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Team Guide by Yiddus

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yiddus

3v3: Deny and Destroy

Yiddus Last updated on August 7, 2010
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Gang, Jax and Mord Explained

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Yiddus' 3v3 Guide: Deny and Destroy

Throughout this guide you will find an in depth look at the champions making the team and 3v3 mechanics. (As mentioned above, don't forget to click on the individual champions to see the Runes/Masteries/Item builds!)

Welcome to the Twisted Treeline!

The Twisted Treeline is a game mode of it's own, as it is very, very different from 5v5. 5v5 is split into phases, laning, team fights and tower pushing where 3v3 is not really split into phases. The 3 aspects of the game;
Tower Pushing
Team Fights

are usually carried out from early game all the way through to late game. A 3v3 can be won in the matter of 10-15 minutes, or it can be drawn out for a long and boring 50 minute game, which can be very annoying. If the game is to last more than 30 minutes, it is usually because you have pushed into the opposing teams base but they refuse to surrender and defend heavily, constantly returning to the spawn for health making it difficult for you to make a move on their nexus tower.

Anyway, 3v3 is based off a lot of ganking and jungling to accumulate money faster and level faster, constantly trying to get the upper hand over the other team. As there are less opposing champions in the game, jungling becomes a much bigger part of the game. Map control is a must, if you control the map, you win. Simple. The map is quite small (even though the lanes are very long, making it easier to chase down opposing champions), the size of the map enables you to be able to place just a few sight wards and have a great advantage. Three sight wards in the middle will enable you to see every champion switching sides or going for the Lizard buff. A sight at the Lizard and the longer grass areas to the left and right of the Lizard should be enough. If you can see the enemy team moving through the middle, you will have enough time to retreat back to your tower or regroup with teammates. Another bonus is that if you see a lone enemy champion jungling or going for the buff solo you can pick him off, then enabling you to be able to go for a quick tower push or have an easy 3v2 team fight. The top jungle is a big place for exp and gold, which also holds the dragon buff. If you're confident that they are not jungling or that you can fend for yourself then you may not need to put down sights. However a sight around level 8-12 by the Dragon is always handy so that you can steal the dragon kill or even go for a quick and easy team fight with the dragon on your side. Two more sights can be put up, to the left and right of the dragon if you feel it is needed. Once you have established map control, you can easily win the game, go for team fights and push towers as much as you can.

A great video on Zoning (A game mechanic)... The voice may be annoying but she will beat you any day, and I'll put money on that.

Jax - The champion and the contribution to the team.

Jax is basically a nuke champion, his early game isn't amazing, however when laning with a decent partner he can pull off some nice harassment and good support with stuns. He will kill minions quickly enabling fast exp. and gold. Jax is ideal for jungling, he has good survivability with the dodge and can hit all of the minions at the same time with Empower. He will work well with a lot of other champions. In this setup he will lane with Gangplank. Paired with Gangplank they can pull off nice burst damage to push back champions and force them to recall, especially with an exhaust and ignite, they can even go for a quick firstblood or gank. If Jax's lane is clear or there is only one champion, it is best that he starts Jungling, he can go for the Lizard buff at a low level with the help of gangplank and then jungle for longer on his own. At around level 7-9 Jax can again team up with Gangplank for a Dragon kill, giving the team an early advantage. Jax is the heart of the team. He is the main dps and champion killer. His stuns can assist teammates escape or gank. Don't forget that when you are being chased as Jax, pop a stun and leap to a nearby teammate, it is just as effective as Flash, just with a bonus of having a stun. The main issue with Jax early game is his mana. Make sure you preserve your mana the best you can as you will need enoguh for a Counter Strike and a Leap Strike at all times.

Gangplank - The champion and contribution to the team.

Gangplank is a very important addition to this setup. No, he doesn't have many damaging abilities (Then again with the amount of damage parrley can do on a crit is plenty) and no he can't heal or tank. However what he can do, is annoy the living sh*t out of the opposing team. He can deny their exp throughout the whole game. Raise Morale should not only be used for a quick speed+damage increase to escape or gank, but it can also be used to deny the other teams experience. You may wonder why I say that you have to take Parrrley first instead of Raise Morale to kill 2 creeps in the first wave, but that is because Parrrley enables you to contribute A LOT more to a firstblood which is more important in 3v3. When Gangplank is level 2, this is when he can harass the other team a great deal. Always kill the first melee minion or the cannon minion every 3rd wave as these minions give the most experience and gold to the enemy champions. Also make sure to never spam your abilities, never go over the top, therefore never going OOM. If you are out of mana you cannot deny exp. Only use Parrrley to scare enemy champions away from your towers or to finish a champion off. You will also need to use Parrley if going for the early dragon kill with Jax to ensure you kill the dragon fast enough, Jax can only dodge so many times. Gangplanks ultimate in my opinion is one of the best in the game. It can be used for MANY situations. Escaping, team fights and jungling. You wonder why I say jungling? Well the four ghost minions in the middle can be killed by one Cannon Barrage at level 6, it is best to kill the 4 ghost creeps closest to the enemy base rather than your own as you can safely kill those 4 in close combat without the worry of enemy champions coming for a gank. Cannon Barrage also slows, along with it's brilliant damage, so a well placed Cannon Barrage can help you to an escape from the opposing team or an ensured gank.

Mordekaiser - The champion and contribution to the team (Coming soon)


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