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Ahri Build Guide by Kasaigami

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kasaigami

[7.12] Ahri: ADCarry Guide

Kasaigami Last updated on June 25, 2017
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Threats to Ahri with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Ashe Easy lane even if she has a good support. Dodge w's, catch her in charm and you can burst her down.
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♥ Introduction

Before we start, let me just ask you to read the notes for more detailed information :D/b]

Hello, my name is Kasaigami and this is my first guide EVER! My favorite champions are Lux, Jinx and Ahri. I started playing AD Ahri when one of my teammates got super fed with her. The next game I tried it out right way and went 18/2. Since then, I play AD Ahri whenever I'm feeling bored or have no champion to play. It's very fun and OP if played well! I hope you like this guide and up-vote if you found it helpful!

Now, to explain a little bit better what ADC Ahri is all about. Ahri's kit is super useful on bot lane. Spirit Rush is great to kite, chase, escape and reposition anytime, her Charm allows Ahri to taunt the enemies to then burst them down with her strong combo and AA to even make more damage. Last, but not least Orb of Deception when cast gives you an extra movement speed buff that can be used to escape or engage. With all the great items that I've listed, ADC Ahri with full build, right runes and masteries is a deadly ADC that has everything you could've wanted. Mobility, damage and a taunt.

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♥ Pros/Cons

♥ PROS ♥

Spirit Rush is a great ability to escape, kite, reposition and chase.
Charm is super useful on bot lane, synergizes great with an aggresive support with the same hard CC.
Orb of Deception gives a little bit of movement speed when casted, great to escape or chase.
Ahri's range is the same as usual ADC's (575)
At level 18 she has the same base physical damage as usual ADC's.

♥ CONS ♥

Ahri's Essence Theft and Fox-Fire turn out to be pretty much useless.
She has no AD/attack speed on spells or AD scaling.

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♥ Runes

Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed x3
Greater Mark of Attack Damage x8
Greater Mark of Critical Chance x1
Greater Seal of Armor x9
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist x9

The regular ADC runes. Not much to say about it, except that the extra armor and magic resist will help alot in lane and teamfights as well as the attack damage and speed.

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♥ Summoner Spells

is an obvious choice because it's great to engage and to escape. Even though you already have a great escape never walk into lane without this fella! It's a must-have for practically every champion.


is a life-saver and great early-game for a squishy champion like you. Late-game it doesn't do much as it only heals 100 to 300 hp and even if you cast it you can still die if you're agaisnt champions like Fizz and LeBlanc who have lots of burst damage. It's useful also to end the last few ticks of ignite if anyone takes it bot. I would recommend this because you're super squishy and it can turn the lane around.

is good agaisnt a squishy duo bot lane and if you and your support are very aggresive. It's great for an early kill but then I would recommend for your support to take heal. It's good if your ult and flash is on cooldown so you can't chase.

is a meh choice. It will minimize the damage from the ADC and it will make it easir for you to chase and cast your Charm. I wouldn't recommend it though, only agaisnt a duo bot with a lot of mobility.


is a awful summoner spell on you since you're very mobile and you don't need it for anything! Don't ever take this anywhere!

gives nothing for a champion like you. Make your support take it if you don't have anyone on your team using it. If you were mid lane and top took ignite it would be a meh choice, but never take it if you're going ADC Ahri there's no need for it and it does nothing for you.

NEVER take this. Even agaisnt a super bursty lane this won't be better than heal. This is probably the worst summoner spell for you after cleanse.

Just no.

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♥ Abilities

Passive: Essence Theft
It's pretty much useless because you will have lifesteal so don't worry about it.

Q: Orb of Deception
Only useful because of the true damage it does on the way back. It doesn't scale with AD, so you will deal less damage. It gives a extra speed buff so it's good when kiting, escaping or chasing. The longer it takes on the way back the slower your movement speed decays. When escaping/chasing throw it back so it will take longer to come back to you.

E: Charm
Your best spell when going bot lane. It's hard CC and combined with the same kind of support you just absolutely destroy them! Just land your charm and burst them down with your ultimate combo (E>Q>W>AA>R). Super useful bot and pretty much everything an ADC ever wanted.

R: Spirit Rush
Your second best ability when going bot lane. This allows you to kite, reposition, dodge, chase and escape. Use this to escape ganks or to engage when your jungler comes in. Great in teamfights to dodge champions that do lot of burst damage with their skillshots ( Diana, Lux) and to engage or escape.

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♥ Items

Berserker's Greaves
It's the best boots for any ADC, get it after your first big item.

Infinity Edge
It's pretty much the best item for any ADC right now. Its passive is super OP and it works great with you. The additional damage is great as well as the crit chance. Get it first.

Statikk Shiv
It helps farm and it makes you deal a mix of magic and physical damage. It's a great item for you and you should get it second.

Phantom Dancer
It's a great item on you because of its 2 passives. It's nice to have an extra movement speed buff and it's Passive:Lament can save you from a 1v1 with a really bursty ADC.

Great item because of the lifesteal and extra attack damage. It's also great on you because of its shield.

Runaan's Hurricane
Helps in farm and teamfights. Not much to say about this item but that.

Guardian Angel


Trinity Force

I get Trinity Force whenever I'm feeling confident and wanna get a little tanky. Only get this agaisnt champions that don't really one shot you and that you can escape from. Guardian Angel is a better choice. Even though Trinity Force is an offensive item, in my opinion when you get it on an ADC it turns into a defensive one because of the extra HP. Always get it last :P

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♥ End

Well, you've reached the end of the guide! In the end, we can see that ADC Ahri is a fun and viable choice. Use this off-meta pick well but don't abuse it! It's good but you can still get rekt bot lane and feed. Only play this for fun when you're feeling bored. I hope you liked this in-depth guide and upvote! Bye, bye!