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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aether Skies

3v3 Teemo, Feel the Wrath.

Aether Skies Last updated on April 15, 2011
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3v3 Teemo, Feel the Wrath.

Please vote this build. I would hope it to reach enough rating percent so that people may realize the potential for Teemo in 3v3.

Teemo, hes awesome.
Teemo is questionable in 5v5, but in 3v3 he can be a powerhouse.

The small map combined with the significant amount of ganking is perfect for Teemo.
3v3 = Ganking
Teemo = Anti-Ganker.


- Gank Prevention
- A solid dps, that can be difficult to counter.
- Anti Auto Attack champ(Like Tryn & Ashe).
- Good at Pushing lanes and last hitting.
- Squishy(duh).
- Countered with Oracles.

Teemo's contribution to direct team fights is a little weak, however he adds more power to laning phases, scouting, and short term enemy team degeneration.

Why build AD & AP? Because Teemo is balls meh AS and AP. He is easily countered by Magic resist gear (and oracles), he is not as versatile without AD. The Addition AD gives him something significant and reliable. AD Boosts up front damage on your auto attack. You passive poison will become more useful without insane AS, and more AP.
Read this guide and soon you will be able to feel the rage of your opponent dieing all the way across the map because your intelligently placed shroom exploded on him.

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If Teemo stands still and takes no action for 2 seconds, he becomes stealthed. After leaving stealth, Teemo gains the Element of Surprise, increasing his attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

Pretty devious skill. There arent too many times where i have acctually been able to effectivley use it. Some times that you can use it is camping bushes or awaiting team fights, thats about it.

Obscures an enemy's vision with a powerful venom, dealing damage to the target unit and causing all attacks to miss for the duration. Deals 80-260 (+0.8 per ability power) magic damage and causes the target to miss all of their attacks for 1.5-3.5 seconds.

Your harassment move. If you are going up against an AD champion your harass will be alot more reliable. After hitting someone with this in a lane they wont be able to retaliate for the duration of the blind, in addition to missing you, they also miss minions. This can be used as an effective disable, to a creep denial mechanisim. Keep in mind that any caster or champion that does not rely on Basic Attack will be less vulnerable to your blind harassment.

Teemo scampers around, increasing his movement speed until he is struck by an enemy champion or turret. Toggle: Teemo's movement speed is increased by 15-35% until he is struck by an enemy champion or turret.

Makes you move faster, when you get hit it stops. This helps you kite around and shroom the forest easily. The recent nerf to this skill increased the cooldown from 13 seconds to 22. Although this does effect Teemo, i do not believe it hurts him that much. In 3v3, with the 13 second cool down you only used it once when switching a lane. Yes it hurts his general gameplay, but i think the most important aspect of the skill (switching lanes quickly) has left 3v3 gameplay untouched.

Each of Teemo's attacks will poison the target, dealing damage each second for 4 seconds. Teemo's basic attacks poison their target, dealing 8-35 (+0.14 per ability power) magical damage upon impact and again each second for 4 seconds.

The skill leveled first. This basically just buffs your auto attack, giving it an extra punch. This is leveled over Blinding dart simply because of the higher amount of damage it brings. This skill gives reason to build AD. With the Base damage from this skill alone(no AP ratios) it deals extra up front and over time damage. In combination with AD, you become a powerful auto attacker.

Teemo places a explosive poisonous trap. If an enemy steps on the trap it will release a poisonous cloud, slowing enemies and damaging them over time. Uses a stored mushroom to place a trap which detonates if an enemy steps on it, spreading poison to nearby enemies which slows movement speed by 30/40/50% and deals 200/400/66 (+1 per ability power) magic damage over 4 seconds. Traps last 10 minutes. Teemo forages for a mushroom every 35/31/27 seconds, but he is only big enough to carry 3 at once.

Shrooms from hell, for a shroom guide, continue reading.

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Early Game

Basically you want to start with Blinding Dart, and just whack your opponent with it as much as you can. If your opponent is a melee champ than it is all the better for you, because retaliation immediately after a blinding dart is pointless for them.
My usual harasss looks like this: Blinding Dart-> Auto Attack -> Retreat -> Repeat. To zone well you want to use this combo as often as possible, while minimizing damage and simultaneously last hitting minions.


When you hit level 2 and grab the Toxic Shot your last hitting ability will go up a lot. I don't know about you guys but i am not the best last hitter, on Teemo it is a lot easier. Even though its easier, you still need to last hit only! Practice makes perfect.

Level 2+: Poking enemies with your auto attack can be very dangerous for them, try and get a Q and an auto attack off before backing away to really put hurt on your opponent.
Do all your boring laning stuff, But when you hit level 6, your ready to bring hell upon the Twisted Treeline.

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Shroom Guide

Uses of the Noxious Trap include:
- Degrading enemy team total health
- Map Awareness
- Slow effect
- Preventing ganks
- Initiating ganks
- Decrease enemy morale (opponents might take less than ordinary paths to move around, slowing their team down).

Once you hit level 6, you have a very important and deadly weapon in your aresnal; the shrooms. Within the next minute after hitting level 6 try and have at least one shroom on the map. Shroom Placement can easily separate a good Teemo from a bad Teemo. Do not fill lanes with shrooms. You should try and only use shrooms to ward, trap, and protect the jungle. Your shrooms are much more useful in the jungle.
(Mushroom map by Aether Skies)

Think of this as a priority list. You shouldnt always fill just one area in.
In early game the list is Blue > Teal > Black.
In Late game the list is Black > Blue > Teal.
See what i did there?
If its late game, work more on black than anything, and then a combination between teal and blue. Late game we dont use the blue section a whole lot because traffic in that area starts to die down.
If a high traffic area shroom explodes, replace it, dont find some goofy *** spot for it. You should almost always be putting the shrooms in these exact locations.
If you find that your opponents are using new paths to avoid mushrooms, adapt to the situation and adjust shroom placement accordingly.

Shrooming their side of the jungle is important, not you own side.Pay attention to how i placed them on this map. Dont place them too close to the wall either, your goal is to make it so if they wall hug shrooms will barely clip them. You get the most use out of shrooms this way.
When you hit level 6 you will be tempted to stick shrooms in your lane. Do not do this! A shroom in the lane bush is fine occasionally, but your main focus is the jungle entrances, exits, and other high traffic locations.
Be a bro with your shrooms. The shrooms are for everybody, not just you. If your hanging out in bot lane for a second, one shroom in that middle bush wouldnt hurt. Leaving a shroom behind after ganking a lane can be helpful to your team. You can even score a kill or assist this way. Although it is helpful do not take it overboard, as i said before: Shrooming the jungle is more important. Do not fill lanes with shrooms. Do not farm with shrooms. Do not fail the shrooms, and the shrooms will not fail you.

A nice little note: There are shrooms placed in the top section of my map (By the 2 Buffs). These shrooms give you vision of the buff monsters, when they have spawned, and anybody killing them. These are great shrooms.


While your opponent has oracles you want to focus on putting shrooms in bushes. Alothough your enemy has sight of your shrooms, you still have sight of the map, which is far more important. Place them so they are in common areas that someone would enter a bush in. Your goal is to destroy the person with oracles. DESTROY THEM.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
This is a pretty standard one.

Greater Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration
I always feel like a noob for using these on any character. I feel they are extremely useful on Teemo, as you could always use that last bit of mana to drop a shroom.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Fine runes here. Flat AP runes aren't too useful here, as he doesn't shine until he gets about level 8ish.

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
More damage, simple. As always Flat hp quints are also viable.

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Spells + Masteries

Summoner Spells

I use Exhaust + Flash always.

Exhaust is a defensive and offensive spell.
Flash is too.

Flash is good on TT for the ability to steal dragon, flash over walls to immediately help team etc. Alot of times someone will switch from bottom to top lane so fast you dont have much time to react. Flash has saved my life way more times than you could imagine.

Ghost and Ignite are also viable, a matter of preference.

Masteries are pretty basic. 9/21/0. Teemo is a pretty squishy guy and the defense masteries help a little bit. We grab the Magic penetration mastery. The exhaust mastery is selected in this build, if you do not use exhaust than change your mastery point accordingly.

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Starting with Health Potion x3 We add a little survivability to this squishy character. A Doran's Blade Is also viable, but i prefer the potions early game.

Boots of Swiftness Is completed a little early on in this build. The goal for this is to have them soon after reaching level 6, and being able to lay Noxious Trap. These boots will always be my choice on Teemo. He is squishy, and requires extra movement speed to atone for lost experience. The extra speed also helps to kite enemies, and keep them out of range.

Guinsoo's Rageblade This item is pretty great on Teemo. It gives you a nice stacking AS & AP to work off of, and a flat boost of AP and AD. The more you hit a target, the stronger you get. Basically, the more you attack an enemy the more damage you do. Guinsoos effect does wear of enemies, and skills do proc it. You should be using this effect as a combo. For instance Blinding Dart -> Attack Attack Attack -> A more powerful Blinding Dart

The Brutalizer This item is awesome early game. Providing you CDR for Teemos recently nerfed Move Quick. You gain some nice AD as well. I like getting this item early on compared to AP because the large amount of AP we gain after this item is suffecient enough. The early game AD can help get an early tower with a coordinated push.

Rabadon's Deathcap When you get this item you really get a large amount of ap boosted. One thing i would like to point out about Rabadon's Deathcap, is that it synergizes with Guinsoo's Rageblade really well. With Rabadons 35% more AP passive, Guinsoo's Rageblade will be providing an extra 60AP when fully charged, compared to its usual 45.

This is the end of the core. Anything past this point is up to you on what to get. But i do have some suggestions to leave you with.

I would first suggest a defense item. Since the core is complete we can begin to slightly stray away from damage, into survival. This is how i build Teemo after the core is complete:

Banshee's Veil Is great on just about anybody. After completing your core on any character, Banshee's Veil is always there for you. blocks a spell, gives significant MR, and a small boost to both Mana and HP. This is just a great item.

Deathfire Grasp This is a very underused item. It gives you some nice CDR and AP. This item does provide Mana regen, but that is hardly needed in this phase of the game. The active is what is important. Automatically Nuking away roughly one third of any champions health, this item is very useful. Alot of people often forget about their items that have actives, one way i got over this is to switch my Item Key binding. Whenever i buy an item like this i put it in slot one. My Item 1 hotkey is spacebar. Try and find one you are comphortable using.

After Finishing this build you will be a perfect Hybrid.
You now have some solid AP, AD, AS, Arp, Mrp, CDR, and even Magic resistance, Health, and Mana. You have a little bit of everything, with a superior focus in late game AP.


Do not buy Nashar's Tooth It is horrible on Teemo. It Gives Too much AS, where we could have nice amounts of AD or additional AP. The high CDR this item offers is also not too appealing on Teemo. Its hard to find time to place shrooms as it is, more would be ridiculous. Your Q is used as a disable, not a nuke. Putting CDR on it wouldnt help that much.