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Kassadin Build Guide by GizmoGear

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GizmoGear

5.5 Ready: Kassadin - A Tanky Mana CD Burst Build

GizmoGear Last updated on March 21, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the Guide

Hello! I am Emperor Gizmo and this is my FIRST guide so if I am missing anything please tell me. With this guide I hope on shedding new light on Kassadin due to the 5.5 changes I found a very good build that helped Kassadin be tanky, do damage, have mobility, and full CD. It also makes him a extreme beast late game but having a bad early game. LETS GET STARTED! (this is a guide for a Kassadin with this build. Not Kassadin in general)

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Why this way/build of Kassadin

Well this build trades Kassadin's early game (which is already weak so there wont be much lost) for a incredible late game! This build helps you be a Tanky-Mobile-Caster while doing tons of damage! THIS BUILD HELPS YOU WITH YOUR MANA PROBLEMS AND YOUR ULT DAMAGE AND COST SO MUCH THAT YOUR ULT DOES 400 DMG ON ITS 800 COST AND YOU CAN DO IT 6 TIMES WHILE BEING ON A 1.2 SECOND CD!!!(while still throwing your abilities!) WOW!

Just remember this on playing this Kassadin
-Dont die (its more important this build than any other champion)
-Last hit! I better see you swimming in gold with your CS!
-When you roam get something out of it! Dont waste time.
-Dont expect to do damage early game. Late game is damage time!

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This Builds Pros / Cons

-A Late Game God
-Has Burst Full Build
-Can go through 6 800 mana ults
-His Ult will do BIG damage (like the old kassadins damage when it went off ap)
-E is 80% up

-You need to ROAM for GOLD
-You have to be a good Kassasin
-Weak Early and Decent Mid Game
-You have to last hit for gold.

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What to do Early Game & Roaming

With this game your Early Game is weak and you should be focusing on last hitting! Trade if needed but conserve your mana and get as much cs as you can!

When you roam you must be sure that you will not die and you will get something out of it! Ask yourself these following questions before roaming.

-Can I Kill Them?
-Do my teammates do enough damage?
-Wheres my midlaner?
-Is it warded and if so where?
-Where is their jungler and where is mine?
-Is mid-lane being pushed to my tower or is my wave pushing to their tower?

League is all about KNOWING THE GAME AND DECISION MAKING! so make good choices and try to think what your going to do before you do it.

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Team Fights

Mid game: You should be focusing the carried and trying to get as many kills as you can. WATCH YOUR MANA. Imagine your mana as a time limit. Once its out don't go back in because you don't wanna go in and die making you fall behind. Also DONT BE STUPID! Go in when you know you can and never Engage.

Late game: Your now full build your new name is KassaGod (Remember that). This doesn't mean to be stupid but it means you are very strong so don't underestimate your power. Focus the carries or who ever is needed to be focus and stick on to them. This should be easy because your ult can use the 800 mana cost 6 TIMES! Make Riot remember the day they nerfed you and that you don't only seek vengeance on the Void but Riot as well! (Still don't die or be stupid. Getting a kill and dying is not worth as much as living and not getting a kill)

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Ranked Play Tips

WARD! This is the best item in the game and helps you stay alive and helps you control the enemy by knowing that you can play offensively before their jungler comes

Be nice to your Jungler/Teammates: Please be nice to your jungler because their job is not to win your lane. You need to rely on yourself to win your lane. Also you should NEVER get mad if the jungler wants his buffs or camps because it is HIS jungle and him giving it you is is like a gift and not a right. Also never rage at your teammates because I'm sure screaming "YOU SUCK **** AT THIS GAME AND GO UNINSTALL FGT BEFORE WE REPORT YOU" will not make them want to improve. If you have nothing nice to say then dont say it at all. Golden Rule!