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Zoe Build Guide by MechaaZero

Middle [8.24] Zoe - Penetrate their Souls [320k Mastery]

By MechaaZero | Updated on July 30, 2019
19 Votes
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gdisastery | September 6, 2019 3:12am
Cool guide, I like how you described how to play against the counters.
Wicked Cherry (116) | December 3, 2018 9:46am
Hey MechaaZero,
I found your guide and I must say it's probably one of the best I've stumbled across on. I'm truly flabberghasted! You focus on sooo many important details like skill sequences, runes and summoner spells. Oh and your "Hard Counters" chapter! I really love that one. I think, that's what probably makes your guide special - combined with that awesome layout. :3
Really well done. I'm looking forward to reading more guides of yours.

Cheers, Wicked Cherry. (:
Rako007 (14) | November 30, 2018 1:28pm
Hello MechaaZero!
i really like to play zoe she is so strong that its mindblowing zoe will never get out of meta so i will keep playing her with this super awesome guide, you just should add just few synergies and its going to be perfect guide.
Fruxo (170) | November 30, 2018 9:29am
Amazing guide you have here MechaaZero!

You explain a lot about Zoe in your chapter's. (basically almost about every single aspect you can come up with), however it is a bit of a mess.

For me, reading this guide i feel like its just text after text after text, over and over. Nothing exciting happens, although it might be the most informative text that tells you about a lot of things about Zoe, it isnt as exciting to read. It is also the thing we like to call a "Wall of Text".

Anyways, this guide will help you fix those chapter's and make them look way better and more entertaining to read i am sure of it! The guide teaches you how to use BBCodes/Pictures etc. etc. to be able to make the best guide you can possibly do according to the guide. :)
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