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League of Legends Build Guide Author MisterZeta

2 minutes to read Guide: NASUS: The Solo Laner

MisterZeta Last updated on February 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a very short guide to SOLO LANE with Nasus. You have to Solo lane when a your teammate is jungling.

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Runes, Mastery, Summoner


Because you need to survive at the begin I put 19 points in Defensive Mastery. Also you need some Regeneration: 11 points in Utility.
is needed every time you want to solo laning becouse you must improve your level gap between you and your lane enemies.
is needed because you have to improve your attack speed.


MARKS: Attack Speed
SEALS: Mana Regen x LVL
GLYPH: Mana Regen x LVL

You need attack speed, improved also by the Ardor Mastery and your next Trinity Force. With only those you are able to reach 1.300 attack speed for seconds.

Mana Regen and Flat HP are needed to improve your lane survivability. Trust me: you will never will be out of mana.

Summoner Skill
You have to slow enemies and a shurelya's reverie to run. So Ghost is NOT needed.
Because you are solo laning you need Teleport to fast buy/recharge mana or HP and returning in lane without loss of experience (the level gap is very important)
becouse if you are facing Mundo or you need to kill someone is even usefull.

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Early Game - Scout for the Jungler

At begin you can scouting for your lane partner, depending on where he is going to start jungle. from his decision you have start from his same lane.

If he is going to kill the Ancient Golem (Blue Mana Buff) you have to start in the upper lane, maybe scouting for him bushed, where I putted the RED spot in the minimap.

If he is going to kill the two Golems you can scout were I putted the Red spot in the minimpa, and begin laning in the bottom lane.

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Early Game

Buy a and a
Play pretty defensive, do not go forward until your enemies are both visible.

Go back if you need. You got and buy a sight ward and the philosopher stone to improve your healt and mana regen.

Now do NEVER attack enemy minions, only last hit them with Sipion Strike sipion strike until minion are near your tower. Now let the minipons focus you instead of turret and use your size=14 to kill them, maybe trying to lasthitting someones. You have to save your turret and even some spellshot hot you remember that the Nasus's Passive size=14 give you Life Steal. Also the Philosopher Stone is able to let you reac about 40 HP Regen x 5.
If you play good you will be very soon higger level than every player in the match.

every time you go back Buy a sight ward and put it in the bush in which you are afraid to be ganked.

As soon is possible buy shoes. Depending on enemy team you can chose:
Swifness Shoesberseker shoesMercury Treads

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Mid Game

With Sheen your Siphoning Strike you are amazing.
Also even you are 1 vs 2 by using your ultimate your enemies feel like you are 4 vs 2. So sudden when they are pushing you under your turret use on the squishy one, and a to Cut his Armor. Now Pursuit him, maybe using your and spamming . If you do that according to your jungling teammate, by simply letting him gank them from behind, you will able to get a kill or a doublekill. Remember to use your shurelya's reverie to improve your and your ally speed.

Go kill the tower, your and Sheen works with the tower and you are very quickly to destroy it. If an enemy is still alive you can chose to kill the tower by simply ignoring him but only if you know (maybe by wards) that no one is going to gank you from behind

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End Game

Now you have ONLY to improve and improve your . In 40+ minutes match you can reach over 400+ bonus damage.

When you want to kill an enemy slow him with and when you reach him if you have he will be unable to escape from you. You now have about 3700 HP and by using your ultimate you can reach over 4k: you are heavy and you attack deals a lot of damage but you are NOT a TANK.
Maybe they don't focus you because of your High Hp so during teammfight focus the Carry and keep spamming your skills but the , because if someone run out you have to be ready to follow him.

If the game is going very long you have also a who splash your damages and an who make you a real carry dps. In teamfight you can now SPLASH a critical also improved by your . But remember that only 50% of the damage is splashed.

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Ty for reading.
Remember that I'm not English, so sorry for some bad writings.