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Teemo Build Guide by CONV3RG3

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CONV3RG3

[4.13] Teemo AP Top: Kill 'em all! 625 AP, 1127 DPS, 3006 HP

CONV3RG3 Last updated on August 6, 2014
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Threats to Teemo with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Darius Remember to keep your distance. Make sure not to get grabbed, as that's a good way to get 'dunked'.
Garen Remember to keep your distance. His ult can be kind of deceiving so be careful not to get too close. He has a dunk just like Darius and it hurts.
Jax Remember to keep your distance. Jax's jump is what you need to worry about. A smart jax will jump & stun you, then clobber you. Keep him from jumping on you and you'll be fine.
Fiora Remember to keep your distance. However, watch for dives when you're low and turret hugging because she's untargetable during her ult and might dive you if she gets frustrated and your low. A smart fiora will dive you, kill you, then bail before the turret kills her. If she get in turret range and isn't ulting yet, shes trying to.... so run around while she's trying to get you and make sure to poke her as you kite so that the turret kills her and you get the kill. I get a lot of thirsty fiora's like this.
Cho'Gath Remember to keep your distance. Just make sure to watch out for those red circles that push you up into the air (i forget the name of his attack). As long as you can dodge those and his yell that stuns you... He's like all the other short ranged champs. You should have this one in the bag, as long as he doesn't get too close (and literally eat you).
Olaf Remember to keep your distance. The only thing you really have to worry about is his cleaver slowing you and him coming over and clobbering you to death. Otherwise, dodge that and you're good to go.
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Aug 6th: I've updated this guide to include the recent changes to Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It now has 100 AP & 400 HP, instead of 80 AP & 500 HP. This affects your AP, HP & DPS. Personally, I'm into it. Kill 'em all!

CONV3RG3 here! I'm still a fairly new player to League of Legends (I started Spring 2014) but after a couple hundred wins under my belt & a few requests for what I like to build on my Teemo, I figured I'd make a guide of what's helping me win with this under-appreciated champ.

Teemo can get a lot of flack for being a troll champ, but if you take him serious you can do some serious damage with him and give people a real reason to hate you.

Also, let's be honest.... watching people run into shroom gardens (or eggs in my case since I always play Cottontail Teemo) can be really satisfying.

In terms of defense, there's nothing better than helping your team defend or kite with a bunch of shrooms or kiting champs when you have to bail after over extending for a turret.

In terms of offense, the ability to do some serious CS wave clearing, tower destruction, sometimes even jungling & the possibilities for multi-kills is all fantastic thanks to Runnan's & this high AP build.

This is my first guide so I apologize if it's not as in-depth as some of the other guides. The key info is your items, runes & masteries. I'll add more on technique, shroom placement, and so on at a later date.

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Build Stats

Final Build Cost: 18,613 gold

Stats at Level 18 with Final Build:
Health: 3006
Mana: 1120
AD: 129
AP: 625
Attack Speed: 2.189
DPS: 1127*
Magic Pen: 21
Armor: 129 (+30)
Movement Speed: 437 (+107)

*This DPS stat doesn't even include the bonus damage and poison passive you land thanks to Runaan's Hurricane's 2nd bolt.

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Recent Game

To demonstrate this guide is worth your time, here's a couple recent games. 2 are top lane and 1 is actually mid, when I had to cover for somebody who made a bad pick in draft and wanted to switch with top.

Feel free to verify each by visiting the official LoL match summaries.

Match Summary Link:

Match Summary Link:

Match Summary Link:

Quick note on the last screenshot. I initially went for my 'Final Build', but as you can see I earned quite a bit of gold (5k more than I needed) and some extra health allowed me to dive more, so I turned into what I like to call "Tankmo". My final build did great well into late game though.

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Greater Mark of Attack Speed - 9x
Attack Speed is my 2nd biggest focus, on top of AP, for Teemo. This helps CS and hit much faster in comparison to most top champs.

Greater Seal of Armor - 9x
Essential for early game when you're in top lane with mostly AD champs.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power - 9x
Out of the 3 main rune types, the AP glyphs give the most AP per rune. So I get most of my AP via glyphs.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed - 1x
For the same reason as the Greater Mark of Attack Speed, but just a little extra boost to round these off.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power - 1x
For the same reason as the Greater Glyph of Ability Power, but just a little extra boost to round these off.

Rune Stat Totals:
Ability Power: +21
Attack Speed: +20%
Armor: +9

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I don't use any spells that damage other champs - I prefer escape spells ( Ghost and Flash) - so my masteries are a little different than others since they often choose masteries that play off bonus damage when their summoner's spell comes into play. As an added bonus, that approach also allows me to be able to afford do the extra 3% damage and the extra 3% health masteries, which is a nice boost.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost & Flash are all I use for Teemo. It's unpopular to use 2 escapes (Especially when he has his W) but with Teemo's initial movement speed being 330 and his W being pretty weak until it's been leveled a few times, this has worked out best for me.

By having 2 escapes, this allows me to build strong attacks early game (by not building my W more than once in early game) and then eventually having lots of speed to escape and stay alive when multiple champs focus me in late game. Plus, I rather let my build & and my abilities do my damage, so I typically never use anything but escapes.

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Build Notes

The passive's on Rylai's Crystal Scepter & Laindry's are only triggered by Teemo's Q. If his E wasn't 'on hit' this would also trigger Laindry's additional 'on slow' bonus magic damage but unfortunately that doesn't happen (That would be very broken). I choose Rylai's for the fact it's the only 80AP item with 500 health + the slow passive. Some people choose Rylai's + Liandry's for a nice combo (The extra bonus magic damage if the champ is slowed) if their champs abilities allow for it, but with Teemo's Q you still get bonus magic damage from both, so not all is lost. One thing to keep in mind though is that if somebody else slows a champ first, and you hit them with your Q, you will get the extra bonus magic damage from Liandry's 'on slow' passive.

Final Build:
After comparing all the different item combinations... the final build above has given me the highest AP, DPS, Health, & Movement Speed I can get in one combination without losing something crucial I need to push lanes & get my kills.

Also, just a note, I don't sell off my boots until it's time to buy Trinity Force, as none of my other items provide me with the movement speed & attack speed that it does. Keep your boots around until you can afford a full swap of TF. Being slow late game is not a good idea.

Final Build Against Fed AP Champ:
I understand the Maw of Malmortius is an AD item, but with the magic resist & life saving passive against fatal magic damage, it's a good pick to stay alive. Teemo is a hybrid, so the AD won't go unused. Between this and Zhonya's it's your best bet to stay alive against somebody who is killing you faster than you can deal damage.

That's it for now. If you have any comments, suggestions, etc. please feel free to leave a comment.

Good luck and have fun!

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Happy Teemos

If this guide works for you. Feel free to send me a screenshot or link to a match summary and I'll post it up!