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Malzahar Build Guide by WartortleRios

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WartortleRios

[6.5] malzahar #WinRate high Season6

WartortleRios Last updated on March 15, 2016
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Hi all. Im WartortleR and I come to introduce a guide on the magician forgotten Malzahar, Why malzahar, because he is a real headache for any line with its power to get farm and his Q and W really do a great job in the TFs time.
Now Lets talk about hes summoners spell.
Malzahar has no movement so the flash its almost a mandatory spell
now the second spell its up to U, but I personal preffer the Teleport, cause really help U to get in line any time u need it, and the pressure in the line.

4.png the flash really gone to help U any time u wanna do the Malzahar combo. He´s combo its the thing he has to shutdonw almost any player in the game.

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Ok, now its time to talk about the rune we need to choice for , why this runes simple cause it give u a lot of AP and lot of AD/AP Penetration.
Why AD/AP Penetration, cause the passive of Malz (summon voidling) this Little thing is the secret of malzahar the SV do a lot of damage, upgrade hes power over 7seg and again 7sg after. They scale 100% of U ADpower, so, its really importan to understand that.

The Mark greater-mark-of-hybrid-penetration.png
now we understand the important of the AD penetration on malzahar we gonna choice the ad/ap penetration mark and complete with 1 quintenssence AD/AP penetration.

Seal. descarga.jpg
The seals are very common one, just pick the 1+Armor seals! (now I have two Page of runes 1 with armor seals and one with MagicRessst)

The Glyphs greater-glyph-of-energy.png

For the Glypsh we choice and other simple one the AP1.19 ability power, remember malzahar has a great scale ap from this abilities.

the Quintessences descarga (1).jpg
For the last, we choice 2 quintenssences of AP power +4.95 and 1 AD/AP hybrid penetration.

This its the best runes for malhazar. (path6.5)

If U are a begginer in lol and dont have a lot of runes, U can choice a simple MagicResist for blue (9) and 3 AP quintessence (now they are cheap). but i recommend u the table runes uphere!

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lets talk about why I choice Thunderlord´s decree and not the deathfiretouch, symple the cunning tree is better for our magician (meditation, dangerous game, and precisión) are the best tree for malzahar, they give us mana regenaretion, sustain and AD/AP penetration. and the thunderlord scale on our AD/AP and can be actívate with our summon voidling give us a lot of damage in the aerly game (for the win ourline (: )

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The Ends !

Well Guys, I hope you enjoy the Guide! Please let me know any thing about it, and if you try it please let me know,and, help me and let me know if you like it, do the LIKE :)

bye bye summoners.

the next guide will be a sejuani. star to seem in the top10 WINRATE of Ranked Match.