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Warwick Build Guide by nanosako

Top [8.24] Smite Warwick Top - Fun and Exotic

By nanosako | Updated on December 7, 2018
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Champion Build Guide

[8.24] Smite Warwick Top - Fun and Exotic

By nanosako
Welcome to the guide
Hello everyone and welcome to my guide on Smite Warwick Top.
I am nanosako, and I used to be a top 40 player in season one. I played League since the beginning, eventually peaked challenger in season 4 and master in season 5. Since then, I only play for fun since I don't have time for competitive anymore. I only live for spicy things to play and Smite Warwick top is a really fun duellist ! I hope I can convince you with this guide.

Warwick is a really cheap and easy champion. Which makes him the perfect candidate for climbing or just playing fun games without thinking too much.

The goal of this guide is to introduce you to a new way of playing Warwick, it won't teach you the basic mechanics of the game and where to be, and what to do at a given point of the game.

I hope you enjoy the guide.
Warwick Abilities Back to Top
Eternal Hunger
It gives you a bit of sustain when you are low on health but also damage on every auto attack. Gives a nice boost of health when you cash your ultimate when you're low.

Jaws of the Beast
Warwick Q is nice because it gives you more sustain that you can use on minions or enemy champions. If you hold it on the enemy, you will follow them when they're running.

Blood Hunt
Probably our best friend here. It has many utilities.
When enemies are low, your attack speed bonus is a nice boost to your damage. Let's not forget the movement speed bonus on all low health enemies on the map (out of combat). You can activate it before jumping on your enemy with your ultimate ability.

Primal Howl
What an interesting ability. You can stick to your enemy with that but also tank their damage which will make you really annoying in duels. In can also fear everyone else around you, really good for attacking, or running away.

Infinite Duress
Press smite and R.
Pros/Cons of Warwick Top Back to Top

  • Gameplay is kind of limited.
  • Ignite can be annoying against Warwick.
  • Farming and Wave clearing can be difficult
  • Easy to counter
How to fight with this build Back to Top
Most of the time, you will want to poke a little bit with your Q so the health is low enough. Then you can smite, ult, E, Q, etc. It is mostly because your damage won't be enough if your enemy can easily run away after your R.

In some rare situations, you can smite before or after your ult, depending on enemy's cooldowns so you can also benefit from the damage reduction.

As Warwick, you can easily 1v1 with this build. Which makes you good for split pushing. Since you can snowball really hard, you will most likely draw the attention of at least 1 or 2 opponents on the lane. If you see that the situation will be bad for you, use your ultimate as an escape (sometimes just E will be enough).
Summary Back to Top


League of Legends Build Guide Author nanosako
nanosako Warwick Guide
[8.24] Smite Warwick Top - Fun and Exotic
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