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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by nepomuk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nepomuk

[5.13] Fiddlesticks Jungle Guide

nepomuk Last updated on July 12, 2015
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Fiddlesticks Build

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Fiddlesticks got some trouble with the release of Patch 5.12 including the new Enchantment: Runeglaive and the Remove of Enchantment: Magus. This short guide will show you, how to build Fiddlesticks since the Patch.

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Basic Knowledge and Fiddlesticks Role

    Fiddlesticks is an AP Jungler. He lacks potential on the Lane, so play him in the Jungle - he was made for it.

    You will not benefit from any Masteries or Items with On-Hit-Effects, you will only cast Spells.

    Fiddlesticks Abilities allow him to farm alot (In the Jungle).

    Ganks are much stronger since you reach Level 6.

Fiddlesticks can farm really fast in the Jungle, but lacks the potential of clearing waves fast enough. You are not a pusher, you are a ganker and a CC/DMG Machine for Teamfights. You turn fights around with the correct use of your abilities: including Silence, Fear and one of the strongest Area-of-Effect Damage Spells.
He is made to give your team a huge adventage when the fight is near you. Don't forget: You are not the Assassin.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Standard for a caster - even in the Jungle. Fiddlesticks comes with buildin Magic Penetration, so we will increase the amount with those Marks.

Greater Seal of Armor
Flat 9 Armor. You will receive less DMG from Monsters in the Jungle.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
You will not buy alot of Magic Resist, so those Glyphs can help you survive some Spells from enemy Champions including the DMG done by Support when you gank the Bottom Lane.
Go for scaling AP Glyphs if you don't like the Magic Resist here.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Flat ~15 Ability Power. It supports our choice of Masteries so we are able to do some DMG early in the game. Otherwise it would be unnecessary hard to clear the jungle. And this is the best way to get some flat AP early.

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Fiddlesticks is on the map to gank, to fight, to kill. So we are going offensive. We do not benefit enough from Health, Armor or Magic Resist - nothing on Fiddlesticks scales with that. And we don't need any deep utility masteries: We don't need the cookies, we heal ourself and we don't need that much Movementspeed, bc we jump into the fihts.

We do not need the 9 in Defense, because Drain will give us enough sustain for the jungle.

Arcane Blade We do not use our AA enough to get use of it.

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Fiddlesticks spawns with Magic Penetration. This is great to do some DMG early, as we build some early flat AP. We will improve the Penetration with Boots in the end of the Early Game and with the Void Staff near the end of the Mid Game.

This is the "non-ultimate-gank-ability". It's for Fiddlesticks what Vault Breaker is for Vi: No, not a gap-closer; it's the Spell that gives us the CC we need to kill someone or to survive when someone is in our jungle.

It's our main DMG-Spell besides from the Ultimate. We need it to clear the Jungle and to do DMG on the enemy Champions. We need 20%-25% Cooldown Reduction to cast it again, whenever the Drain is finished.

Dark Wind
Not good enough for a Fiddlesticks to clear waves fast enough. So we max it last. We need the silence, and as long as nothing improves this part of the spell, we do not max it earlier then last. If you really need a silence on a specific enemy, target him first with it. It's a great spell to get a big adventage in the Fights. Alot fights will end before this spell is ready again, so do not aim for early high ranks on it or go on CDR bc of it.

This is Fiddlesticks. Use Zhonya's Hourglass only when you need it. Don't spam it just bc you don't want to get focused. Try to CC the enemies with your silence and Fear; Drain them to do even more dmg and move around to not lose your targets. Use the Item when someone wants to kill you to stop your Ultimate - and when he is able to do so.

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Doran's Ring
You will mainly use Drain on the Monsters and that's why Fiddlesticks benefits more from Doran's Ring then from the Machette. Take a Ward with it and you are safe for a great start.

Ranger's Trailblazer
This is to rush through the Jungle. Use your Dark Wind and your Smite to clear the small Monsters and then Drain the big one. It's only to get easy Gold, we will sell it later.

Sorcerer's Shoes
More early Magic Penetration. I prefer those over Ionians.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
If you want the early 20% Cooldown Reduction. Together with Morellonomicon, you will reach 40%. But most of the time, you have another 10% from the blue buff, so the Morellonomicon would be overkill for the stat then.

Zhonya's Hourglass
Even when the enemy team is filled with Mages, you want it's active.
Build it after the Shoes.

Rabadon's Deathcap
You will receive 120 Ability Power from it, to make your spells even stronger. It comes with another 36 Ability Power for it's own, and pushes the Ability Power from Zhonya's Hourglass for another 36 Ability Power. Great choice for this moment of the game. But if the enemies build heavy Magic Resist or are in favor of the Locket, build the Void Staff first, and then this one.

Void Staff
This brings your Damage to the End Game. Some enemies, if not everyone, has Magic Resist to lower the Damage they receive from you. That's why you build this one, to keep making damage. Rush it if needed.

AP: Great. Manareg: Great. 20% Cooldown Reduction: Awesome. Allows us to use the Drain frequently and our Spells will always reduce the incoming healing when the enemies are under 40% life. That fits great with Executioner .

Liandry's Torment
Some AP, Health and a bit more Magic Penetration. It's great when you need more of those stats in the Midgame. It's recipe is quite expensive for the flat amount of AP it gives. The Unique Passive is great, if not necessary, when the enemy team is filled with guys like Garen, Mundo, Cho, Gragas, Voli..

It will proc whenever your Drain and Crowstorm do dmg. And this is frequently, so this item fits good on Fiddlesticks.

If you are at 6/6: Sell the Trailblazer and replace it with something usefull like
Abyssal Mask to improve DMG and help other mages in your team, or Banshee's Veil to survive burst damage from enemies like Annie.

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Jungle Gameplay

1. Do the camp near the Bottom lane and use Smite.
You do not need that much help as other junglers here, but it's always nice.

2. Do the first buff.
Use Dark Wind on one of the small monsters.

3. Do the third buff and Smite again.
You will Reach Level 3 and now you could gank, but most of the time, you won't.

This is a very common standard way to go through the Jungle.
Most of the Champs will go back then and use the 500g to build the Trailblazer and take some Potions. But we have Doran's Ring, so our Trailblazer needs more Gold.

It's great to have Drain, because that's why we can keep clearing the Jungle here.
Do it until you have the Gold for the Trailblazer and port back and take it. Don't spend too much time without it early, because it will boost your income great enough to give it some attention! ;)

Try to avoid Ganking pre 6. If you see some potential for a gank, this is the standard way:

Get near to the enemy, try to aboid potential Wards.

Time your Spells! Only open with the Fear, when your Laner is near enough to do DMG in this time. Silence the enemy if you think he is going to cast a spell which helps him to escape or to kills one of you. You 2 have to kill the enemy in the time he is feared and silenced. Do not stack both effects.

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Fight Gameplay

There are 2 ways Fiddlesticks work in the most cases:

1. Fiddlesticks initiate the Fight:
Your Ultimate is the first that hits the enemies, you will need to use Zhonya's imidiatly or you will die. Your mates will or at least should follow you and attack the enemies. When you come out of your stasis, you can keep the pressure on the enemies with your Silence and Drain.

2. Fiddlesticks follows the initiation:
Your Sejuani, Maokai, Nautilus or whatever goes in. The enemies are busy with hitting the fighters and mages or reaching your ADC. That's the time you jump on the field from the shadows.
This way, you will be able to use your other Spells before you need the Hourglass (That's the Theory, and not 100% of the time the practice!).

If you go in first or not, do not waste your fear random!
Try to use it on someone like Katarina when she is using her Ultimate. Try to save yourself or your ADC with it. Try to make the enemies lose the activation time of spells or items: Like Yi's Ultimate or the Ghostblade. If you keep calm in fights and you land a well times fear, you will get all the ladies on the rift.

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Thanks for giving me and my guide a chance.

Fiddle is easy to play, hard to master. He has a lot of potential and needs practice to make quality plays. He will reward you for reading the map and enemies.

Have Fun with Fiddlesticks.