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Janna Build Guide by JannaGod

Support [7.23] Guide to Support Janna the Guardian of the Stars

Support [7.23] Guide to Support Janna the Guardian of the Stars

Updated on November 26, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JannaGod Build Guide By JannaGod 73,592 Views 14 Comments
73,592 Views 14 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JannaGod Janna Build Guide By JannaGod Updated on November 26, 2017
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Table of Contents

[1] Introduction [4] Early Game
[2] Build [5] Mid Game
[3] Abilities [6] Late Game

Hello, JannaGod here with my first ever guide. I hope my guide will help you learn Janna!

I started playing League at the end of season 3, that's also when I started playing Janna. Just recently with the new Support, and Support item changes Janna and many other Supports have become a lot stronger. I am a Mastery 7 Janna, and currently maining her in ranked. On the NA Server I am currently Gold 3 and in my promos to Gold 2. Ever since I started playing League I have been a Support main. With a godly Janna ult or Shield, I can change the tide of a fight, and possibly the game. This feeling is what makes me enjoy playing Support the most.

I find my build to be different from others. I believe my build is completely based on being a true Support to your ADC. Because what's a Support without an ADC.

If you would like to discuss this build or any mistakes you may have found. Then please leave a comment and I would love to respond.


Windspeaker's Blessing Is undeniably the best choice on Janna. It makes your E Shield for more and also gives your Ally more Armor and Magic Resist.

For Janna, we go down the Cunning tree because you can Cunningly outplay your foes with it. Wanderer Makes it easier for your to roam with your already large Movement Speed. Secret Stash Gives you more sustain in lane. Meditation Helps you sustain your mana for when your spamming shields. Bandit Allows you to get more gold. Intelligence Lets you get 5% more Cooldown Reduction and you also gain 5% Cooldown Reduction.


I go with Armor Marks because you are 99% of the time laning against a ADC, Attack Damage Carry. Who is doing Physical Damage so Armor Marks will help you sustain Poke, and Abilities in lane.

Here I go with flat health. This will helps your surviveability in the early game. This is good because you are so squishy and will help you not get poked out of lane.

With most Supports AP Glyphs are a great choice. It will help bulk up your Shield and also help your Abilities do more damage.

Same with the Glyphs, AP Quints will help boost your Shield and Damage output.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity is a great choice because it gives you the extra 10% Cooldown Reduction to finish your 45% total off. This will help you put our more shield and other abilities. It also reduces your Summoner Spells Cooldown.

Talisman of Ascension
This is a weirder pick you won't see from a lot of people. I personally don't like combining my Sightstone into the support item. I love having the Movement Speed passive to help get to lane faster, and also the Active to help initiate fights or exit them. The Cooldown Reduction, Armor, Mana Regen, and Health Regen are all very helpful stats to help you sustain.

Redemption is an all around awesome item. I buy this on almost every Support. The key thing about this item is the Active. It's a large delayed healing circle. This can turn fights around and save your allies. Another staple of this item is it can be used after death, so if you get picked and your team is still fighting you have a way to heal them.

Another thing you won't see many people do is to pick up Ardent Censor as early as I do. In the current meta, ADC's like Caitlyn and Twitch who heavily rely on Auto Attacks Ardent Censor is just a great item. Its Unique Passive is when you shield an ally you grant them 20-35% Attack Speed, 20-35 Magic Damage on hit, and also restore 20-35 Health on hit, for 6 seconds. This is really good to help your ADC output more damage and gives them more Sustain.

Here I pick up Locket or a Situational item. 90% of the time Locket is the right choice. The Armor and Magic Resist help give you more sustain. But the Active is really what we want here. The Active is a huge shield you can use on an ally based on your current level. Another big shield is always helpful to keep your ADC etc. alive during fights.

Ruby Sightstone is the upgraded version of Sightstone. The main differnce is the Unique Passive which gives your Item Actives a lower Cooldown. You will upgrade this on every support because... why not?

You will pick up oracle to clear Wards. You can clear Wards around objectives or in river etc. to let your jungler gank.

Knight's Vow is a situational item. You won't be getting this much because Locket is just so dang good. But if you are constantly dying and think you need more health this is a great item. The Unique Passive also helps your ADC survive by directing 6% of the damage they take to you.

The last Situational item is Frozen Heart. This item Reduces Attack Speed of nearby enemies. This is useful if people like Master Yi, and Xin Zhao etc. are diving into the back line to kill you. The Armor and Attack Speed reduction will help you survive longer.

Janna's passive is very basic but fitting. It gives allies moving towards you 8% more Move Speed which makes sense because you are most likely faster then everyone. This helps your allies get closer to you faster, which can be useful when running into a fight or away from one.

Janna's Q is her Tornado. This is her main source of hard CC. You first aim the ability and press Q which then places it on the ground. You can either press Q a second time releasing it prematurely and it goes a lesser distance and knocks up less. Or let it fully charge and release on its own going to its max range and max knock up time. This Ability is great for zoning the enemy laners and relieving some pressure of a engage off of your ADC. This ability can also be used to interrupt some enemy's abilities such as Lee Sins Q etc.

Janna's W is Zephyr. It Passively Increases her Movement Speed and allows her to move through Units. Her W also have an active. You can release her "elemental" damaging an enemy and slowing their Movement Speed. This is another source of CC Janna has. But when it's on Cooldown you lose all benefits from the passive.

Janna's E Eye of the Storm is here Bread and Butter. This is the staple of Janna. It's a shield that you can place on an ally that also gives them Attack Damage. It can also be used on turrets. This Ability is great to shield your ADC from poke and help you win trades. It increases their damage output and also shields them from some damage. Winning you most trades in lane.

Janna's ult Monsoon is her last source of CC. Her ult knocks back all enemys within the radius and is a huge healing circle. This is mainly used to peel away from fights or to heal and save a ally. Its a great ability that can change and win fights for your team.

Janna's early game is usually a breeze. Janna's laning phase is usually thought to be easy because it is. You can shield your ADC from any poke keep them in lane longer. You can disengage with your Q, and also engage. And your W also helps you stay out of fights with the movement speed and can help peel for your ADC. Usually, during laning phase as Janna, you want to watch for when the enemy ADC or your ADC is going in for a trade. You then want to shield your ADC this will likely make you win the trade. If the enemy support is looking to engage on your ADC. Prepare a tornado to stop the engage or interrupt the enemy. Doing all of this should make laning a piece of cake. 1 big thing is not getting caught out. If you get caught out in lane, hit by a pull etc. you will likely die. So try to play behind minions at all times.

By now you should have your Sightstone, Talisman, and Mobility Boots. Now is a great time for you to start roaming and helping the other lanes. Use your high mobility to make the enemy think you are everywhere on the map ready to help your team. You and your ADC will likely start roaming to mid lane to try and get the turret if not already gone. Be prepared to use your Talisman to help engage a good fight or disengage a bad one. Do the same with your ult heal your allies or disengage a bad fight. Your number 1 priority is to protect your ADC. So use most of your shield to protect them and up their damage output. You can make a large impact by stopping a bad fight or turning it around. Your ult should be used to heal your allies up during a fight to help sustain the fight. This can easily win you the mid game. After winning a team fight you should always go for objectives. Such as Dragon, Turrets, and possibly Baron if your team is strong enough. Objectives will help secure your gold lead and help keep your team ahead.

For late game, you should use the same mentality for Mid Game. Peel for your ADC. Help engage fights or picks, and disengage bad fights. By now you should be nearing full build possibly 1 item away. Your shields are now very powerful giving your ADC a lot from damage and protection. You should be continually spamming these to help push lanes faster and to make better trades happen. During the fights use the same tactics. Peel for ADC, help engage good fights, disengage bad fights. This is what Janna does. After winning a fight Baron is a great choice to help secure end game. And also taking as many inhibitors as possible to completely secure the victory. These are the objectives you should go for after winning a late game fight.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JannaGod
JannaGod Janna Guide
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