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Shyvana Build Guide by vlalesenci

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League of Legends Build Guide Author vlalesenci

3 vs 3 Shyvana

vlalesenci Last updated on November 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi guys , this is my first build on mobafire, so i dont know many things about creating a build and designing it to be attractive for possible viewers but I know a lot of League of Legends and I'll try to present you my knowledge starting as you see with Shyvana, The Half Dragon.

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I picked this runes especially for Shyvana becouse as you know when u play Shyv you must dominate your opponents and try to lane as much as you can.You can see the runes upper and see their use in other builds better created.

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Ofcourse, i picked the usual masteries fo any ad.

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Okay so these are my items specially designed for Shyvana:
-Wriggle's Lantern is a legendary item in League of Legends.[1] Every 3 minutes, it can place an invisible ward which acts as a Sight Ward in all respects.t is a great item for junglers since the passive greatly improves jungling speed, while also allowing them to ward important objectives and junctions without sacrificing an item slot.
It can also used for lane control, granting the ability to clear creep waves faster than the opposing team and keep them behind their tower while using the free ward to prevent being surprised by an enemy gank. It provides sustainability while in lane with the lifesteal and allows "farming" minions more effectively. This item is also great if you are losing the lane as it helps you continue farming and stay in lane.
It is also useful for controlling major objectives such as Dragon and Baron Nashor, as it greatly decreases the time required to kill them.
-The Phantom Dancer is a legendary item in League of Legends.Recipe:
Cloak of Agility (830g)
Zeal (1195g)
Dagger (420g)
-The Infinity Edge is an advanced item in League of Legends.Recipe:
B. F. Sword (1650g)
Cloak of Agility (830g)
Pickaxe (975g)
nfinity Edge has the highest base attack damage in League of Legends; Sword of the Occult with 14 or more stacks or The Bloodthirster with 20 stacks, surpasses Infinity Edge.
This item was likely inspired by the game Lineage II, in which the Infinity Weapons are the strongest weapons one can get. The Infinity Edge shares the same name, and looks almost exactly like an Infinity Weapon.
The item could also be inspired by Shishio Makoto's Mugenjin in Rurouni Kenshin, which literally means Infinity Edge. The weapon is sawtoothed, and the glow in the background of the in game icon gives it a sawtooth feel. (Especially as the whole point of his weapon is that it is a blade that stays sharp forever)
Critical strike damage stacks additively, so it works together with other critical strike damage effects (generally Furor runes and/or Lethality).
Infinity Edge was the most expensive item, but is no longer due to the B. F. Sword's cost reduction in patch v1.0.0.115.
It is one of the most cost-efficient items; for just 375 gold you get 10 AD (based on the longsword price that would be worth about 280 gold), 7% critical chance (around 300 gold, based on different items) and the 50% critical strike damage passive.
It is the only item that gives increased critical damage.
With runes and masteries, 300+% critical damage is obtainable.
-The Bloodthirster is an advanced item in League of Legends.Recipe:
Vampiric Scepter (450g)
B. F. Sword (1650g)
Multiple Bloodthirsters stack. Each minion kill counts towards damage and life steal increase.
Note that multiple Bloodthirsters stack at the same time, so you don't have to stack each Bloodthirster individually.
The Bloodthirster has a stacking feature where minion kills count, unlike Sword of the Occult, Leviathan and Mejai's Soulstealer where only champion kills and assists count, however, all item bonuses are lost upon death, which is not the case with Warmog's Armor.
When this item has 21 stacks or more, it is the second highest attack damage item in the League of Legends.
This item grants more attack damage per gold than a B. F. Sword at 22 stacks or more.
The Bloodthirster's Dominion counterpart is Sanguine Blade.
-The Guardian Angel is an advanced item in League of Legends.Recipe
Null-Magic Mantle (400g)
Cloth Armor (300g)
Chain Vest (700g)

Its passive will always activate before Rebirth, but after the Chrono Shift buff if the owner has it.
If you use Ghost and Guardian Angel activates, Ghost will still be in effect after you have been revived.
After the Unique passive has been used, it can not be used again for five minutes, even if the item is sold and rebought.
The passive does not activate when killed by the Nexus Obelisk.
-Berserker's Greaves are an advanced item in League of Legends.Recipe:
Boots of Speed (350g)
Dagger (420g)

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Skill Sequence

Okay.Your main objective is gold gaining so do all your best.
Your first kill is burnout becouse it doeas a large amount of AoE and you need it for laning and for gaining the FB.It also gives u a speedboost so you can do alot of things with it.
NExt skills are listed upper.

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This was my build. I know that this isn't a very good one but trust me the items are well picked and if u try them you'll have some incredble results!!!