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Vel'Koz Build Guide by El_Blanco_Jesus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author El_Blanco_Jesus

8.1 | Climb the ranked ladder playing only support Vel'koz

El_Blanco_Jesus Last updated on January 16, 2018
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Vel'Koz Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Arcane Comet
Arcane Comet
LoL Rune: The Ultimate Hat
The Ultimate Hat
LoL Rune: Celerity
LoL Rune: Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm

LoL Path: Inspiration
LoL Rune: Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear
LoL Rune: Cosmic Insight
Cosmic Insight

+12 Attack Damage or +20 Ability Power, Adaptive

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Win 52%
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Threats to Vel'Koz with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Annie You out range her very hard. She doesnt have any tools to deal with your poke. She is easy to kill. Watch out for tibers stun and you will do fine. This lane is heavily in your favor
Jinx She has really low range and no dash move. The 2 basic requirements for getting rekt in league. You should be able to land w-e combo easily and consistently. She has strong burst damage though so she can kill you if you make a mistake.
Twitch FREE KILLS. This guy is so squishy and immobile. He cannot deal with your poke or your burst damage. I usually get a lot of kills in this match up.
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In my opinion Vel'koz is the strongest support in the game for solo queue carrying. He out trades most ADCs by himself. He is capable at all stages of the game. He is always useful no matter if you fed earlier in the game. Your abilities are big and noticeable so your team will always join in when you make a great play. You will almost always have top damage at the end of the game. His long range and big damage gives him a lot of potential to outplay even the worst matchups like Kalista, Vayne, Nautilus, and Blitzcrank. Although there are some champions I don't like playing against I will never hesitate to pick Vel'koz every game.

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Who am I?

Summoner Name: el blanco jesus
I am currently Diamond in solo/duo queue playing Vel'koz support almost exclusively.

Have a specific question? Drop me a message in game or twitch chat. If you find success with my guide I would love to hear about it. Your feed back keeps me going.

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Pros / Cons

- highest damage support in the game
- Vel'koz abuses the new spellthiefs passive like no other support can. He is really obnoxious with the on hit movement speed boost. He is just so hard to catch and carries like a beast
- strong poke damage with a slow to help disengage
- poke goes around the minions so you wont push the wave while poking
- he is a bully and wins almost all lanes if you play it correctly
- enemy team often underestimates your damage allowing you to make even bigger plays
- Vel'koz provides peel just by existing. Even though you are support the divers will still have to focus you. This means your adc and mid laner get more breathing room and often times they get to free cast

- You will occasionally tilt your adc in champ select, if you are in lower elos it will be more frequent
- If you are careless with your positioning you will feed
- junglers will camp you (wards wards wards)
- not much peel for the adc if they get jumped on unexpectedly (its ok though, you are the real carry)
- all his abilities are skill shots

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The best ADCs for Vel'koz

This is my mini tier list for the best ADCs for Vel'koz. This tier list does not reflect my overall opinion of the champion. This is just how good the champion is with Vel'koz support at their side.

God Tier

Miss Fortune - MF is the best ADC for Velkoz. Really strong bully lane. The poke is absurd. If they stand in the minions to avoid Velkoz Q then they eat free Miss Fortune Q. If they stand outside of the minions then Velkoz gets free Q. There is really nothing the enemy laners can do except engage on you and try to all in. Even though the poke is stupid strong its all about that level 6 wombo combo. Once you are level 6 the turret cant even save them anymore you can kill them under turret only using ultimates. MF and Vel'koz can legit 2v5 ace if they get to free cast. I wish more people played MF. You will probably get camped by the jungler so be prepared for that.

Jhin - Great pick in the current meta. He has strong poke and big damage. Jhin can root people from down town which means free E W combos for you. If you are in voice comms this lane is unstoppable. After 6 Jhin can start ulting them over and over again even when they are at full hp. Once they are slowed from the ult its an easy E W R combo for you. I love playing with Jhin I have gotten so many kills with him where all he had to do was use ult while I burst them down. If you start getting fed the lane snowballs so hard. They wont even be able to sit under turret. You can just ult from long range and kill them only using that. The damage is really absurd.

Caitlyn - Strong poke and extreme range. She is a bully as well so you will shove out most lanes. The ultimates line up nicely and will nearly kill someone alone. Her traps will set you up for stronger positioning and big combos with your E and W. Most bot lanes will need heavy jungle presence to keep up with your lane pressure. Without ganks you will get tower first kill almost guaranteed.

Varus - You will shove almost any ADC out of lane with this poke combo. Any low range ADC will probably feed hard. Varus is my favorite ADC for duo queue. ESPECIALLY if hes a friend that will treat you like the carry you are. A have won many games from Varus + Vel'koz Ultimate Synergy. Once you are 6 this combo has so much range they can press R and kill players under turret over and over again.

Ziggs - This lane is probably unbeatable without jungle help. The poke is really absurd. The enemy laners cant even sit on turret cause you will just kill them with your long range ultimates. Rush void staff after Liandrys tho because they are 100% going to stack MR.

Tier 1

Ashe - She needs more protection than Vel'koz can provide but you can make some big plays with her ultimate. If the Ashe is a beast you will get a lot of kills in lane. This combo wins against most matchups. If ashe lands a stun you have a guaranteed e w r kill. Its not bad its just hard to play. Ashe will get destroyed in teamfights and blame you for not peeling enough. If you are in voice chat with a duo it is a VERY strong combo.

Tristana - Tristana is a strong pick in the current meta but she doesnt have any special synergy with Velkoz. She is definitely the best hyper carry adc to play with Velkoz. She is mobile and has an ultimate that self peels. She is less impacted by velkoz support than the other hyper carry champs. Her lane phase is decent and you can get kills with her easily.

Ezreal - The poke is unreal but takes time to scale. Ezreal is mobile and thats a huge plus when playing with a low peel champ like Velkoz. Laning phase can be incredibly boring as Ezreal stacks up his tear. Blue build Ezreal is really strong when paired with Velkoz. Both champs will have a long range poking aoe slow. This makes it super easy to maintain control of the cat and mouse game. They will have to burn flash or ghost to catch either of you unless you are incredibly mispositioned.

Lucian - Lucian is pretty weak in the bot lane right now. It appears the meta has shifted him into the mid lane. If you do find him in your bot lane its not too bad with Velkoz. He has strong early damage hes mobile and the ultimates line up nicely. Even in the current meta I still have quite a bit of success playing with Lucian.

Corki - Corki has strong poke and hes mobile so hes a decent fit for velkoz. Mobile champs are great for us because they are less impacted by our lack of peel. If these 2 get on a roll it can be difficult to deal with their mid game power spike. Corki isnt played much in the bot lane these days but I think he is decent with a strong bully support like Velkoz. Velkoz sways the lane phase so heavily that you can get away with playing Corki in bot. If Corki gets paired with a traditional support like Janna then he will get completely demolished and never reach the mid game spike. Mage supports like Velkoz will make up for the horrible Corki lane phase and allow him to get his cs and maybe even some kills.

Tier 2

Draven - Draven has risen in power over the recent patches. He is a strong Lucian counter and Lucian is picked nearly every game. Vel'koz plus draven is one of the strongest if not THE strongest bully lane in the entire game. However Draven needs more peel than Vel'koz can provide. Teamfights will be very difficult for Draven but the lane phase is 100% free. I ALWAYS get super fed when playing with draven. The damage in lane is just too damn high. My recommendation is to steal all the kils and try to carry the game. You dont have enough peel to enable Draven to carry. Proceed with caution though. Draven players tend to be fiesty and if you take too many kills they will start flaming HARD.

Kogmaw - The poke is pretty good and he greatly benfits from Vel'koz strong laning phase. Kog has difficulty in lane against most adc. However Kog also needs an enormous amount of peel in order to teamfight. It can be a good combo if your team comp has all the pieces to go around kog and vel. However most people in solo queue want to play all damage champs with no cc so its tough to make this combo work.

Kalista - Her ultimate breaks your ultimate mid channel. Avoid this ADC in solo queue if you can. She will use her ultimate on you at the worst times and expect you to dive in for the big aoe knock up but you are too squishy for that. However, her ultimate can save you from your own bad positioning or from ganks. It can work if you are in voice chat with a friend that will treat you like the carry you are. Her ultimate will enable you to carry the game solo. She can move you into a perfect position to land a 5 man ult. If you get dove on in a teamfight she can move you to safety without having to burn your own flash. Its a great combo as a duo its terrible if your playing with randoms.

Jinx - She would prefer you were a big tank to peel her while she carries the whole game. She has some burst damage though, so laning phase is decent. She needs more peel and Vel'koz just doesn't have it.

Sivir - Nothing special. Her damage is ok. Her ranges are low so Vel'koz helps her get through laning by pushing the enemy adc back a bit. Her ultimate is helpful when you are in a tight spot.

Quinn- Not much synergy other than her big damage. You can definitely get some kills with her. Her ranges are low so Vel'koz helps her get through laning by pushing the enemy adc back a bit.

Graves - Really strong burst damage easy to get kills. Your long range helps protect him against poking ADCs like cait, ezreal, etc

Tier 3

Vayne - Her laning is weak so all your bully power is wasted. She needs you to be a big tank that peels her while she carries the game solo. She wants to farm and you want to get kills the synergy isn't there. Vel'koz can carry Vayne through bad lane matchups. The enemy adc will want to bully Vayne and deny her creep score. This will cause them to over extend and allow you to punish for kills.

Twitch - His laning is bad so your bully power is wasted. He NEEDS a big tank to stand on him and peel him all day long. Your ultimates combined will crush the whole team though. EXTREMELY high risk with EXTREMELY high reward if you can pull it off. Twitch and Vel'koz will 2v5 ace if they are mechanical gods. Not worth it in my opinion. I prefer a stronger laning phase.

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Summoner Spells

After the nerfs to ghost on the 7.2 patch it is no longer the optimal choice. The best part about taking ghost was avoiding the early jungle ganks by having 2 movement summoners. Im taking ignite in most of my games right now. The game is very snowbally so take ignite and try to get early kills for you or your adc. If there is an assassin on the enemy team you should probably just take exhaust anyway. If you can get the ADC to run barrier that will allow you to take heal which is a great combo. Velkoz gets more use out of heal than the other summoner spells. Later on in the game ignite and exhaust are really hard to use on Vel'koz because the range is too low and Velkoz is just to squishy. In a team fight the divers can easily kill you through exhaust because of how squishy you are.