go R>Q>E>W and grab w at lvl 4 to survive ganks more easy. This sequence allows you to deal TONS of damage at all

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Summoner Spells

Flash + Ignite is pretty much the best way to go here....I do NOT think ghost should be used on rumble! After your rylais you can keep people in your q forever and even before you can simply E them...You can choose heal if you want to but i dont like it that much. It is good for heal baits on tower! If you do try to get down on 20% than simply run to your turret ult them if they follow you and press heal... in normals and low elo this should work fine.

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Try to farm passive with E and aa (autoatack) until lvl 4/5 than start to be REALY can outsustain everyone ;D. You can easly kill your opponent if you are lvl 6.