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Shen Build Guide by Ghubs

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ghubs

[6.2] | Ghub's Steady Bruiser Shen Guide | Explanation

Ghubs Last updated on February 9, 2016
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Nasus You will lose late game. push hard early to win.
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This is my first ever build guide, so I will do my best and please correct me if I'm wrong on anything.

What Happened to Shen?

After the 6.2 patch, the long awaited Shen rework was rolled out. After the initial release, people were immediately put off by how weak this champion looked and felt. They felt this way because they were playing Shen Like old Shen. New Shen cannot simply rely on straight tank stats and still put out good damage.

Okay, Ghubs, How do we play this champion?

Let's start off by observing Shen's new kit and what would work well on him. His only source of damage other than regular auto attacks is his q. He benefits greatly from CoolDown reduction for extended duels but has one weak spot. He has absolutely no sustain after his rework. This is why an item like Death's Dance is in order for shen. So here's the plan:

Get Shen some Tankiness, Sustain and Dueling Power

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Let's talk items. When we look at the items I've chosen, they all cover at least one of the three main points about building a strong new Shen. Cooldown Reduction, Sustain, and Dueling Power.

For Cooldown Reduction, Death's Dance, Trinity Force, and possibly Spirit visage provide for the needed CDR.

For Sustain, Death's Dance is really all you need as it give a great life steal passive as well as being super gold efficient as it gives you CDR as well.

For Dueling Power, The combined tankiness from your tank items, the passive and lifesteal of Death's Dance, and the passive from Trinity Force give you great trading potential.

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These Runes are Really straightforward in terms of what they yield.

For Quints: I would encourage quints of Attack Speed as they give 4.5% each

For Marks: Either flat AD marks or a mixture of AD and Attack speed would be most efficient

For Seals: Armor and Health seals greatly affect early jungle clears as all jungle camps deal physical damage

For Glyphs: 6x Glyphs of scaling cooldown reduction are a must as decent cooldown reduction is necessary for Shen's great dueling power with his abilities. fill the rest with either flat Magic resist or scaling magic resist glyphs

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Here's the thing about masteries I need to clarify: Take what you feel is best, this is simply what I believe to be the strongest on Shen. Thunderlord's Decree is the strongest mastery in the game right now, hands down. I disagree with some other people who like to take one of the tank keystones on Shen, but the those masteries would really only affect him late game or give him 300 max health. To me, I feel Thunderlords is worth it over 300 health keystone as it can add ~150 damage easily just by doing a regular combo on an enemy and also that you get Thunderlord's immediately and it scales throughout the game, whereas Strength of the ages is purely late game before it would be fully stacked.

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What is Shen's Combo and when to use your Q

What is Shen's new combo?

Shen has the greatest dueling power against Auto-attack champs like Tryndamere or Jax due to his AA block on his W (Spirit's Refuge).

Very Important Note!

In order to be successful with Shen, know everything about his Q (Twilight Assault). It has a slow that applies as an enemy is hit with the blade as it travels to Shen, gives a % max health as magic damage on hit, and lasts for 3 auto attacks. Also the bonus magic damage on hit is greatly increased when you pass the blade through an enemy champion. Also note that after you have maxed out this ability it is almost off cooldown after you have used the 3 empowered autoattacks. Keep in mind that you can continuously use your q after it gets off cool down at later ranks because each empowered autoattack that hits regens a significant amount of energy from his E passive(Shadow Dash).

When you Combo the order is as follows:

E > Q > W > AA

It is relatively Straightforward as your E (Shadow Dash) taunts for 1.5 seconds, Q (Twilight Assault) gives him a % max health as bonus magic damage on hit, and his W (Spirit's Refuge) blocks auto attack damage and crowd control from autoattacks. A side note is that even things like blitzcrank's E knockup is blocked while the in the protection area.

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Pros / Cons


    Good early clear
    Strong for entire game
    Does % max health as magic damage with his Q which is great against tanks
    Passive shield is extremely advantageous when trading
    Good base stats
    Great for engaging
    Fantastic global presence with Ultimate ability
    Great at chasing

    Absolutely no sustain (biggest problem)
    Lacks any sort of poke, meaning he must initiate a fight to deal damage
    Only two damaging abilities

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Farming/USE YOUR Q


There is a tendency as we try to get better at the game to not use abilities to farm in order to have more mana to be at an advantage against a lane opponent. After you have unlocked E, you get a passive energy regeneration every time you hit an enemy with either the E dash or the Q bonus damage. meaning you can continuously use Q to farm minions as long as you use each of the 3 buffed auto attacks. This is your main source of damage and the bonus is truly massive. Also it is difficult to build against a Shen that is ahead since his damage is close to 50/50 magic and physical.

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Team Work

There are two points of working as a team with Shen:

Ultimate Ability: R (Stand United) This is my favorite ability on Shen and for good reason. It can be used to save a teammate about to die and turn a fight around or it can used to protect an important carry on your team.

How to work as a team: When you reach the "teamfight" stage of the game where both teams are grouped together normally in a lane, your job is to punish a bad engage by the enemy or to catch an enemy with your E (Shadow Dash) to let your team collapse on a single target. Also make sure to use your E to protect your own carries from assassins like zed or talon.