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Udyr Build Guide by Stop And Jiggle

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stop And Jiggle

4.21 Season 5 Jungle Udyr! Peeling Monster!

Stop And Jiggle Last updated on December 11, 2014
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Hello! I'm a jungle main and I focus around peeling for my team. I carried myself from bronze 5 to gold 5 and I could carry myself much further if I wasn't restricted due to college. My own personal tactic for carrying solo queue is focusing on one lane and getting that lane as ahead as possible so they can snowball out of control, this is a risky tactic but it does usually work. Enough about myself, this build is designed to give you all the peel and survivability you need to peel for that carry that you've gotten super fed, as well as being almost impossible to duel and have awesome split pushing power! Udyr is transitioning into what he use to be before the feral flare, which is more of a tanky peeler, and it tends to suit his playstyle very well due to his bear stance stun and awesome movement speed!

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This is the rune page I take for this build, it gives amazing attack speed for clearing with the tiger stance and phoenix stance combination. It also gives a bit of movement speed to outrun your enemy on a early level gank which you will need because udyr has no real gap closer and is very susceptible to being kited, especially early when he is not yet tanky.

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This is the mastery page I take because it fits what I want to do in the early game, you can change this to suit your liking but it suits my personal playstyle and tends to work very well with the build I have provided!

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The items of this build are heavily based around being super tanky and having all the tools you need to peel for that fed carry! It still gives you the option to split push with the attack speed and sheen proc if you are in a situation where that is the best idea. An other idea that is very obvious about this build is trying to limit how easily kited udyr is with a few slows built into the items! Beware though, you will not do as much burst damage as you were use to with the old udyr s4 builds, but you will stay alive much longer meaning you can potentially do far more sustained damage.

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Ranked Play

In ranked for udyr you want to make sure you're not falling behind on farm but you want to make sure you have plenty of lane pressure. You can pressure turrets extremely hard early after a successful gank, and the more early gold you get as udyr the better, because udyr scales so well so if he gets his items faster than anyone else, it's over! You will be an unkillable peeling machine that can split push all day because there's no way they're going to kill you with just one enemy. One last thing that should be your prime focus as udyr is buff control, udyr without his buffs struggles, especially with the new dragon buff! Don't let the enemy team control the jungle, because that jungle is rightfully yours!

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Pros / Cons


    Very tanky!
    Scales Tremendously!
    Quick jungle clear.
    Decent Damage Output
    Amazing Split push
    Immense peel with bear stance!
    You can burn stuff


    Very kitable
    CC can be his death
    Needs his items (Not strong if shut down)

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Team Work

The teamwork aspect of this build is 2 simple things! Secure dragon/baron/other buffs, and peel for that fed hypercarry. If you feel the need to splitpush let your team know so they can pressure other parts of the map!

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Creeping / Jungling

Udyr has extremely fast clear so make use of it, I tend to do golems/gromp first then whatever buff is closest to it, then the next buff and back and buy first jungle upgrade, then I start the real process of pressuring things and farming at the right time.

You can counter jungle as udyr, but only in certain matchups against champs with no cc, or champs that are either super squishy or get low in the jungle.

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Thanks, this is my first build and it will be updated when I feel necessary. I appreciate any feedback, happy jungling!

Also don't worry about being counter jungled as playing udyr, just know that you shouldn't invade cc, or kitability!