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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Rakan Build Guide by Pure Panphobia

Support [7.13 In-Depth] Mobility N' Utility Support Rakan

Support [7.13 In-Depth] Mobility N' Utility Support Rakan

Updated on July 7, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pure Panphobia Build Guide By Pure Panphobia 52,495 Views 9 Comments
52,495 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Pure Panphobia Rakan Build Guide By Pure Panphobia Updated on July 7, 2017
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Supporting With Style

Hello and welcome to a support guide for Rakan The Charmer. I played Rakan support quite a bit on the PBE and recently on live as well. I have discovered a few pretty solid builds in that amount of time. I hope I can help you come to a better understanding of the champion and how he works.

Disclaimer: While I have a decent chunk of experience so far on Rakan, I will note that I main Jungle and Secondary as Mid. That said, you support mains might look at my build and go "Wha-?" but I do assure you that it does work and I have a solid grasp on the champion and his mechanics.

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Runes And Why They're Weird


  • Greater Mark of Armor: You may be wondering why I'm not running magic penetration instead, and the answer is this build isn't geared for damage. It's designed to give you maximum utility. I run armor to have increased protection from the enemy auto attacks and physical damage.

  • Greater Glyph of Ability Power: These are for scaling your abilities to make them stronger. More AP = More damage, stronger shields, and better heals.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These are to give you more flat out resistance to magic damge which may come from the enemy support or jungler in the early game. These are to help keep you alive.

  • Greater Seal of Scaling Armor: These are designed to give you steadily more armor as the game goes on. These are here to ensure your protection from enemy auto attacks and physical damage scales with their ability to do so, as much as possible.
  • Greater Seal of Scaling Health: These are designed to give you steadily more maximum HP as the game goes on. This helps with late game survivability and allows you to stay alive longer while you run in and style on their soon to be corpses.
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These are my preferred mastery choices. These increase your utility and defensive capabilities so that you can ensure you and your ADC stay alive as long as possible. Hopefully this is helpful to you.

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Summoner Spells


Flash is very important for maximum mobility and survivability on Rakan. I highly recommend you take this summoner spell. It can be used to weave into your combos for increased outplay potential, it can be used as a means to escape or engage. Take Flash.


Exhaust is another important summoner spell for Rakan. What's better than having ridiculous amounts of mobility? Having ridiculous amounts of mobility while taking away enemy mobility and making them nearly harmless. That's what Exhaust does.
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Pro's N' Con's


+ Very High Mobility
+ Effective CC
+ Effective in Quick Skirmishes and Prolonged Fights.
+ High Utility For Self And Allies
+ Strong Outplay Potential.

Rakan is legitimately the most fun I have EVER had playing as a support. Ever. In 3 years of playing this game. His highly mobile kit can be very forgiving if you accidentally go a little too ham and it also allows for setting up prime positioning. That mobility when combined with his heals, shields, and AoE CC abilities stacks him up with a lot of outplay potential, given your teammate(s) are able to follow up with you. It doesn't matter whether you're having a little 2v2 skirmish in lane or a 5v5 late game team fight, Rakan is going to make an impact.


- Susceptible to Hard CC
- Less Effective Without Xayah
- High Learning Curve
- Mechanically Complex And Complicated.
- Can Be Bursted Down In Early Game

As with all champions, Rakan has his weaknesses as well. He has a lot of mobility, but it's punishable by hard CC such as Morgana's Dark Binding, because it's often used to get close or to move to your ADC, so they can sort of predict where you're going to dash. He also has a lot of mechanics to learn, which can take a while to get used to. After probably 30-40 games with him, I've got a solid grasp on things, but I'm certainly not a master yet. Also, it's worth noting that even though you build him tanky with this build, he's still squishy in the early game and can be bursted down.
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Fey Feathers (Passive): Rakan gains a shield for a flat amount which scales with your level and also scales with 90% of Rakan's Ability Power. This passive is extremely good for the duration of the game as a protection for Rakan and allows him to safely dive in and combo an enemy or 5 and still be alive after the combo so that he can escape. This shield is on a cooldown which scales from 40 to 16 seconds based on Rakan's level, and that cooldown is reduced by 1 second each time Rakan damages an enemy.

Lover's Leap (Passive): If either Xayah
or Rakan is recalling, the other can join them within a short range and activate recall to recall simultaneously based on the first recall's timer.

Gleaming Quill (Q): This ability is a short-ranged skill shot which deals 70 to 250 magic damage per skill rank and scales up by 50% of Rakan's Ability Power. If the ability hits an enemy champion or an epic monster, Rakan gains an aura which activates after a few seconds or if it contacts an allied champion. When the aura activates it heals Rakan and the ally it touches,
if applicable, by 23 to 150 HP based on Rakan's level, scaling with 70% of Rakan's Ability Power.

Grand Entrance (W): Upon activation,
Rakan will dash in a direction and, after a small delay, will knock up enemies in an area around him for 1 second. When the knock up effect occurs, all enemies knocked up will take 70 to 230 magic damage based on skill rank, scaling with 50% of Rakan's Ability Power.

Battle Dance (E): Upon activation,
Rakan will dash to an ally and shield that ally for 50 to 190 based on skill rank and the shield scales with 80% of Rakan's Ability Power. This ability can be activated twice as long as the second cast of the ability is within 5 seconds of the first. If those conditions are met, the second cast will cost on mana. The distance Rakan can dash is greatly increased if he is dashing to Xayah.

The Quickness (R): This is Rakan's Ultimate Ability. Rakan gains 50% bonus movement speed and glows for 4 seconds. If rakan makes contact with an enemy, that enemy takes 100 to 300 magic damage based on skill rank and scales with 50% of Rakan's Ability Power and is charmed for 1 to 1.5 seconds based on skill rank. The first enemy Rakan touches while using this ability also raises Rakan's bonus movement speed from this ability from 50% to 200%, decaying back to 50% over time.

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How To Style On The Lane

Rakan is a disruptive, utility support. His best function is going in, annoying the enemy, getting out, and repeating this process, all while keeping his teammate(s) protected and high on HP. Here are a couple of simple combos by which to do that effectively.

Now You Hurt Me, Now I'm Healed

This is a combo which lets you respond to taking damage, and usually come out ahead in the trade. Here's the "How To":

*1* Use Grand Entrance to gap close toward the enemy support or ADC immediately after they attempt CC or a Harass combo.
*2* Use Gleaming Quill while point blank to the enemy so that you cannot miss, gaining the healing aura.
*3* Use Battle Dance to dash away from the enemy and back to safety with your ADC, activating the heal aura and healing you and your ADC accordingly.

The All In, All Out, All The Way

This is your combo which should pretty much guarantee a kill, especially if you're laning with Xayah. Here's the "How To":

*1* Get close to the enemy, doesn't matter which one, and use Gleaming Quill.
*2* Use Battle Dance to dash back to your ADC, healing you both.
*3* Use Grand Entrance to knock up the enemy(ies) and deal some damage.
*3* Use The Quickness to instantly charm one of them and deal damage, gaining movement speed to charm the second one, if applicable, and deal damage, effectively locking down the enemy(ies) for up to 2.5 seconds while your ADC annihilates them from a distance.
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Vision Is Important

This is true for all of League of Legends, not just supports: Vision control is important. Having good vision and good vision denial can win games. It allows you and your team to know what is happening on more of the map and takes away the enemy's ability to do so. The more you can see, the more you know what you can and can't do. Particularly in low ELO games, the difference in victory and defeat can be the black-and-white screen that happens when that one teammate is split pushing and cannot see any of the enemy team, then gets collapsed on by 3 or more enemies. Here is a chart to show you where, as a support, to place wards and where to look for wards to be placed.

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Signing Off: GL HF

Hopefully you've found this Rakan guide useful and informative. Feel free to leave a comment and give feedback and constructive criticism. I will be updating this guide each patch as I play him more and more. There will be more champion matchups as I learn how they go, and I will continuously update any information I find between patches. Good luck and have fun. Happy supporting!

Special thanks to jhoijhoi for his helpful guide to coding on mobafire.
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