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LeBlanc Build Guide by Dope Shohi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dope Shohi


Dope Shohi Last updated on April 4, 2015
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Threats to LeBlanc with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ahri With all this mobility this is an easy lane. Just pay attention if she hits her charm. But this is free harrass in general
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Peace guys, Im Dope Shohi and this is my LeBlanc build guide for you. I love playing this champ and i think i can play LeBlanc on a very HIGH level. (hope u get me right dudes).

If u have any questions, e.g. about special matchups just write a comment, ill answer all of them! <3
I hope u enjoy this guide and feel free to leave a comment or a nice vote here!

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Why Leblanc?

Simply because its fun.You have everything on this champion dat you need.

-> Insane damage

-> Insane juke-potential (read the chapter below)

-> Insane passive (op vs Caitlyn ulti ;) )

-> Insane mobility

-> Insane early game

-> Insane variation of combinating your spells

-> Insane troll potential

-> Insane carry potential just by nuking their carries

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Pros and Cons

+ Very Gankproof
+ If lane is hard there is still a huge roaming potential
+ Very strong burster
+ Can shoot fed carries to the moon
+ Can make enemy lifebars disappear
+ High mobility (counters skillshots-based champions Ahri Brand)

- Countered hard by CC (stuns/fear/silences...)
- Cant farm well under tower ( countered by pusher like Mordekaiser, Galio,...)
- No "real" teamfight potential (just like all assassins)
- Can be counterbuilded hard just by Banshees Veil
- If enemy team is very tanky you will recognize a lack of kill potential in late game

There are two different ways LeBlanc can get countered.

(Read "threats to leblanc" graphic above)

-> Defensive counter: Like Morgana Galio Mordekaiser Lanes are hard because you cant burst them. They will outpush you and get the gold advantage. Ask your jungler for ganks and take every single last-hit you can get.

-> Offensive counter: Like Diana You cant harrass them without bringing yourself in serious danger. Stay at range and farm. And wait for late game or ganks. And tank god for your mobility otherwise you would end up only feeding and getting flamed.

BUT: You are LeBlanc. You have Ethereal Chains for CC, Distortion for mobility and Sigil of Malice for burst. You cant win your own lane? Np, roam and win other lanes.
Get fed by their bot/top lane. Never underestimate your roaming potential its one of those things that make Leblanc so strong.

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Before u go ahead reading this guide pls load a moment of silence.
Close your eyes and think of the good old times.
Remember the LeBlanc dat was able to silence her enemies? (this was so sick)
Or activating Deathfire Grasp aiming the enemy carry?

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In this part i will explain you why you need this items and probably want to pick them up evry game.

These three every game

Sorcerer's Shoes: Need for explain? I dont think so; More magic penetration means more damage. Simply as this.

Morellonomicon: Now this item is a must-buy on LeBlanc. You get a nice passive, 80 AP, mana reg and 20 percent CDR. And you definetly need this CDR since you will buy no other items for. Dont believe the CDR is that important? Just skip this item and try. In late game you will recognize this so hard that you will never play LB without it. Seriously. Buy every game no matter how your doing if youre behind or something. Your juke-potential incredible better with W on 5th rank and 20 percent CDR.

Rabadon's Deathcap: This item is (like on mostly every mage) also a must-have. I dont think theres much to explain at this point. 120 AP + 30% bonus AP -> HURTS. A LOT. You can also buy this later e.g. you are laning vs Zed, in this case you should rush Zhonya's Hourglass

Purchase order depends on situation

Void Staff: Buy this if you/your team is ahead and the only thing you need at the moment is more damage. This item (together with sorc. boots) will give you maximum magic penetration. I usually buy this after the three items I mentioned before, but its up to you.

Zhonya's: Also a nice item, gives a lot of AP, some armor and an effect, LeBlanc benefits a lot, e.g. gettin invulnerable while waiting for your Distortion to be up again. Like every mage you should rush this item if playing vs ad laners like Zed.

Banshees and G.A.: This is up to you and depends a lot on the enemy team comp. and the game situation.
Pick Guardian Angel if you feel yourself dying to much, you getting focused in teamfights and and and... I think we all have this feeling sometime: you die, but your team wins the fight and the only thing youre thinking is "I need a G.A." Buy it. Here you go.
Pick Banshee's Veil if they have a skillshot-initionating team ( Blitzcrank Thresh). Still a very situnational item since LeBlanc is born for juking skillshots simply by using her Distortion

Other options

6x Rod Of Ages: You know those game where you feel bored buying the same fckin stuff like in any other game? Where you wanna have some fun by playing un-usual builds? Then just buy 5 (or 6 and skip boots) Rod of Ages. You are tanky as **** but still do a lot of damage. Buy this and you will see how important the CDR of Morellonomicon actually is, and the difference between playing with 20 percent CDR and playing with 0.

Mejai's: I would not buy this in "serious" games (DID YOU RECOGNIZE THIS ANTITHESIS) but in games where you are totally ahead and just wanna show the enemy team what you think of them. And of course if you just wanna STACK. Since LeBlanc has a lot of mobility its kinda easy playing very safe with her, which means its kinda hard to kill her if she plays well, which means she can gather stacks easy but losing then is kinda hard.

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Farming with LeBlanc is kinda hard, you have no mana sustain in lane and the only way to farm without getting oom fast is by auto's.
This needs a lot of practise, especially if the enemy champion pushes the lane.
Just do some custom games, only you and no other champs. Go mid and just practise last hitting every single minion.
Try to avoid using spells for farming in early, sometimes a Sigil of Malice for a last hit is no problem, but always keep an eye on your mana bar.

If u get pushed under tower remeber this two things, and u still will be able to farm:

- Melee minions: Let the tower fire two shots at them, then just AA for the last hit.

- Caster minions: This need a bit more practise: You have to AA the minion BEFORE the tower shoots at them. Then let the tower shoot and AA the minions after it took the tower damage for the last hit.

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Summoner Spell's

Not really much to explain i think. You get more escape and even more mobility. There are no reason for takin another summoner spell. This is a must-have.

Same like flash, not really much to say about. Gives more killpotential and more lae pressure.

Sometimes Teleport can be useful if you know you will have to roam a lot. Since her great gapclosing with Distortion and the CC by Ethereal Chains shes alao great for making ganks and roam a lot. Would still recomment Ignite here.

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Notice: Every + means this is totally neccessary for the combo; every + means depending on game situation you can hit this spells for extra damage.


Lvl 1: Q+AA. Good for harrassing meelee champs just like Fizz/Katarina/Akali... Bring them down to 1/2 hp and as soon as u hit level two there might be a kill for you together with Ignite damage. Make sure that you AA first and use Q after, because Q range is higher then AA range is.

+(+ )

Lvl 2: Q+W. Insane damage potential. Care of wasting to much mana. If you harrassed them already at level 1, or with some Q+W combo you should be able to pick up First Blood by using Ignite during this combo.


Lvl 3: E+Q+W(+AA's+Q): Sometimes its better to NOT jump back; stay at them wait till they are rooted and keep AA harras, once they are rooted your Q should be up soon again for some extra damage. Combined with Ignite this can be a lvl 3 kill combo.


Lvl 6+ : (E+)Q+R+W(+AA's+Q) Contains some serious burst-potential. The core of this combo is triggering both Sigil of Malice marks. Just like the level 3 combo u can start with hitting your chains depends on the game-situation. If u do so dont jump back; harrass with AA, wait the root and the CD of your Q.

This are just the main damage combos. There are so many possibilities to combine her ultimate with her other spells.
- Double Q: Highest Damage. Use them if you wanna nuke someone to the moon.
- Double W: Use for gapclosing; escaping; the brushybrushy ;)
- Double E: Very usefull if you and your team chase tankier enemies. With the doubleroot your team can follow up easily and u can bring them down together.

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At level 18, especially with the CDR of Morellonomicon there is a huge juke potential, you can confuse your enemie team (or even your own).

So here are some main points u should be aware of:

1. Escape: Use your W in a bush. If they go on chasing you, just run until they passed this bush. Would be perfect if you manage to interrupt their vision to you. Then simply reactivate your Distortion. You will jump back into the bush while they all go on chasing you like mad. Press B and relax B)

2. The BrushyBrushy: May be usefull if you wanna recall in the single, little bush in the middle of bot or top lane (e.g. after a towerdive or because you pushed far enough) . This juke allows you escape the easiest way and maybe make them burn a flash or something. Use W in the direction of the big, ugly frog. Use your 2nd Distortion (by pressin R) to dash over the wall. Go on runing a bit before you use your W again. You will be in the single, little bush you were before, can recall and relax while they all trying to catch you in the jungle.

In this video you can see SivHD explaining the brushybrushy. I dont have any rights, this video is the property of SivHD. I only use this video because he explains the brushybrushy very well. Peace <3

(Same like before i dont have any rights, this video is the property of SivHD and i only use the link because im german and explaining this juke in english would be nearly impossible for me. Peace :)

Will continue this guide the next days :)

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Playing versus...

in this part of my guide i will go deeper on certain matchups.

KATARINA: Pre 6 this should be "NP". You outrange and outdamage her both. Harrass her a lot, be a lane bully. She will have a hard time. She cant really harrass you without bringing herself in serious danger. If she hits 6 and Shunpos on you in order to ult you can jump away from her with Distortion, waiting till her ult channel ends, then jump back and hit Sigil of Malice, Mimic Sigil of Malice and Ethereal Chains. Her leap is on cooldown so there is not really much she can do.

MORGANA: F*** this s***. Morgana will poop on you. As i wrote in the Pro/Cons chapter, LeBlanc is countered by any form of CC ( Dark Binding Soul Shackles ) and lane pushing champs. ( Tormented Soil ) Not enough yet? Ok dats good because she can shield a lot of your burst with her Black Shield. You finally got some harrass on her? To bad that Soul Siphon gives her lots of sustain too. Asked your jungler for a gank? Dats nice, so u both can enjoy watching her walking away with a Black Shield on her. You just can't fight her. Roam instead. Roam a lot.

SYNDRA: Syndra is a difficult matchup as well. Not impossible but hard. The key is that your usual combo is Sigil of Malice Mimic Sigil of Malice and then Distortion, your main damage is about hitting the Distortion for triggering the 2nd Sigil of Malice. And lets be honest this is the standard LeBlanc combo, once u casted Sigil of Malice its kinda obvious for the enemy what will come next. So all Syndra has to do is waiting till u use Distortion, then she can crush you by using Scatter Of The Weak. Your whole combo gets interrupt and u will be there with CD on alomst everyspell and probably stunned. Easy target for another Dark Sphere, Force of Will or even Unleashed Power.
The key for LeBlanc is waiting. Patience. Farm and farm and farm. And once she used Scatter of The weak go for the all in. If Syndra is good she will know about this, she probably wont even use Scatter Of The Weak offensivly. In this case try to Q-R-E her, means ure triggering your 2nd Sigil of Malice with Etheral Chains. This wont do as much damage is quite harder to hit, but its the only safe way for fighting Syndra

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Thank you for reading this guide I hope u enjoyed it.


(leave a comment if there is something you liked or disliked.)